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  1. Need advice

    9nmol isn’t really low, it’s at the lower end of what you’d expect but it’s above where the NHS will treat you. I’ve had a positive experience with them as my levels were REALLY low and I was put on treatment without question. as above, don’t just jump into private treatment, it’s a lifelong commitment and some less scrupulous clinics will try and bleed you dry
  2. Just a quick follow up to this, I’ve been diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria and been given treatment of 180mg Fexofenadine 3 times a day.
  3. A couple of years ago I used to get this weird sensation where when I got too warm I’d get a mild sense of almost like pins & needles all over but it hurt as opposed to that weird tingling feeling you get with P&N. I put it down to carrying a little excess weight and lost a stone which seemed to help. the last couple of weeks it’s come back with a vengeance - I know when it’s about to come on so I at least get a few seconds notice but it’s really debilitating - I can’t maintain a conversation or focus on what I’m doing because I’m itching from head to toe like a loon. I’m booked in with my GP next week but thought I’d post up to see if anyone has had a similar experience
  4. Melatonin

    Very - knocks me out every time
  5. Melatonin

    I’m using Hi-Tech pharma’s phases release melatonin. it’s 3mg quick release and 7mg slow release. I’m liking it but don’t use it all too often, maybe 3-4 times a month max.
  6. Testing supplements

    Probably but it’ll cost you a few hundred quid at least.
  7. Covid19 and Low Test?

    I’ve still got 6 months of Tostran - come at me covid
  8. Anyone actually had flu..?

    I had glandular fever when I was about 16 and it put me on my arse for about 3 months
  9. Do you pay for premium protein powder?

    Where from?
  10. Fatburners

    It looks like drwae arguing with a spambot
  11. L-Arginine 1000mg enough?

    You’ll be getting more than enough through dietary protein intake if you’ve ‘massively’ increased the amount you eat. Supplementing more is likely to be a waste of time & money

    Email [email protected] and ask them
  13. Strong Supplement Shop are leaving UK-Muscle

    I know
  14. Thank you to everyone who’s bought from Strong Supplement Shop, entered competitions and been brand advocates over the last few years during our partnership with UK-Muscle. I’ll still be about but not in capacity as a forum rep, certainly not for Strong Supps anyway. any product or service queries can be directed at [email protected] or via live chat at StrongSupplementShop.com Thanks again and Stay Strong
  15. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    Just been for a test. Surprisingly easy to book and well run at the site. No complaints at all.
  16. Diet shake for the mrs

    Try making ‘sludge’ - mix half a scoop of whey in with some fat free yogurt. Makes a nice, relatively low calorie snack

    These days, if you say you’re English, you get arrested and thrown in jail

    These days, if you say you’re English, you get arrested and thrown in jail
  19. Fitter or fatter ?

    I don’t really drink and definitely don’t drink at home but I’ve ramped up my training so dodgy haircut aside, I should come out of this alright by the end* *if the wife doesn’t kill me
  20. Eddie Halls net worth? have a guess

    Who honestly gives the shiniest of shites?
  21. Natty supplements that actually work

    HMB’s a waste of money. With regards to feeling creatine, that is placebo. It can be decent but you won’t ‘feel’ it.
  22. What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?

    Edge of insanity’s good. I’ve used it with the accompanying pump product (edge of pump) for some solid workouts