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  1. Thanks for the cuggle... It's made my feel so empowered it takes so many and get it wrong.
  2. I see Timid Toby been PM all his "friends" to gang up.. LOL a bunch of drug addicts. Eh see you couldn't handle the doctor and your lass. The funny thing is there wouldn't have been this kind of reaction unless I hit the nail on the head. But Ur definitely playing the victim to perfection. Psychopaths are born. Sociopaths are made. Complete rubbish. Psychopath only feel fear, hate, and excitement, it's comes from a parent or long term abuse/ stress... And NO ONE has just one psychiatric disorder a diagnosis is made by the prominent traits but there are always more than makes the diagnosis and stress can form additional ones. otherwise no soldier could have PTSD you moron. Sociopaths feel most emotion but at a greatly reduced rate. But to be clear Antiquated Old wuss ... I don't speak moron, so you shouldn't pretend to do intellectual. Another trait is Cracker when he speaks in Binary Absolutes, meaning everything he says is gospel and anything from anyone else is the worst. That's exactly what Donald Trump does... Another psycho.
  3. Other account out again Timid Toby
  4. Actually it Psychiatry not psychology, but that's another thing you know nothing about... And when have you ever heard of an intellectual going out and murdering people... Now that's projecting, lol... You must be raging behind your keyboard. "the only reason I'm still responding is to amuse myself " That's exactly what I wanted to hear... You're on here obliviously abusing people... But as soon as someone stands up to you.... You start crying Mummy he's "Belittling me"... Mummy mummy he "Laying in to me".. Oh the Drama queen that you are. And where is this "Expertise" you keep talking about... NONE of your post are anything other than abuse I warned you. This is your profile. You were born with autism, it escalated into psychopathy due to not being able to deal with emotion and you passively through actively dismissed and abused your lass. About 4 years ago she had an affair, in your mind it's with a doctor... That's why you're insecure to the point of rage when someone shows intellect and sensitivity. She left you shortly after, and you had no one to express your feelings to as both... You have no friends due to no emotion and you couldn't even anonymously ring crisis team / samavratins because you're autistic/psycho and it was everyone's fault but your own. You instead turned to steroids and in what Freud called "There are no accidents" meaning the subconscious reveals everything about us, and that psychos project onto others. You mentioned Frankenstein because in the book His wife dies and resorts to experiments to bring her back to life. You resorted to Steroids to heal your pain and somehow bring her back to you... But... Like in the book Frankenstein eventually is revealed to have been the monster all along. Psychological profiling works for a reason. You're autistic and have developed psychopathy. Like I said before. I feel sorry for you. to be so scared of everything that all you have is abuse. Doesn't it bother you being a 50 year old child.
  5. LOL... How could I be a miscellaneous poster... When you're on my OP... Anger getting the better of you again??? Seems to happen a lot with you... You could say it's almost a pattern of behaviour... LOL... Anti social behaviour!
  6. LOL.. Is that why you wanted the naked man pics, yeah we'll call it... "Evidence"
  7. Oh dear a double post... U are angry and the 2 nd account to pretend you have friends. But.. You both have the exact same syntax, so you're the same person. It's adorable. I must have realy touched a very sensitive and personal nerve. Actually "Projection" is when you blame or paste others with your fears / insecurities... That's why you can't specify what's "Projection"... Where as I've clearly listed the active traits of psychopathy. The fact that you used my words to talk back shows I'm in control of your subconscious... You've never lead the conversation only reacted with abuse. And the 2nd account / person clearly shows I was always right about the massive insecurity complex. You can't handle the trouble you caused for yourself, and you need another account to gang up.... LOL... On the net...
  8. Laying into you... LOL you must be a wimp, and get the second account out cos you need help... you do realise you've just shown everyone I'm right and you're a coward.
  9. OMG... You couldn't make this up could you... Thank You for proving my point in spades. You didn't answer my question but apparently the whole world has to do what you say! "What's the law on steroids got to do with anything?" LOL... If you knew the full law on steroids and were "Very aware of it" You wouldn't have said that. 1.This is a steroid forum. 2. This sounds like a 1st time user. So, I'd tell him the real law. You can go to prison for possession... But Ur well aware of that. "I don't profess to know everything"... You've just professed to know the law but you clearly don't. If you calm down from your anger issues and read. I shared my experiences and asked him to PM Which I already explained I NEVER advised anything. But then... The Irony... "Protocol" The meaning of protocol is the etiquette of political / diplomatic meeting and conversation... Meaning to be polite and respectful of your peers. "I used steroids...... let's see some evidence of your experiment big boy."... AGAIN... You've been abusive and dismissive of ME, you can't / won't answer any of my respectful questions, and you're oblivious to the distress you hand out by demanding I do what you say. You clearly exhibit signs of little to no conscience while consistently abusing and then ignore your mistakes only to make demands like a spoilt little brat. I'm genuinely thinking you're autistic which developed partial to full sociopath / psychopath over time, as everything you are doing fits the profile. You've added nothing constructive to the conversation and helped NO ONE. So I'm asking you respectfully not to respond and move along. If you choose to answer. Be careful what you say, because I'll speak to you how think you can treat others. And you won't be able to turn around to the mods and complain because someone put you in your place.
  10. Apologies Nova. This site is full of people who take roids for a few cycles and suddenly think they're an expert and when they know someone else is smarter they have to be abusive. The worst ones like cracker have never been fat but somehow they are an expert in something they know nothing about. Most people only join the site when they start roids so apparently he's an infalible expert in under 2 years. If you want to PM me I'll give detailed info and as many links to medical research I found over the years. All medical research studies are in "The public forum" meaning anyone is allowed access to them.
  11. A "posting Virgin" BUT... I've been on this site 6 years more than you... And I only post to speak to good people through PM because of idiots like you. If you actually knew how to use the site you would have seen that. Old posts are also deleted over time. And 800+ abusive one liner posts don't make you an expert just blatantly insecure over EVERYONE. This ones simple child language Craker https://socratic.org/questions/what-type-of-connective-tissue-anchors-the-skin-to-underlying-muscle Here's a free life skill Cracker... When someone takes the time to explain It's because they know what they're doing. When someone exhibits constant patterns of little emotion and overcompensates with abusive one liners it's a clear indicator of Autism. You probably blame the world for not being able to process your feelings. I feel sorry for you, having to live in such fear you can only give out abuse. You haven't helped a single person and ALL your posts exhibit a massive insecurity complex... Again a clear trait of high functioning Autism. I bet Crackerman thinks steroids aren't illegal in the UK... LOL... I dare you to reply... I'll humiliate you again. Here's a hint. It's not as simple as Class C. I've even spelt it out for you but you'll probably be in such an autistic rage you won't be able to process that. Come on Cracker tell me the law on Steroids. Come on... there's a good boy.
  12. Hi Novacek. I had the same prob when I was young, I worked my backside off at the gym for years without steroids and researched everything I could. I lost weight and was thin. But I had the loose skin problem. In the last 10 years the general consensus is that while you are fat, the fat is on top of your muscles and skin on that. If you've been thin you're whole life the skin has a semi connection to the surface layer of fat and the fat had a surface layer connection to the muscle... It isn't an actual connection like muscular skeletal fibre that attaches the muscles to the bone... But it is clearly visible when you see pro- body builders who have large pecs and the skin under the pec is still firmly around the muscle. if there were no attachment it would just sag. So... The consensus in the medical community has become that you should lose no more than 2lbs of fat per week as the body can't adjust as quickly and the excess fat / skin will be a greater surface area than the muscle... Causing the loose skin. This becomes permanent as not having an attachment then it also has much less reduction as the bodily functions aren't directly working. I tried everything for 14 years and could never get rid of it. At the age of 32 I decided to take steroids because I thought I might as well be massive bodybuilder rather than massive couch potato. I took Anadrol, Dianabol and Stan. Most users will warn against this as liver toxicity, and/or taking drol with Dbol is redundant as they do the same thing. BUT... They cause "Moon Face", massive water retention which floods all the cells of your body... Basically creating a greater surface area... Which is why I said the above. I took a higher dose than recommended and did 3 weeks of Drol/Dbol and Stan for 30 days. A low dose of 30mg gradually increasing as I got through the cycle till the last few days of about 100mg a day. I ate only Chicken broccoli and protein shakes 5 small meals a day totalling 1500 cals and worked standard front, back, legs routine 6 days a week until the bloat then My strength and recovery rocketed after 8-10th day and I did full body over 2hrs everyday for the next 20 days. After I finished the cycle I used T3 and just did cardio for 2 weeks. As I'd read if you use steroids in short doses you lose most of the gains, which is what I wanted, Just to be thin without loose skin. I started at 21 stone, the water bloat put me up to 23 stone and when the roids wore off and after the 2 weeks cardio let the water bloat drain... I had gone down to 19 and a half stone BUT... I was the trouser / waist size I would have been at about 17 stone. And the most important thing was I had lost a noticeable amount of flabby loose skin on my chest and lower stomach. It absolutely worked for me and I didn't stick to the diet strictly as I wasn't sure/certain if it would work. If I had the certainty that I would, I would have had a greater motivation to do everything better / stricter. Hope this helps, And if you have any specific question, just ask.
  13. Ok... I'm best guessing from using almost every steroid and net info from all these designer drugs. In terms of steroids I would still have had the minimum half life of steroids leaving my system that would still be sustaining muscle for about 3 months. So if I had it for 10 weeks it would roughly started having that effect by about the 5/6th week... So probably wouldn't have noticed any loss. Not saying there was/wasn't just I wasn't scrutinising my body. Ok... So when I came off I didn't need any down time, PCT and no ED. I've pretty much stopped TRT as I don't need it and my my bloods have returned to normal like I hadn't been on roids for longer than the half-life effective time.. Meaning I had bloods done a few weeks after the last dose of "Mystery Substance" but they showed like I hadn't had any roids for 3-4months. So basically... Have any of you heard of any NON steroid that gives aggression, raised body temp, sleeplessness, basically like Tren but not a steroid, because I didn't need PCT/Time off. Come on... Surely there's some of the old times left on here... They've always got some war stories of what they've had in roids over the years. Hammer... Just out of curiosity did it make your urine dark as well... Cos I've also had nothing oil as well, and My urine was coming out dark like I was on tablets. It was Pharmachem Dispensary test/tren... 300mg/ml and had 2 bottles. I just shot the whole 2nd bottle in one go cos I thought I've been on a gram of tren a week before... But still nothing.
  14. Thanks for the reply's so far... Not being disrespectful... But I tried to be clear it DEFO wasn't steroid because I didn't have any loss of libido / ED and only a couple of days tiredness after finishing the bottle. I basically carried on as normal and never did PCT... I also explained that I was on TRT before as I'd been on tren for about 3 years. I had this stuff for 10 weeks and didn't need any down time after it and now hardly need TRT. sitries... All steroids are a powder form that get put into an oil. But thanks for offering an alternative but it doesn't seem to be it and it still a roid. ThatsLife... You Defo can't say it wasn't Monkey Dust cos you didn't take it. Pal. TERBO... Thanks for being constructive... I'll try to politely spell this out... I took an unknown substance that was meant to be Tren. While on it, it had all the same effects of a much more concentrated Tren I was dosing what should have been 225mg/ml per week. But the effects were like I was dosing about 500mg/ml... This is impossible, as users of tren will know that this concentration wouldn't come out the syringe, it would be like treacle. But the biggest surprise is that I didn't need PCT... ETC...ETC... It DEFO wasn't a steroid. and best guessing from the net the only thing that seems close is monkey dust due to the description the Plod are giving when trying to take down these drug idiots on a psychotic episode. For the kids on this site... I've been taking steroids for years. I've had all kinds in roids like getting 2cb instead of Stanazolol. The kids on here probably are too naive to realise that some of the Pharma labs are also producing their weekend pills and refining their coke... LOL... What do you think has really cause the sky rocketing price of recreational drugs over the last 10 years.
  15. Hi. I wanted check if anyone knows about PHENTERMINE. I'm sure everyone on here says ECA and CLEN use the same uptake receptors in the brain so wether you take one or the other after it stops working in 2 weeks or so you can't just change to the other. Does anyone know if it's the same for PHENTERMINE. I've never used it before and was going to give it a try. I've googled as much as I can but I can't find anything to say if it uses the same receptors. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.