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  1. I wish someone would make a similar petition here in Slovenia. The first thing they do is close the gyms. Like that's going to change anything.
  2. Competing ....

    I've been to 2 competitions in the past - the first one was 10 years ago, when I just finished studying and before I had my first job (so I had plenty of time and could give 100% focus to the cause). I always had a "fitness/bodybuilding" life-style and dedicate most of my free time to training and nutrition. I think I might compete again - not really aiming to win anything, just as an interesting experience and also to set some goal. I noticed that I can't do anything half-heartedly - either I do it 100% or don't do it at all. And fitness/BB is a thing that this attitude is very helpful (at least I think so).
  3. Stimulus addict

    I found a few from the first competition. How time flies - that was in 2010, 10 years ago. My god, I was just a kid, I feel like a grandpa now I remember that I was too white on stage, cause I used too litle of the color. The lights on stage were so bright that I could barely look at the audience.
  4. Stimulus addict

    Hehe, ok. Here are the legs. The first two are from about a month ago, the last one is quite older. I'm afraid to train them as hard as before, because I still remember the agony of not being able to walk.
  5. Stimulus addict

    I didn't place so good. The first time I was 9th (of 13 contestants in category). The second I was 7th (of 12) if I remember correctly. Both times, I messed up with carb loading / sodium / water. Probably started everything too late and didnt carb load enough, because I looked 10x better on the day after the competition, after binge eating.
  6. Stimulus addict

    Thanks What do you mean by "pins"? Take into consideration that english is not my native tongue.
  7. Stimulus addict

    Anyway, here are some photos of my current state - taken after training:
  8. Stimulus addict

    Just two small competitions - both of them were in Slovenia (where I live). You probably wouldn't know them. The first one was organized by our fitness and bodybuilding organization IBFF in Koper and the second was in Medvode. But still, there were quite a lot of competitors from all over europe. I might compete again, but probably not so soon - maybe in a couple of years. I'm still putting my life together and repaying debts from the addiction period. Edit: I have to say, that I was never so much into doing competitions - I just love training and taking care of nutrition by itself and as a lifestyle. Competing is just another interesting experience for me. I'll probably never make any money with this
  9. Stimulus addict

    Hello, I'm starting a thread to keep a log of my progress and to keep me on track. I've always been into fitness and training in general, but a couple of years ago, I fell into drug addiction, but managed to get out. Even before that, I have been trainig since I was about 18 years old. I'm now 34 and want to stay on track. I think, even if fitness "way of life", including gear, is another addiction on its own, it's still 100x better than being addicted to drugs. Anyway, I've been to 2 competitions, but that was almost 10 years ago. Currently I weigh 78-80kg (178cm) and I'm probably close to my best condition so far, with low BF percentage. My weak part are legs, because I had a knee injury about a year ago and still haven't fully recovered, so I'm very cautios with training legs. I'll post some photos a little later.
  10. Are you sure? I had gyno surgery about 7 months ago and I'm pretty sure that they removed the whole gland. The surgeon even showed me the thing - looked like a tumor. I was told that there is a really small chance that the gyno would reappear, if (and only if) there were some cells of the gland left inside, but most likely it won't reappear.
  11. Nootropic discussion

    I bought them separately. I don't like premade blends or preworkouts. I always try to find raw ingredients, so I can dose them as I like.
  12. Nootropic discussion

    Here are some that I tried (don't know if all are classified as nootropic): Piracetam and other -racetams (aniracetam, oxiracetam, etc): Didn't really notice any effect. Maybe I didn't use them long enough. Phenibut: I use it regularly. Great to counteract some of the side effects of stimulants (for example caffeine or ephedrine) and also improves sleep onset time for me. Modafinil: I take it ocasionally, but I don't like the long half life. If I take it more than 2 days in a row, I get insomnia. Ritalin: This one was one of my favourites, but I can't get it anymore. Improved concentration at work. Tianeptine (sulphate): Worked great for me, but is too expensive and could also cause addiction. Noopept: Didn't really notice any effects... Kratom: I don't know if this goes under "nootropic" category, but for me, it gives a nice boost in cognition and mood. Kava kava extract: The effects are very subtle, but are noticeable after some time of continuous use - for me, this was less anxiety and better sleep Hordenine & PEA combination: I used this before training. It gave me a great boost - probably due to MAO inhibition and dopamine.
  13. What about ephedrine? I take a small dose of around 15mg with some caffeine and it works very nice for me.
  14. Hello, I'm currently taking both of these AAS (some of you will probably say it's not a good idea). Could someone with more (endocrinology) knowledge than me give some advice or explain about how these two AAS affect progesteron, estrogen and prolactin? I know that they both act on progesteron receptors and raise prolactin - but how do I counteract these side effects, especially progesteron? Does taking a low dose AI help or is it maybe even counterproductive (I'm not taking test and my E2 is normal)? I've taken blood tests and E2 and progesteron were in the range - prolactin was high (I started taking caber).
  15. Cabergoline and quetiapine

    Just an update: At the time of my last post, I then changed my mind and decided not to continue taking caber (I only took it once or twice). In the meantime, I increased the dosage for Deca to 500mg/week and also added Tren (200mg/week). I now started taking caber (it's been 2 weeks now) and so far, the only side effect I got is increased libido I had another blood test and prolactin is now ok, but I'm a little worried about progesteron, which was almost over the upper limit and that was just before I started with Tren. @TERBO Could high progesteron cause problems during the cycle, even if E2 and prolactin are ok (how could I lower it)? What do you think about dosage - is 500mg deca and 200mg tren too much and would be better if I lowered one or another... Sorry, if I complicate too much - it's the first time that I'm taking deca with tren.