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  1. creatine pre or post workout

    Don’t take it any more but timing really isn’t relevant for creatine so any time of the day’s sound
  2. Cheapest place for trt treatment uk

  3. Low Testosterone blood results

    Very homoerotic attacks here from Phil. Must be what causes his tuggin’. You wanna go back to living in 1950’s? Things were probably better then, more testosterone, less vaccines and no internet for crackpot incel fantasy wars on men. I’m all for it - Let’s Go Backwards Together!
  4. Low Testosterone blood results

    you want/expect an eloquent response to an incel theory?
  5. Low Testosterone blood results

    Any good sales on tin foil at the minute? I need a new hat.
  6. Low Testosterone blood results

    As per sasnak, you’re not within NHS TRT levels and 12nmol is generally deemed acceptable so perhaps your issue lies elsewhere. i had similar issues but mine was repeatedly tested and showing between 1.8 - 3.6nmol as reference.
  7. Low Testosterone blood results

    Tenner says the BMH website
  8. Cheapest place for trt treatment uk

    Depends on your area and how busy the endos are (hint - ‘very’). You’ll need bloods done by your GP before a referral then possibly more before starting treatment. I waited about 7-9 months in total
  9. Oats....

    Big fan of ‘Flahavans Jumbo Organic Irish oats’.
  10. The PCT paradox.

    No. The drugs used for PCT are controlled medications being used for a secondary purpose without supervision of medical professionals, being sought illegally without prescriptions. PH’s are supplements that have somehow managed to avoid legislation.
  11. Vegetarian Creatine

    All of it.
  12. One of the reasons I do spin. Get in early and get a bike at the back of the room and get a free pass to stare at 20 sets of jiggling women’s arses for 2 hours a week. The actual cardio aspect is a side issue.
  13. Cheapest place for trt treatment uk

    As above - NHS script is £9 and if you’re put on tostran that’s 2 bottles so just under 6 weeks worth.
  14. Got hold of some eph from the US a few years ago and loved it but as above, it’s hard to get hold of here. shame really.
  15. Next time I get ill I might just bypass the doctor and tell everyone they’re wrong until someone agrees with my self diagnosis