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  1. I'd happily use unopened amps and vials in 100 years time from now.
  2. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    Yeah I'm gonna say Rob Stevens as well. Doug Savage is the next best option though.
  3. Optimale

    I'd recommend Rob Stevens with The Men's Health Clinic in Poole over anyone like Optimale or Balance My Hormones.
  4. would you / could you quit the UK altogether?

    Would love to get the hell out of the UK. I'm honestly not sure what it's got going for it - over congested and over populated, shite weather, poor infrastructure and health care, taxed to hell at every opportunity, high crime. Having fun and don't stuff with the family costs a fortune in the UK. Whereas in sunnier climes it's easy to pass the time walking around, exploring places, enjoying nature. Unfortunately the mrs wouldn't have it. She concedes the UK is a shithole, but as far as she's concerned that it's a shithole where her nearest and dearest are.
  5. Best appetite suppressants?

    Aah shite. 15mg of dhacks and early dimensions KILLED my hunger. I'll maybe try a pot of rx but I'm not hopeful.
  6. Best appetite suppressants?

    @Sasnak @AncientOldBloke Which Sibutramine you using? I bought 5 pots worth of Dimensions but it's absolutely bunk. Unlike the earlier stuff they and dhacks made, which made me as interested in eating as I am in shagging fat birds.
  7. Anyone drove over 100mph ?

    Recently treated myself to a bmw 435d which I had remapped to nearly 400bhp in the first week. Barely had chance to open it up tbh given it's mostly used in commuting traffic. When it has been a bit quieter and I've had a blast racing other cars I've generally backed off once I've hit 100mph (on the motorway obviously). Too many police and cameras looking to make an easy buck. I use Waze, which gives you a heads up most of the time (rather than all of the time) . Had a 5l Chevvy Camero in the US and maintained 100mph+ for long stretches when doing a road trip. Roads are great there - wide, straight and in a hell of a lot better condition than UK roads. Speeding is less enforced too.
  8. Iptv

    I pay £30 a year for one. There's a ridiculous number of channels but I only really use it for football and ppv events really.
  9. Arnold attacked in south Africa

  10. Egypt with trt

    Dunno if you've been yet but a week is nothing. Either take a week's worth in one go or your usual eod dose and just carry on as usual when home. That said I've travelled both to and from Egypt with test and hcg.
  11. trt recomendations

    Either Dr Savage at Leger Clinic in Doncaster or Dr Stevens at Men's Health Clinic in Poole. Either of those would expect to see you 20nmol/l plus as a result of treatment.
  12. tren e vs tren a

    They both make me feel bat s**t crazy after so many weeks. I'm just glad of ace being out of my system quicker when the time is up.
  13. Tried various ratios and it always catches up with me in the end.
  14. I'd be livid if a doctor tested me for something I hadn't given permission for. I'd be making a complaint to the GMC. As for your test levels 150mg would typicaly be way too much. I'd suggest taking 100mg a week for a month before any bloods. But if your doctor knows their arse from their elbow they'll test your lh and fsh (if you let them) and see you're shutdown, hence still using exogenous testosterone.
  15. That book is available as a pdf if you Google it. Free.