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  1. How can you feel EPA & DHA?
  2. Why did dr zak go into liquidation?

    Morrison’s & TESCO do protein breads if you’re that set on buying it
  3. McDonald’s closing tomorrow @ 7pm

    Nando’s going too!
  4. I'm not a gamer but

    Good shout. fallout 3 & fallout Vegas are the best of the lot. the less said about 76, the better.
  5. I'm not a gamer but

    PS4. If you like racing games, F1 2019 is free to play for the next month, you just need to download the demo and they’ve unlocked the entire game
  6. Say goodbye to meals like this

    Where the meal? You appear to have posted a photo from a few hours after you’ve eaten it
  7. Food and film

    Ok snowflake
  8. Food and film

    Have I triggered you, snowflake?
  9. New User help please?

    At the minute, I wouldn’t bother. Wait this virus out and have a look afterwards
  10. Food and film

    Not hugged many trees recently but I sure am
  11. Food and film

    Cheese pizza and I’m making salt & pepper chips, bottle of 7-Up zero and I think we’re going to be watching the rest of Brooklyn 99
  12. End of the road and back again
  13. Anyone else getting pissed off

    local markets seem to be fairly quiet, round here anyway. Might be worth going there too. Plenty of availability and supporting local traders. Win win.
  14. Anyone else getting pissed off

    Book an online shop. Morrisons still have delivery spaces, albeit not until next week
  15. Why does Coffee make you poo?

    Increased peristalsis in the gut caused primarily by the caffeine
  16. What are you doing right now!

    Reading a post about some stranger on the internet having a poo
  17. Hardly any. I don’t drink except for the odd night out (once every few months). i have had Non-alcoholic fatty liver previously but got it under control. Would make some sense though if it was that making a re-emergence. I had bloods done Friday so we’ll see what the cráic is next week. cheers Mike
  18. Health supps?

    Judgement-free zone breh, you can be yourself here. if you’re really a cum-guzzling thunderslut, then you be you, we won’t treat you any differently hun xoxo
  19. What’s your credit score guys

    Just a gentle FYI, whilst credit scores can be indicative they’re never actually used by lenders so are effectively worthless.
  20. How long between protein

    Never understood this. 1 chicken breast is around 50g - do you think the body processes half of it and just bins the rest?
  21. Sleep supplements - advice please

    Have you had a look at melatonin?
  22. Will BCAAs help burn fat while I build muscle

    Black stone labs did one that had noopept in which is fine on its own (I used to be fond of noopept) but you then had to either neck it for the benefit of the noopept or drink it throughout the day which rendered the noopept pointless.
  23. Will BCAAs help burn fat while I build muscle

    They do excel in one other area though that you’ve missed, n00b - they’re exceptionally good at lining the pockets of BCAA manufacturers. (sorry for calling you a n00b)
  24. Most important sups

    double post
  25. Most important sups

    Fukken IN on this s**t show.