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  1. Best joint supplement

    Another shout for Joint XT
  2. Proof, steroids cause brain damage

    Came in to post this pretty much word for word. matrix confirmed.
  3. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    A good friend of ours is an ICU nurse here in Manchester and she’s described some absolute nightmare tackle from her ward. Talked about lack of PPE, not being able to take a 5 minute break and just the number of people they have coming in. She’d explained how their very first confirmed CV patient into the ward had pulled through but how in the last 3 weeks not one person who had been admitted to intensive care had survived after being intubated. still though, I’m sure she’s lying through her teeth and the cranks in the general forum are right.
  4. Low cal/ low fat ice cream

    Morrison’s do their own version which is alright
  5. Deals on whey at moment?

    I wouldn’t necessarily go with other companies fleecing you, whey typically has a very slim profit margin. companies make money from just shifting pure quantities of it. A small company like this undercutting the likes of MP and BP on something like whey would set my alarm bells ringing that something wasn’t quite right as they would be expected to have higher wholesale prices (buying in smaller amounts = higher price) and comparatively higher overheads. I’m sure it’s fine but cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same quality
  6. Boris Johnson

    Must’ve got too close to a 5G mast
  7. Loo, depending on my pre-workout
  8. Making money in this coronavirus uproar.

    Stay liquid. Markets are still way too volatile. re the thread theme, I’ve never been busier.
  9. Anyone try pure DMHA here?

    Any reason you’re looking to avoid caffeine?
  10. Deals on whey at moment?

    Have any of you seen any offers on Syntha 6? Every time amazon have it down to around £24 for the big tub I’m either skint or it’s sold out
  11. Price gouging

    Any of you spotted anywhere blatantly price gouging products? I keep getting Predator’s emails - turns out they’re now a pharmacy. https://www.predatornutrition.com/shop-by-brand/pharmacy-medicines £5.49 for 32 x 500mg caps off paracetamol (75p in boots) £40 for codeine Linctus (£10 everywhere else).
  12. Corona virus news channels busted

    News outlets in ‘using stock footage’ shock.
  13. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    In his own head I think
  14. Amazon prioritising orders

    I think amazon are prioritising essential items rather than vulnerable customers
  15. Price gouging

    They can kiss my spuds, they’ll not see a penny from me ever again
  16. Sourcing Tostran

    Are you still having trouble sourcing this? My local chemist’s gone a bit mad with repeat scripts recently and I’ve ended up with 6 months worth by accident, so if you can’t get it then sorry, I’ve got it all
  17. I ordered a few months of their Pro Culture probiotic last night as it was more than half price. Their pro casein is £24 for 2.5kg (strawberries & cream)
  18. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    As above - US cows are pumped full of hormones which you don’t get in the UK. I don’t eat meat any more but when I did, if we ever ate in places that advertised that they used ‘USDA Beef’ (a few burger places in and around Manchester do) then I’d eat the veggie options. awful gear.
  19. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    CNP aside, give me EU dairy any day of the week over US.
  20. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    Too young for Big Harold to have a pop at me, he preferred bumping off old people. The Coronavirus of his day.
  21. I’ve about half a dozen bottles of Controlled Labs Oximega in the freezer but when they’re finished I’ll be looking at the BP promega oils, especially when they’re on offer (most of the time)
  22. I’ve tried most of the bulk powders pro series range. Unfortunately I can’t feel omega 3’s working but they seem to be decent quality, the rest of the range is.
  23. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    Their original factory is a 2 minute walk from my house in denton
  24. Bojo announces the lockdown

    The first few people that give the coppers an excuse to cave in their bonce will deserve it.
  25. As above, they’re closing in the UK & Ireland tomorrow at 7pm. good night, sweet prince