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  1. Mate I have the exact same issue. Did you have gyno when you hit puberty? I think some people are just unlucky. All my bloods are in range, I pin twice weekly so shouldnt have huge spikes in estrogen, yet my gyno just wont go away and keeps developing. I cant find a reason for it, I think I'm just going to get the surgery soon as unless i crash my estrogen and take nolva all the time, it comes back.
  2. The NHS endo I see for a different issue does want me to switch over to him but im not keen. I had a bit of a nightmare dialing my protocol in. I feel best on test e, i dont want to switch back to sust or have to get dialed in on Nebido, which is what the NHS offer.
  3. Just wondering where everyones getting their private prescriptions from? I've seen people mention before that their script for test e is around £20. I took mine to my local pharmacy and they wanted over £100 for 3 vials! Is there a preffered pharmacy or do I just need to try them all?
  4. Exemestane - Alibaba

    I still find it annoying with a pill cutter as the pills still just crumble. I'm also cautious about China but if youve ever trusted an UGL you're basically trusting China as pretty sure most raws come from there lol. i'll have a look. I've not even looked into capping. Am I being naive assuming id just weigh out the dosage I want and then put that into a pill?
  5. Hi Gents, Anyone know if vendors on Alibaba are legit? I'm on TRT and need a tiny amount of AI spread throughout the week, rather than one big hit after a pin. Cutting the Exemestane pills is a nightmare as they're so tiny, so I thought id cap my own. I see the powder from multiple vendors on Alibaba but no idea if they're going to ship me the real thing and also unsure if their ratings are even real.. Does anyone have any experience? Thanks (This isnt a hint to find a sauce for roids, i do really only want exemestane powder )
  6. Interesting read. They seem to love their masteron thrown in there too among everything else.
  7. Extremely smelly farts

    Will any pro/pre biotics with husk from holland and barrett do or is there a recommended brand? Also do I even ask wtf bowl cleansing is?
  8. OK to use old steroids?

    Cheers lads I'll do that then. Bin the opened ones and put the others on the radiator. Nah haha I got them for free dont wanna say too much but someone i know was involved in stuff and had to get rid of them asap so i took them. Then i came off all gear anyway as I got burnt out from it all and wanted to focus on my career. Didnt train properly for years and felt s**t after coming off, got bloods done, turns out i f**ked myself and im now on trt for life, so here we are with them still sitting away in my cupboard calling my name
  9. Tbol lovers here?

    Like I said this was ages ago but i think it was around 170. I'd actually only ever had low blood pressure so it wasnt something Id ever really checked. I kept getting awful headaches and after googling thought it was worth checking and yeah to my surprise it was really high for the first time ever so i binned it off and wont touch dbol now, which is annoying as ive got thousands of those blue hearts
  10. OK to use old steroids?

    I'll probably bin the opened ones tbh its not worth it I agree but we are talking 100+ vials here that I dont want to just chuck away They've just been stored in a box in my cupboard. I know quite a bit of it has crashed things like TNE which seems to crash easy. When you say heat up, do you mean just heat the vial a bit with a hairdryer, or do you mean properly put them in the oven or something?
  11. Tbol lovers here?

    Honestly I cant really remember, this was back in like 2013 or something. All i remember with dbol is it made my bp go up like nothing else, which led to extremely painful headaches so I had to discontinue it asap.
  12. Tbol lovers here?

    Superdrol, dbol, m1t and pmag.
  13. I've got a boat load of steroids that are about 5 years old - Are these still ok to use? They are still sealed, rubber stopper intact. I've also got a couple of vials that are about 5 years old that are half used. Guessing these are a bit more dodgy as I would have introduced outside air into the vial when drawing. Are these ok to use or shall i bin them? Just asking because im a tight c**t and wanna use whatever I can
  14. My situation after PCT..

    Yes what he said. Be patient and get bloods in the future if you think something is up.
  15. Tbol lovers here?

    Yes I love it and think it's really underrated. I was quite lean when I ran but got strength increase, great pumps, the usual really. No sides that I can remember which was great as normally orals kill my appetite. I ran it from 80 - 100mg.