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  1. Best uk source of sarms?

    I’ve been looking at ordering ostarine from max muscle labs. Will you keep us updated?
  2. How to lose 1.5/2kg a week of bodyfat during Ramadan

    I’m no religion expert but isn’t Ramadan where they eat during the nighttime hours and fast during the day? Say 9pm to 4am? Surely this could be good for calorie deficit? Eat 1000 calories when your fast opens. Sleep. Wake before fast ends and eat 800 calories. Boom. Calorie defecit. Didn’t annoy Allah.
  3. Pre-wedding diary

    Stop complicating things mate... Calorie defecit Train like f**k You will drop fat and start to take shape. 100%. Track them calories bro. Forget the window or IF for now. Eat when you gotta eat. Eat around your workout ffs. Just calorie deficit.
  4. What bodyfat am I?

    I haven’t got a clue but you are in good shape and awesome ink. No homo. Lol. If I can get to that level of bodyfat I would be very happy to lean bulk from that.
  5. My progress...

    Thanks very much mate. Good luck with your journey! I will be following.
  6. Fat Loss Diet

    Thanks mate. It’s perfectly doable. A lot of people will advise you to lose the fat slower than I have. Loose skin is a risk. I’ve been lucky so far and don’t have any. The risk with losing 1-2lb a week when you’re 19 stone plus is that you lose motivation before you get close. 7 weeks to lose a stone? When you’ve got 5 plus to shift? Not for me. Lol. I needed to see progress and fast. Now I’ve got the bug and there’s no doubts I will eventually get to where I want to be. I followed a push/Pull/legs plan for the first 8 weeks. Fairly high weight, moderate volume. 20 mins cardio per session. The weight fell off. After the first 8 weeks I had a week off, ate around maintenance, trained whatever I felt like. Just to keep the body guessing and to give it a break from the same routine. Then I kicked in with a different plan after that week break. 6 days split now, much higher intensity, more volume. Cardio increased and also some HIIT stuff for a bit of variety. If you want to drop me a PM I would be happy to send you some stuff over what I’ve been following.
  7. Fat Loss Diet

    I was 19st 4lb 12 weeks ago and over 35% body fat. I’m 15st 4lb now and much lower bodyfat. I started on around 2500 calories with a cheat meal once a week. Now down to 2000 calories and a cheat every 12 days. Obviously it gets harder as time goes on. I haven’t worried about food sources too much. I’ve kept it varied. Just hit your calories and protein... I’m nowhere near happy yet but I hope this gives you an idea of what’s possible...
  8. My progress...

    Thanks Damo
  9. My progress...

    Thanks a lot mate. Appreciate the support.
  10. My progress...

    I’m exactly the same mate. As you can see from my before pictures I like my food. Haha. I’ve had cheat days of course but only every 10-12 days, it doesn’t really make up for being in a calorie defecit every day. Lol. Im really looking forward to doing a “lean” bulk when the time comes. The thought of 2800-3000 calories right now is pure bliss. And I could probably go even higher than that.
  11. My progress...

    Today’s back comparison... I concentrate on my back quite a lot and add in lots of variety. I’m happy with what’s happening...
  12. My progress...

  13. My progress...

    Had a real good session today. Felt strong as an ox (although I’m certainly not, lol). Started off with rack pulls - 6 sets. Worked up to 140kg x 15 reps which I was happy with. Then did some lat pull downs, low rows and hyper extensions before hitting biceps and triceps. Diet is on point and the fat is slowly coming away...
  14. My progress...

    Thanks for the comment and support. I’ve got 4 weeks left before my holiday. That’s my 16 weeks done then. I am hoping for more like 3lb per week for the next 4 weeks to be honest. But 2lb per week would do I suppose. Ive been tweaking my macros every 2/3 weeks as my weight has come down. I won’t be where I want to be in time for my holiday. So I will just take the week off to enjoy myself and then get back on it when I get back with the aim of cutting further but at a steadier rate and like you say try to preserve muscle.
  15. My progress...

    Thanks a lot mate appreciate that