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  1. Bitches name

    You’ll get more original content from the dog
  2. PM for straighteners

    Anyway lads, I’m away to bed. stay safe, talk to someone if you’re feeling low and we’ll get through all this together. g’luck.
  3. PM for straighteners

    And as I said to you, it’s not a submission if I end up balls deep in you. That’s not how it works.
  4. PM for straighteners

    Socially distanced trouble and I must insist that before anyone has their jaw taken off, that they complete the track & trace form online.
  5. Bitches name

    Call it wylde.
  6. PM for straighteners

    What time can the Manchester royal infirmary fit you in? I’m free all day
  7. PM for straighteners

    Lads, I’ve had a feed of pints for the first time in a year. PMs are open for straighteners, I’ll be in Manchester tomorrow if you want your jaw tested.
  8. Conspiracy Gits

    As soon as he can find an opinion on it. God forbid he think for himself.
  9. Pump pre workouts

    Oh man, I can’t believe I forgot Hydromax, that and Edge Pump is a legit combo, it was a regular pick up of mine when I was with StrongSupps.
  10. European Super League

    I’m not the one throwing ‘triggered’ around or resorting to repeatedly using ‘snowflake’ instead of answering the question that was asked but we’ll agree that I was right, you were in the wrong and we’ll say no more about it, g’luck.
  11. European Super League

    I get that but @jimmydeen looked to have posted it in a ‘hurr durr, look at the snowflakes’ context, which he’s doubled down on by not answering my question (on 2 different occasions) and showing himself up as the brainlet he is. anyway, back on topic - bollocks to football.
  12. European Super League

    Nowt then? Sound.
  13. European Super League

    What’s snowflakey about being concerned over hungry kids & women not being harassed?
  14. European Super League

    Absolutely not. The games against Burnley, Brighton etc are what make the one-off games against Real, Barca etc all the more exciting as they roll around so infrequently. Who gives a shite after the first or 2nd game? once the novelty’s worn off and it’ll just be a case of ‘who is it this week? Juve again? Great...’ where’s the sense of occasion about playing these big teams?