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  1. That’s not an admission, it’s a statement of fact. Something that‘s been stated since it first took hold around the world by all and sundry.

    It’ll enter the annual flu cycle like other winter viruses. The hope being is that any mutations that may occur aren’t outside the remit of a vaccine or aren’t too deadly. 


  2. My brother’s had it. Lost his smell & taste over the Easter weekend, temperature was high and felt like s**t for a week or so. The last 2 things have subsided but he’s still not fully recovered the smell & taste. He says that first thing in the morning when he wakes up, everything smells and tastes like rotten cheese & onion crisps. Same thing when he gets to work (at the hospital).

    slightly concerning that he’s still got symptoms 6+ months on.

  3. 16 minutes ago, HydroBro said:

    Thanks mate, I might try the reflex  protein when i need to stock up again then if thats ok? I wasn't going to admit it, but I actually have a tub of LA whey at the minute i'm using haha. I thought it was pretty good at 40g of protein a pop, but that reflex has 60g! i'd never even heard of them until just now lol

    That‘s purely down to serving sizes. Get one of those scoops you used to get with washing powder and it’ll be about 200g/serving. It means sod all re product quality.

  4. Never used them but I remember on MuscleTalk you weren’t even allowed to discuss them as they were *very* litigious.

    not sure what they’re touting at £80/month for creatine and £80 for whey but I’d want Kelly brook making them in the nip for me every morning for that.

  5. On 21/07/2020 at 10:55 PM, jaguar121 said:

    What were your blood readings like so that you could be offered  hcg please ?

    Blood test levels? I tested between 1.8-3.6nmol across a number of blood tests pre-treatment.

    it was just a fairly casual conversation with my endo, he said I can come off Tostran at any point and try and recover naturally but as that doesn’t always work, they’d offer me HCG and all I had to do was ask. I’ve also had sperm frozen to at his direction.

  6. Heh, I went about bought a bottle of ABE yesterday as the few samples I’ve tried I really enjoyed. I wanted the one with the nasal decongestant in (feels like you’re chewing airwaves chewing gum) but had to settle for the cherry cola version without it. I’m sorry to hear you’re having an adverse reaction but I’m really enjoying ABE.

  7. It’s fine but given the relatively small price difference between that and whey, I’d go with whey every time as it’s a more complete protein source.

    that said, I’ve been advising to avoid matrix for the last 10 years.

  8. I think US law is angled that the person who is lodging for child maintenance should be able to maintain their existing lifestyle, hence why if Jeff Bezos had kids and then ended up paying support, he wouldn’t be paying £100 a month, he’d be paying exorbitant amounts so that his ex-wife and kids could maintain the same or similar lifestyle as though the divorce hadn’t happened.

  9. I use tostran 2% gel and have been getting on well with it, it’s taken me from a natural level between 1.8-3.6 nmol to a stable level of around 20-22nmol.

    Risk of cross contamination is incredibly low, I put mine on before I get in bed or, if I’m on a promise, afterwards. Let it dry for about 30 mins and either put a t-shirt or PJ bottoms on depending on which site you’ve applied it (torso or inside thighs).

  10. 32 minutes ago, hmgs said:

    Gotta love these ones off Amazon - do not give to children plastered everywhere (apparently common Child sedative use in the US!)588B4521-4EAB-46DE-8C8C-9A1603F1585B.jpeg.8df1fd00c69644545bdb4825f7118551.jpeg

    Got a link?