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  1. I ordered a few months of their Pro Culture probiotic last night as it was more than half price. Their pro casein is £24 for 2.5kg (strawberries & cream)
  2. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    As above - US cows are pumped full of hormones which you don’t get in the UK. I don’t eat meat any more but when I did, if we ever ate in places that advertised that they used ‘USDA Beef’ (a few burger places in and around Manchester do) then I’d eat the veggie options. awful gear.
  3. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    CNP aside, give me EU dairy any day of the week over US.
  4. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    Too young for Big Harold to have a pop at me, he preferred bumping off old people. The Coronavirus of his day.
  5. I’ve about half a dozen bottles of Controlled Labs Oximega in the freezer but when they’re finished I’ll be looking at the BP promega oils, especially when they’re on offer (most of the time)
  6. I’ve tried most of the bulk powders pro series range. Unfortunately I can’t feel omega 3’s working but they seem to be decent quality, the rest of the range is.
  7. Cnp, as good as the old days?

    Their original factory is a 2 minute walk from my house in denton
  8. Bojo announces the lockdown

    The first few people that give the coppers an excuse to cave in their bonce will deserve it.
  9. How can you feel EPA & DHA?
  10. Why did dr zak go into liquidation?

    Morrison’s & TESCO do protein breads if you’re that set on buying it
  11. McDonald’s closing tomorrow @ 7pm

    Nando’s going too!
  12. As above, they’re closing in the UK & Ireland tomorrow at 7pm. good night, sweet prince
  13. I'm not a gamer but

    Good shout. fallout 3 & fallout Vegas are the best of the lot. the less said about 76, the better.
  14. I'm not a gamer but

    PS4. If you like racing games, F1 2019 is free to play for the next month, you just need to download the demo and they’ve unlocked the entire game
  15. Say goodbye to meals like this

    Where the meal? You appear to have posted a photo from a few hours after you’ve eaten it