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  1. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    Some slight effects can also be expected from Beta-Alanin TMG Citrullin(malat) COP
  2. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    ArA is scientifically proven to do something, but you are right, it cannot be compared to any kind of hormonal stuff. Its on par with creatine
  3. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    Not very impressed of Anabolic Effect so far. About 3 weeks in
  4. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    The most effective natty alternative to roids imho is Arachidonic Acid which gives good strength and mass gains if your diet is on point. Test boosters doesnt raise test enough to translate it into noticeable mass gains but they might help a bit with energy, strength and libido for older athletes. I am testing a natty anabolic called Anabolic Effect at the moment but its too early to evaluate its effevtiveness. Might report my impression after ending the „cycle“
  5. pH or SARM against joint pain

    Which one would you recommend? Osta, Trest or any other idea? Have some shoulder issues depending on training intensity
  6. Anyone here to help? X-Factor is my alltime fav for strength. Anything similar in effectiveness? anyone tried BMP 2.0 or Anabolic Effect or Vector?