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  1. Redcon1 Offers

    Ended at midnight, now is GET40 for 40% OFF plus Freebie with £50 spend
  2. Redcon1 Offers

    Across whole Store Buy 1 Get 1 FREE http://uk.redcon1.com/?aff=4747
  3. Old School Bodybuilders

    Always a fan of this guy, still looks impressive at 61
  4. Conspiracy Gits

    Lockdown has been good to many people, a friend of mine posted the other day “is anyone else missing lockdown, asking for a friend” the response shocked me, a lot were. My neighbour who works in a vape shop was dreading going back, in her words she’s loved every minute of being at home getting paid. I posted before about the PlayStation generation who have been sleeping all day up gaming all night & also getting paid, it’s no wonder they go out & protest to keep that virus spreading. We also have the individuals on here who crave attention with their theories & get it in abundance.
  5. Possible emergency.

    Is she barking mad?
  6. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Wonder what % are now using the Lateral Flow Tests at home but not reporting positive tests for convenience
  7. Covid planned

    It was Aliens, they clearly want our planet but not us
  8. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Work related today I spoke with a guy who works in a Covid Test Centre, he said not to be fooled by the number of positive tests appearing to reduce as in his professional opinion people can’t be arsed to get tested at centres anymore.
  9. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Albeit very small %’s again but worrying that it is still possible to die from Covid after full vaccination Just 5,800 cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported among the 66 million people who have been fully vaccinated in the US, officials have revealed. The Center for Disease Control and Infection say the number of cases – which equates to a rate of 0.008% of those who have completed a full course of jabs - is in line with expectations. Of the 5,800 cases, 396 (7%) required hospital treatment and 74 people died.
  10. Medichecks Vit D Test

  11. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    How would he feel if we said Mental Illness is all a lie
  12. Council tax

    I’ve got a neighbour who openly boasts how he has claimed job seekers allowance for years with no intention of getting a job. He said they are so stretched they are too busy to chase him up & he just submits a CV when required for jobs he has no intention of getting, he states he can’t drive but I am not even sure about that, but uses that often as a reason he can’t get to a job as public transport is poor. He stays up all night watching tv & emerges at around 11am only to take the dog 10 yards for a slash whilst still in his pyjamas. Often this coincides with me leaving for work & he will give me that smug look of “you sad tw.t going to work”. He lords it around the estate thinking he is clever & if it suits he will invent an imaginary job from home, my wife knows his sister in law so it’s confirmed BS. He has a house with a mortgage due to inheritance & has had a series of room renters to cover the mortgage. He has nothing, no kids, no car, no holidays, no job, no friends visit but still thinks his sh.t don’t stink.
  13. Council tax

    The grass will be f..king 6 ft high as well because they won’t pay for a green bin collection