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    MrLaime got a reaction from Mighty.Panda in new earth like planet found   
    Religions are good for only one thing


    I found Religious Studies fascinating in school, but they are all just fairy tales for simple people to have hope in life!

    Heaven is bull sh!t; think about it, there are 7.500.000.000 people on this earth approx...

    Mankind has been thriving for thousands of years, out of all who have died think there must be hundreds of billions of souls in heaven..

    All rubbish...

    Any religion is bulls!t that's brain washed into young children around the world.

    The world would be at peace if it didn't have opposing religions.
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    MrLaime got a reaction from madmuscles in SOMEONE GET THE ROPE, IVE GOT A TREE...................   
    Give the victims families these rapists in a locked room...
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    MrLaime reacted to Fatstuff in Some azzhole hit my gf at a party the other night.   
    people lets be fair to the big guy, he clearly has mental issues - hes at a party in pyjamas and a sesame street mask - be fair
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    MrLaime got a reaction from WilsonR6 in How much of a [email protected] would I be if..   
    Double your cycle, double your protein & train like your doing Olympia not 100kg press off..

    Wait until the day you both go head to head, get one of the boys to film it on their phone.

    Chuck 100kg straight on (50kg each side lol), when he looks at you gawping thinking 120kg FCUK,

    Act stupid and say "You meant including the bar? Oh fcuk"

    Press it for 10, finish with a slow negative rep...

    ask him for £240 considering you lifted 20% more then take that bird out, smash every hole she has.

    Post your video up of the UK-M boys
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    MrLaime got a reaction from Milky in Guys who walk out in their kids.   
    Im sorry i took so long to decide to go the legal route now,

    I thought the whole process of court hearings would be horrid (compared to my other court appearances) but after taking my ex to court for my mam to have access for my boy, i realised how easy going and free flowing it was,

    New argument just this week (half term) she took him up north visiting on a Saturday which i should have seen him, told me the week before!

    Then i phoned her asking about seeing him on the 2 weeks off being as I've just missed a visit with him going away etc.

    She said "no I've made plans, i don't owe you a day, you can see him Saturday like usual"

    I felt like smashing my phone off the wall, about the stuck up, pretentious, fat, big toothed, stinking, hanging, cousin fcuking dog.

    But nooo... I don't need some"thing" like her in my life making me aggressive, I've been quite calm since leaving her.
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    MrLaime got a reaction from lxm in Keto - First week weigh in   
    Awesome work mate, as for a guess on body fat I'd say maybe 20% but I'm no pro mate the bits around your waiste look like stretched skin from your younger years from when you were a big guy so I don't think you should go by them as a personal measurement of fat loss,