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  1. Collagen

    Also is anyone using a good one they can recommend
  2. Collagen

    Thanks, is hydrolised collagen in tablet form best?
  3. Collagen

    Hi all been reading some good stuff about using this in everyday regime. Anyone using and if so how much you using and in tablet of powder form, thanks
  4. Peptide conparison

    Just typed in google and 2 sites are available purepeptidesuk.com and purepeptidesuk.net .com looks more professional so pressume that the one?
  5. Peptide conparison

    Thank you will drop them an order
  6. Hi all, looking at jumping back on pep’s for a while. Where best place to buy at moment? I remember pscarb did a comparison test but cant find it and i know that was a while ago now so just wondered who selling the best products now.
  7. Supplement Centre

    Wish i had but i always pay direct bank transfer but like i say there loss as i will not be using them again and will be telling everyone to do same.
  8. Supplement Centre

    No they said will send return sticker bit thats not the point, i still not got my item that i paid for and i waited in all day for something i not want so waste of a day and my time. I order £100’s of pounds a time from there so i would expect a little bit of reasoning and especially after the last order as it took them 9 days to deliver to me so its a bit of a joke to be honest.
  9. Supplement Centre

    Hi all, i have been ordering protein from Supplement Centre now for over 5 years and in that time i have spent some serious money with them. Well over the past year i have had nothing but problems with there delivery, i waited 9 days for protein when i paid for next day delivery and now i have waited in all day and they have delivered me the wrong item so i have just contacted them and they said there nothing they can do until I send back the item lol. Well firstly i said no as i have waited in all day so when they deliver they can collect this one. No they said so i have told them i will know longer be ordering from them and i will be advising people go do the same, STAY AWAY from this company please ........