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  1. expected wait time for endo referral?

    I'm going away to spain next week and i'm going to have to take the tostran with me - it'll be fine in the suitcase wont it? The reason i'm concerned is the last few times I've been to spain, and especially Lanzarote, i've had my hands swabbed and i don't want to be pulled over and delay getting through with my mrs & daughter
  2. Ultimate Orange is back

    yea, it's not exactly something you sip & savour.
  3. Ultimate Orange is back

    i haven't tried the original, but i believe the taste was horrendous?
  4. Pre-workout Logging Opportunity

    Please post your entry in the thread in our subforum
  5. expected wait time for endo referral?

    first application last night - dried quite quickly. just signed up to compete at this year's body power
  6. Testo gel anyone using this?

    My endo’s put me on 60mg tostran - just waiting for the chemist to get it in but I’ll be starting tonight. how long do you find it takes to dry in?
  7. expected wait time for endo referral?

    Got my letter this morning - endo’s decided to start me on tostran 2% @ 60mg per day - any idea what sort of strength dose that is? I’ve to go for bloods 2-3 weeks after I start
  8. Redcon1 Total War / Big Noise

    i'll ask the question and come back to you

    It’s done now I’m afraid
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  11. expected wait time for endo referral?

    Just a quick update to this, I saw the endo last week and he's said i have Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and has referred me for an MRI and then back to see him in 3 months to see him. They also did a full blood work panel before i left the hospital. If/when we discuss treatments, what's the preferable route? gel or injectable?
  12. Best pre workout available?

    24 hours left on this
  13. Citrulline Malate

    6g is spot on
  14. 25% OFF WILD THING | Now with GLYCERGROW

    Apologies for anyone trying to use this offer earlier but it is now live
  15. Best pre workout available?

    Lads & Lasses, we've got Wild Thing 25% off on the new version with Glycergrow (Rocket Pop flavour)
  16. PH stack.. goodbye liver

    what product is that?
  17. i believe it used to be a Coach Polliquin recommendation. He had some underlying health issues with his liver that were exacerbated by the high dosage, but still, 30g/50g+ per day is stupidly high and completely unnecessary
  18. haven't read all of that but it's generally accepted that 2g is the minimum for daily intake for DHA & EPA and i always try to aim for this. I may have posted this here before but a former colleague of mine was taking 30+ fish oils softgels a day on a cut and 50+ on bulks. he wouldn't listen to anyone except for his PT. Eventually he made himself really ill and was hospitalised with 6 weeks off work.
  19. ZMA supplements

    I’m not certain it’ll affect you enough to sort your libido out but the main benefit is deeper sleep. colour me jealous of 22nmol free test - my last bloods showed mine at 1.4nmol.
  20. Masstech or premium mass gainer

    you asked this on bodybuildng.com and my answer is the same here as it would've been there - food

    Go on then, seeing as you asked so nicely
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  23. Epistane 2a3a 6 week cycle

    you've pretty much answered your own question