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  1. Is This a Good Place to Start From?

    No, to be honest it's not. Pressing a weight that's light enough for you to also curl won't be causing a deal of stress and to be blunt I doubt you would see any changes to your body doing what you have described above. Is there a reason you're doing that at home rather than joining a gym?
  2. Why prop? unless you actually enjoy needless injections?
  3. Bmw warranty - help

    New or used? No one will ever say over the phone or over email if something will be covered under warranty as until they see the car there are too many variables.
  4. Electric cars- What's the Bobby Moore?

    More of a question of if they fit your lifestyle at the minute imo, off road parking at home where a elec hook up could be fitted, short commute and/or charge point at work, no need to do journeys outside of the range of current tech then they might make sense, if you can't guarantee those then they aren't really a realistic option.
  5. If you're new to using there's a good chance it's down to your technique not the gear, where are you injecting?
  6. I couldn't agree more with @swole troll every thought I had to the op he's already written I think the likes of Eddie being lazy with his diet is pretty much the opposite of the truth, to still over eat when training as hard as needed to become the strongest man in the world doesn't happen by mistake, you can't mix up a lazy man over eating at the chippy and a strongman force feeding himself to ensure every calorific unit of energy is available to him.
  7. The yoke is yellow. Sorry wrong thread, I just saw the op's name and assumed... I started put at under 12st @ 6'2" in my early 20s, always thought just one more st and and I'd then be happy I'd filled out, got to 19st and I still see the same skinny runt when I look in the mirror.
  8. Used car

    Of course you will be able to sell it, and outside of the likes of ULEZs it will probably be worth more, look at the values of a 2010 320d vs 320i, Passat TDi vs a 2.0l petrol, imo petrol works best in either very small or very big/FI engines, for a middle of the road circa 190bhp and 12k miles I would be looking at a (probably remapped) 2.0lt diesel. But my point is you're looking at older cars not effected by tax changes, assuming you're outside of an existing or proposed LEZ then if you prefer petrol buy one, if you prefer diesel buy one, test drive some cars and and come back once you've narrowed it down a bit, your op is too vague to be fair.
  9. Used car

    I know exactly what he means, but what ever car he buys is going to be worth less than half what he pays now by the time 4 years has gone and it has nearly another 50k on it, my point is buy something he actually wants/likes not something that might be worth a few hundred quid more later on, the cars he's looking at are going to be too old/cheap to be affected by tax changes and diesel propaganda.
  10. Used car

    A 9 yr old petrol is hardly going to have investment potential. You're going to have to drive it for 4 years, buy the car you want, not the only that 'might' be worth a couple of hundred quid more in 4 years time, the price difference at that age isn't going to be worth worrying about.
  11. Buying online

    Snowflakes that wouldn't dare look the resident gym dealer in the eye buying their stuff online.. To be fair it's not an AAS thing, it's everything, something like a 25% of all none food shopping is done on line, people want convenience even when buying drugs, add that to the bigger choice available, more info (and pushing) of different labs on forums and such like so people look for a specific brand rather than just "some test" and the questionable nature of the product being purchased and the benefit of animosity and it's easy to see why a shift would happen.
  12. With that much paranoia just from thinking about it, I think it's safe to say steroids, or possibly even just being outside, isn't for you.
  13. Brace yourself for the January gym people

    Not sure if it's the same place but there's "foundry fitness" right in Ripley centre, still got a leaking roof despite being on the ground floor of a 3 story building... besides that it's really good place, not big but full of kit, didn't use it all that often but never once saw any of the equipment out of order either.
  14. Thoughts On Pizza For Bulking?

    WTF is a "lean muscle"? There is muscle and there is body fat, the type of muscle doesn't change when someone "bulks" they just have a higher amount of body fat softening the look.

    If your 17st is a vastly overweight 17st rather than a trained, strong but carrying some excess fat 17st you don't need supplements, you need to look at your food choices and exert some self control.