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  1. Going on cycle as a fat mess?

    As above, don’t do it. incidentally, which gyms are currently 24/7? A local one or a chain?
  2. Testogel

    Blood test levels? I tested between 1.8-3.6nmol across a number of blood tests pre-treatment. it was just a fairly casual conversation with my endo, he said I can come off Tostran at any point and try and recover naturally but as that doesn’t always work, they’d offer me HCG and all I had to do was ask. I’ve also had sperm frozen to at his direction.
  3. Horrible experience with PWO

    Heh, I went about bought a bottle of ABE yesterday as the few samples I’ve tried I really enjoyed. I wanted the one with the nasal decongestant in (feels like you’re chewing airwaves chewing gum) but had to settle for the cherry cola version without it. I’m sorry to hear you’re having an adverse reaction but I’m really enjoying ABE.
  4. Soy

    It’s fine but given the relatively small price difference between that and whey, I’d go with whey every time as it’s a more complete protein source. that said, I’ve been advising to avoid matrix for the last 10 years.
  5. ECA

    What’s the cráic using EC pre-workout? I don’t want my heart exploding in my chest
  6. ECA

    I don’t feel anything from that combination tbh, it just helps to curb my appetite slightly.
  7. ECA

    I wouldn’t bother my arse with the aspirin. I’m currently using 150-200mg caffeine and 16mg eph
  8. I think US law is angled that the person who is lodging for child maintenance should be able to maintain their existing lifestyle, hence why if Jeff Bezos had kids and then ended up paying support, he wouldn’t be paying £100 a month, he’d be paying exorbitant amounts so that his ex-wife and kids could maintain the same or similar lifestyle as though the divorce hadn’t happened.
  9. What video games are you all playing?

    Battlefront 2, COD WW2 & Fallout 4
  10. best sleep aids

    I’m coming towards the end of my stash of Olympus Labs Amnesia. It’s the only sleep product I know of without GABA (which I really don’t get on with) and I love it.
  11. Sugar Free Energy Drinks

    Monster White Uber alles but an honourable mention to Reign Sour Apple.
  12. Testosterone creams for TRT

    I use tostran 2% gel and have been getting on well with it, it’s taken me from a natural level between 1.8-3.6 nmol to a stable level of around 20-22nmol. Risk of cross contamination is incredibly low, I put mine on before I get in bed or, if I’m on a promise, afterwards. Let it dry for about 30 mins and either put a t-shirt or PJ bottoms on depending on which site you’ve applied it (torso or inside thighs).
  13. Melatonin

    Got a link?
  14. Vitargo - flavoured option?

    Just sounded a bit daft wanting a zero calorie flavouring to add to a high calorie product.
  15. Vitargo - flavoured option?

    You’re looking for a zero calorie flavouring for a sugar mixture?
  16. Ignoring the other posters for a second because they just don’t want you stealing their mirror space, I’d strongly recommend a cycle of foodbol, gymvar and restrol. gymvar & restrol to be taken strictly once a day (can increase to twice a day when you become more experienced in your training) but the foodbol can be taken multiple times per day and is one of the better compounds as it truly is ‘more the better’ (most compounds start giving a detrimental effect at higher doses). Very little side effects and is easily hidden from your parents.
  17. Best all in 1 Sexual supplement

    Cialis is decent though don’t get the eye drops. They do nothing for your old man, they just make you look hard.
  18. Digezyme

    I’m just using BulkPowders 150mg. I didn’t know it came in lower strengths
  19. Digezyme

    I use digezyme with most meals, especially large meals as I suffer with IBS and it seems to completely prevent it.
  20. Will covid 19 go away

    Also, lol at the outrage of Walmart being open and deemed as essential. God forbid people eat. big fan of being on the brink of civil war with each other too. There’s those of us who are doing what we can against the lads who don’t have unsupervised access to their kids. It’s hardly the war of the roses.
  21. Will covid 19 go away

    He’s onto something. We’re not having a funeral in a fortnight for My great uncle, they’re just gonna f**k him into the hole, bury him and cover up his death. except we are because the ‘no funerals’ thing isn’t a thing. does anyone know where we can source some black tinfoil hats for attendees? We will be mourning after all.
  22. Will covid 19 go away

    Yea but it was on Facebook so must be true.
  23. I think It’s usually arse-covering (a bit like dettol advertising ‘kills 99% bacteria’ so that if it’s tested they can point to the label and say that’s the 1% it doesn’t kill). nothing is ever 100% pure so it’s to be expected
  24. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    They’re very much middle of the road but that’s in part to regulation. They’re an established brand, it’d be suicide to still be using those or similar. It’s a shame though as I did use the OG Grenade fat burners and they blew my head off, as did .50cal the first time I used that at full serving size as it was somewhere in the region of 500mg caffeine
  25. Testogel

    They do offer it but in a small number of cases. I was offered it should I need it from my endo when I started TRT