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  1. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Keep looking then.
  2. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    They’re having an effect, of course they are, but it’s to be expected. You can’t have shops and non-essential retailers open when this virus is ripping through the population at the rate it is. I was pulling you up specifically on Debenhams - it’s been on it’s arse for years and whilst covid hasn’t helped, it was going to the wall this year anyway. It’s simply sped up their closure by a few months. re being in business, you’re right, I have no business experience except for running my own business for 3 years and working in banking in the SME market as a relationship manager for the last 4 years. I haven’t a clue what they’re going through, maybe you and Facebook99 can enlighten me?
  3. The best supermarket pizza thread

    I worked in Asda on the pizza/hot deli counter about 10 years ago and made the best pizzas, to the point regulars would specifically ask for me to make them. Knowing how unclean some of the staff can be behind their deli counters, I’d never actually order one I hadn’t made myself. My favourite frozen ones are the Chicago town cheese takeaway pizzas with the tomato sauce-stuffed crusts. The tiger bread ones are nice too, especially for £1.50
  4. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Facebook. It’s too long a post for Twitter or Instagram. it’s where virtually all of his posts are from. He hasn’t had an original thought in months.
  5. Lockdown extended to 5th March

  6. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    You missed off a few # MentallyIll # SwallowingAnyOldBollocksPostedOnFacebook #ParanoidFromHammeringWeed
  7. Redcon1 Offers

    Cheers. I was gonna pull the plug if it was coming from the US as I didn’t want to get stung by customs
  8. Redcon1 Offers

    I picked up 4 x bottles of Y HCl yesterday - how long do they take to post usually? Do they ship from the US?
  9. Hey @notbad sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve had a hell of a few weeks at work. a few non-medical things I’ve found to alleviate symptoms are keeping cool - I have a small udn-powered desk fan pointed at me all day in work and a let least one bottle of drink in the fridge at all times so I can get something immediately that’s going to cool me down if I’m away from my desk or I’m getting wound up and I’m getting warm in a way which is going to set off the prickles. wear loose-fitting clothing. I’ve discussed with my manager at work about the condition and during warmer months I’m allowed to wear sports shorts to work, so I can sit there in a light pair of shorts and a t-shirt and keep the affects to a minimum. Manage stress - for me, one of the main triggers is stress/frustration and it can be the most minor of triggers, I.e. my emails won’t load, my daughter taking ages to eat her breakfast/tea or not being able to find car keys. When you can feel yourself about to go, take a step away if you can, have a breather and calm back down, maybe get a cold drink as per above. moving from cold - warm quickly does it for me too, I.e. walking to the office and going from the cold outside to a walm reception area. I’ll normally take my hat off or unzip my coat half way down a few seconds prior to entering the building and have found this helps. sauna - not much use at the moment unless you have a home one but I recently discovered the benefits of using the sauna at the gym. I’d stopped taking the fexofenadine as I was still getting the symptoms and was told repeatedly by pharmacists that 3 x 180mg a day is a very high dose and should speak to my GP about tapering off, especially if it wasn’t really helping. I was advised to avoid saunas whilst taking fexofenadine but I notice This Israeli study which states the patient was using the meds whilst also using the sauna to great effect. This option, whilst seemingly in contradiction to other suggestions of keeping cool, made a great benefit as whilst it didn’t cure me, it greatly reduced incidence of urticaria flare ups so where I would normally be very bad with it, I would get only minor sensations. as the gyms are currently closed, however, I’ve gone back to the fexofenadine and I’m currently tapering up to 3 a day again. I’m on 2 and it’s helping a bit but not as much as the sauna use did. I hope this has been some help and I’m sorry again for the delay in getting back to you. You have my full sympathy and if there’s anything else you want to ask, fire away. I’ve updated the title of the thread now to try and make the thread more visible for others searching for urticaria.
  10. I know a few touring musicians and you need paperwork for *everything* you’re bringing on tour - instruments, amps & cabs, cables, spare packs of strings, plectrums etc. it’s going to further kill the entertainment industry in this country.
  11. I’ve fired off my cancellation notice today. I’m going to be giving lifting a break for a while and focus on cardio which I can do without gym membership. I may rejoin later in the year but for now it can take a hike.
  12. Anyone tried this stuff??

    This. You won’t notice any results because you won’t get any. any perceived benefit will purely be placebo.
  13. Anyone tried this stuff??

    This. File it with ‘legal steroid alternative’ scams from crazybulk and give it a wide berth.
  14. Casein protein leaves lots of froth on top?

    Next time don’t buy casein and stick with whey. Same benefit, cheaper and won’t leave half the cup filled with foam.
  15. National Lockdown