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  1. Powerlifters / Strength athletes

    Never go over 250mg PW and never had issues..usually add in compounds before comps or work out cycle to fit in etc etc hust come to the end of a 10week cycle 1-10 test e 1-10 eq 300mg 1-5 tren e 200mg 6-10 tren e 400mg
  2. Improve grip strength

    Grippers are ok for travel or in the house... You need variety to improve your grip. basics like Double over hand deadlifts,farmers walks/holds.Various wrist curls.Ditch straps on your Assistance work like pull-up,rows etc etc other good tools are rolling thunder,pinch grip.fat grips on a d-clip can imitate rolling thunder and works very well,vary your reps,holds,weight
  3. Pre workout

    I know lol,I seen it after bud.. when I first seen your post I was like 'noopept!!!' Happy days,didn't realise there was noopept in there then I checked label again
  4. Pre workout

    I love wicked ATM,on my second tub and mainly use 1/2 serving ( full serving on those 'big days' Tried a different one from muscle rage called 'limitless' and it's fair to say,it's on par with wicked!!! 175mg DMHA per serving along with higenamine & hordenine plus your regular aminos etc etc
  5. Pre workout

    Pmd you a while back bud about getting some samples?
  6. Pre workout

    Wicked has 70mg DMAA in it.... No noopept ??
  7. Maybe he's training specifically for strength ? Youll get strong using any compound,but if it's insane strength your after you'll need to focus onit I use test as a base,no more than 250mg a week...compounds I'll cycle are var or eq preferred or tren if needed.. i compete at 90kg so bulking up is off the question,with these meds,diet I stay around 88-92 mark
  8. ROHM Tren E

    @Clubber Lang I'm using 600mg eq as well with 2ml ttm... sweating heavier than normal and thought it's the tren but I'm sure I read somewhere that eq can do this as well? Can you shed any light on that bud? After 5 weeks ( week 4 ATM) I plan on just running a lower dose cycle of 150mg test e,200mg tren e and 300mg eq for 10weeks
  9. ROHM Tren E

    As above.... Rhe one I'm using has long acting esters... another name these blends go by is 'rip'
  10. Clen

    Tried on at first and didn't feel a lot from it tbh....upped to 2 the next day and trained on them,was sweeting a lot more and had the jitters .... no running them ATM,just wanted to try them before I do..worth a pop bud i also tried those Swiss ones in a jar...they felt a little stronger
  11. ROHM Tren E

    Nice little cycle that bud.... iv kept test low for most of my cycles over last 3 years and just add in var,eq,tren or mast as required...( blast & cruise pritty much all year) I'm a u90kg strongman so strength is what y aim and doses are spot on I use sarms between cycles and whilst off as well,don't come close to gear but can aid in keeping gains and nice to add whit on cycle as well
  12. ROHM Tren E

    Hi bud.... was decent....only ran 200mg per week first 4 weeks then 300mg per week for last 4.... 150mg rohm test hept as well. steady strength gains,little to no sides....Quite low doses but tren plays hell with me and I found that 300mg was a sweet spot... just started the TTM blend at 2ml a week with 300mg eq...
  13. Supplement samples

    Pm'd you bud ?
  14. Supplement samples

    Any superpump 250 samples bud? Fancy trying something different
  15. Rohm tbol

    Iv used a few rohm var 50s and the tubs were same as in your pic.. tabs were small brown,no markings...