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  1. Thank you.Just what i needed
  2. As above what labs avaible in the uk are G2G . Thanks
  3. I have ,i just want some test e for trt.I will look again.cheers
  4. Does anybody use the nhs for trt,im so low no energy.Sex drive has completely gone and had mental health problems all my life.when i used to go the gym i took gear just because it made me feel great and i looked ok.I honestly believe i have very low t levels.Im going to the Drs the end of the month so will see if he will get me a blood test and find out if i am.Is it worth waiting for the Drs or should i self medicate test cyp if i can get some. I have prostatitis and believe the steroids made it worse but id rather feel happy with prostatitis than the suicidal i feel now . The only thing stopping me from doing myself in is not having the bollocks.Im hoping that trt would give me a lift. Regards Mick
  5. pain meds depression.I was deficient vit d but changed Drs and they weren't on a repeat so didn't follow it up i will get some .I do take wellman everyday.I went on trt forum on fb and they said i have the test of an old man.I dont want to go back on the gear just maybe a shot a fortnight of test e.
  6. How old are you ? to jack off you got to get wood lol.I dont remember the last time i did.
  7. I believe that testosterone can help with a dodgy prostate but being honest i dont care im 50 but feel like an 80 year old .Id rather have a few good years than loads of miserable ones.
  8. I got result back from medichecks and its only a testosterone level check not a testosterone free blood test they want another 70 notes for that.I have been advised that even though medichecks are saying its normal its low.What do you think.I cant afford private trt and i have a feeling my Dr gonna be a waste of space so i may self medicate and start to feel good again.
  9. Hello,thank you all i didnt realise it was as resonable priced.I will send of for it now.