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  1. Time for and want a babba

    There’s not really anything anyone can tell you from the very little information you’ve provided. speak to your dr and get a semen analysis. It might be worth your Mrs getting investigations done too to see where the issue lies
  2. How to gain mass

    Dat der, 3 times a day
  3. How to gain mass

    What do you mean by ‘eat clean?’ how long have you been training and what’re your current stats? Height, weight etc
  4. They were alright for a while weren’t they? Did they just go feral?
  5. Best & worst flavour protein

    What’re the best & worst flavours of protein you’ve tried over your lifting career? I’ve recently discovered Mutant Pro100 Mint choc chip ice cream flavour and fell in love. best: mutant mint choc chip Bulk Powders Chocolate peanut Sci-MX banana cream Worst: anything coffee flavoured. Gaspari Myofusion Cinnamon - initially loved it but ended up giving nearly 5kg away as I fell out of love very quickly after buying 2 big tubs. Can’t stand the smell of any cinnamon-flavoured protein Honourable mention to Trutein Red Velvet for being quite honestly head & shoulders above the rest in terms of how bad it actually was. Imagine cold dog sick and you’d probably drink that before you had Red Velvet Trutein again.
  6. Cutting

    You weren’t wrong, I’m trialling it to see I can still tolerate it and 150mg caffeine and 16mg eph has left me having to remember to eat. Did a 7 mile run last night and had to force myself to eat something when I got home
  7. The best-tasting greens I’ve had is Blackstone Labs’ Juiced up. It’s the best by some considerable distance
  8. ‘I’m straight but spend my weekends rattling fellas I pick up in bars’
  9. So not vegetarian then.
  10. So not vegetarian then?
  11. Cutting

    What would you suggest as a more manageable dose? I’ve not used it in years and can’t remember what I went with last time
  12. Cutting

    What would you say is an effective EC dose? 24mg Eph & 200mg two or three times a day?
  13. Omegas

    I just use the high strength ones from bulk powders https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/super-strength-omega-3-softgels.html
  14. Ideal EC dosage

    Apologies if it’s been covered a million times but I can’t find any posts covering an actual effective EC dosage and cycle length. I’m guessing at it making out around 12 weeks but can anyone provide any useful pointers as it’s been what feels like a lifetime since I last used it (around 8-9 years) and I can’t remember how I used it. thanks in advance xx
  15. Cheers, I’ll send a follow up email to see if that helps
  16. Cheers, just in the process of trying to register
  17. Sat here looking enviously at the ephedrine, I’ve not been able to get hold of it for ages
  18. White patches TestoGel?

    I’ve not had this on Tostran (maybe consider switching?) but are you applying it after a shower? I find it dries better if it’s on freshly showered areas
  19. Opinions on natural test boosters?

    You’ve heard right. Save your money.
  20. Growth hormone tablets

    Tablets? What exactly are you looking at? It’s likely not GH
  21. Has anyone had a flutter on bitcoin

    Not bitcoin but I’m doing alright on Trading212. Got a few free shares from referrals but bought smart and I’m up across the board. (If you want a free share up to the value of £100 for depositing £1 into the ‘invest’ section, you can by Clicking here)
  22. Joint support

    Have a look at Joint XT from SNS too
  23. Melatonin

    Re the hormonal effects, my brother was diagnosed it as a kid and took it nightly for about 10 years and seems to be largely ok
  24. Penis Reduction Operation

    If you’re having a sex change, just honest. This is a judgement-free zone. good luck getting your stub removed and with your future life as a strong, beautiful woman.