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  1. How often do you call in sick at work?

    Twice a year but only for 2 days max. Enough to enjoy, not enough to cause promotion/disciplinary issues. a guy I work with is regularly signed off for months at a time, so me being ill for 2 days every 6-8 months isn’t an issue in comparison.
  2. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    Yea, same at ours. They have the tubs of wipes pretty much within arms reach in the free weights area and you could ask the cleaning staff to spot you they’re about that often. I really can’t complain about the cleanliness of the place but it’s always worth giving it an extra wipe down.
  3. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    Everyone at ours seems to be cleaning equipment down but I don’t like relying on others so I give everything a clean down before I use it and then afterwards. seeing some shythawk sweating all over the equipment and not giving it so much as a wipe down annoys the life out of me, covid or not.
  4. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    He’s got a point though, they’re unlikely to close the gyms between now and Thursday, so there’s that I suppose.
  5. Why am I the only one that says s**t

    Dry weekend I’m afraid. still available for straighteners though, I don’t need the drink for those.
  6. Best fit watch?

    Fair enough
  7. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Can’t trust MSM though, so I wouldn’t pay it much heed pal.
  8. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Yes, primarily those walking around with questionable ‘exemptions’ to what the rest of us are having to do.
  9. Best fit watch?

    In what sense? It’s 2 taps and away you go
  10. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Who am I alienating here? Gay frogs? no hate here pal, more just pity. covid being about climate change is a new one though, started off as 5G, muddled in and out of it being about government control, strayed into being about implementing facial recognition for a bit before that was thrown out because you can’t see any qunt’s boat to recognise them, we’ve had it being about paedo lizards, clown shoes and now it’s climate change. It won’t be much longer before it’s about the agrarian uprising of 1745. Reminds me of the bit in life of Brian where he’s trying to convince the crowd he isn’t the messiah. climate change: I’m not behind covid ’i say you are the cause and I should know, I’ve touted a few!’
  11. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Eh up, Alex Jones is in. masks turn frogs gay.
  12. Conspiracy Gits

    Crisis actors.
  13. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    The irony of this lot marching under banners saying ‘smarter’ has nearly crippled me.
  14. Conspiracy Gits

    Thanks Rose Green for another un-read copypasta of wisdom. Hieroglyphs now? FFS.
  15. Redcon1 Grunt bargain

    At least it being Amazon you’ll either get a free return or they’ll refund and tell you to just keep the item
  16. PM for straighteners

    Lads, I’ve had a feed of pints for the first time in a year. PMs are open for straighteners, I’ll be in Manchester tomorrow if you want your jaw tested.
  17. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    You said it Shaun.
  18. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    *slightly* different though isn’t it? One’s a vaccine that’s been produced, tested and put out at the request of governments and health authorities with an exemption of prosecution, which, given the circumstances is understandable and one’s a shut-in threatening Nuremberg 2.0 if you try and discredit him or get his website taken down. Who’s got my tinfoil hat?
  19. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Nothing says ‘we have complete confidence in these statements’ like a laughable threat like this:
  20. I have been offered my first jab.

    Yea but nearly all circumstances they won’t be available, except all of the circumstances when it is available, like when you do a quick Google search.
  21. I have been offered my first jab.

    Best thing you’ve posted in ages! Even Wylde’s getting on board with the vaccine.
  22. all my neighbours are ugly!

  23. PM for straighteners

    Sorry I woz hacked
  24. Bitches name

    You’ll get more original content from the dog
  25. PM for straighteners

    Anyway lads, I’m away to bed. stay safe, talk to someone if you’re feeling low and we’ll get through all this together. g’luck.