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  1. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    It wasn’t a rumour, one of the owners did time for it.
  2. How to get trt off doctor?

    Very much this, if you think you’re gonna have bloods and then get a script from your dr when they come back then you’re very much mistaken. Pre-covid it was taking anywhere up to a year from GP referral to actually getting prescribed by an endo, having met their criteria throughout. I dread to think what the timescales are now.
  3. Black Friday Deals

    Is it next Friday?
  4. Nootropic discussion

    I’ve yet to find a nootropic product that’s either had the desired effect or hasn’t worn off within a couple of uses. I’ve read numerous rave (legit) reviews of things like Controlled Labs Brainwash and one or two others and they felt like I was just drinking some really sour cordial with zip all benefit.
  5. Redcon1- Total War etc

    I can’t jump on this but hopefully they match it or more for Black Friday
  6. I have bloods done once a year so I guess there’s nothing stopping you, provided you’re not bang in the middle of a blast when you have your bloods done each year
  7. Redcon1- Total War etc

    40% off isn’t working but UK35 is
  8. Where do I go from here

    You’d find it nigh on impossible at 13nmol to get TRT on the NHS so your options are to try and suppress it sufficiently around the time you’ll be seen to try and get it under 8nmol for testing or bite the bullet & go private.
  9. Mine were between 1.8 - 3.6nmol prior to TRT. I’ve not experienced this shocking quality of care from the NHS, quite the opposite, my endo’s quality. I’m on tostran gel and have requested to speak to the endo about getting the injectable version instead as it’s a bit of a pain in the arse remembering to put the gel on.
  10. Right lads i'm off for 6 months see you all later

    The tinkers saw you coming with their snide notes
  11. Can a house be too big?

    I’ve heard if your house is too small it messes with your wifi and you end up posting the same thread 3 times.
  12. Your gyms still quiet?

    I’m using a Nuffield in Manchester and it’s been pretty quiet though this morning was the busiest I’ve seen it yet. You’re still not waiting for equipment but it’s noticeably busier, mostly in the cardio section .
  13. Sir Patrick Vallance admits Covid will never go away

    That’s not an admission, it’s a statement of fact. Something that‘s been stated since it first took hold around the world by all and sundry. It’ll enter the annual flu cycle like other winter viruses. The hope being is that any mutations that may occur aren’t outside the remit of a vaccine or aren’t too deadly. Tinfoil hat Facebook merchant response: SEE, THE NWO LIZARD PAEDOPHILES HAVE ADMITTED ITWILL BE AROUND FOREVER!!1!!1one!!1!!1 IT’S ALSO A HOAX ACCORDING TO A FAITH HEALER ON COVIDISASCAMDEMIC.WORDPRESS.TK
  14. Expired/Out of Date Protein - ??

    Fair enough. Chances are it’s gonna be fine but try it and be near a toilet for a couple of hours afterwards. if you don’t die/s**t out your insides, I’d say you’re good to go.
  15. Expired/Out of Date Protein - ??

    It’s not as thought it’s £500/kg, personally I’d f**k it into the bin and get a fresh pack.
  16. Which preworkout?

    As per the same thread on BB.com, ABE gets my vote
  17. Anyone had Covid

    My brother’s had it. Lost his smell & taste over the Easter weekend, temperature was high and felt like s**t for a week or so. The last 2 things have subsided but he’s still not fully recovered the smell & taste. He says that first thing in the morning when he wakes up, everything smells and tastes like rotten cheese & onion crisps. Same thing when he gets to work (at the hospital). slightly concerning that he’s still got symptoms 6+ months on.
  18. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    That‘s purely down to serving sizes. Get one of those scoops you used to get with washing powder and it’ll be about 200g/serving. It means sod all re product quality.
  19. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    Never used them but I remember on MuscleTalk you weren’t even allowed to discuss them as they were *very* litigious. not sure what they’re touting at £80/month for creatine and £80 for whey but I’d want Kelly brook making them in the nip for me every morning for that.
  20. Best joint supplement

    I think that’s the trick with joint supps - you only notice when you stop.
  21. Cheap Pre Workout

  22. Going on cycle as a fat mess?

    As above, don’t do it. incidentally, which gyms are currently 24/7? A local one or a chain?
  23. Testogel

    Blood test levels? I tested between 1.8-3.6nmol across a number of blood tests pre-treatment. it was just a fairly casual conversation with my endo, he said I can come off Tostran at any point and try and recover naturally but as that doesn’t always work, they’d offer me HCG and all I had to do was ask. I’ve also had sperm frozen to at his direction.
  24. Horrible experience with PWO

    Heh, I went about bought a bottle of ABE yesterday as the few samples I’ve tried I really enjoyed. I wanted the one with the nasal decongestant in (feels like you’re chewing airwaves chewing gum) but had to settle for the cherry cola version without it. I’m sorry to hear you’re having an adverse reaction but I’m really enjoying ABE.
  25. Soy

    It’s fine but given the relatively small price difference between that and whey, I’d go with whey every time as it’s a more complete protein source. that said, I’ve been advising to avoid matrix for the last 10 years.