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  1. Zma / fish oil ext

    40% OFF Reflex if interested. Use code PTPOOLMAN934 at www.reflexnutrition.com I use Healthspan for 5 HTP & have a £5 Off voucher also if this helps - https://healthspan.mention-me.com/m/ol/vr7ru-mark-poolman
  2. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    I can help you with products at www.reflexnutrition.com with a 40% discount code if that’s of any interest. Have a look on the site & I can post up my code if anything takes your fancy.
  3. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    You really don’t need to spend those amounts What are you after? I can look into prices for Whey, Creatine etc nowhere near as expensive
  4. Old age!

    I currently have an uncle in Hospital receiving end of life treatment for lung cancer & my mother in law had a stroke last week & is paralysed down one side & has a giant nappy on. I don’t think I could bare to be in either position but sadly they are both clinging to life and don’t feel ready to go.
  5. Any personal trainers here?

    Certainly my plan going forward with the Nutrition. Get a good qualification to be an Evidence Based Practitioner & advise clients on supplementation & provide them with codes to buy discounted products.
  6. Worst job you ever had?

    Worked in a Seafood factory as a teenager. Forklift would deliver a pallet of boxed prawns which I then had to slam on the floor like you would a medicine ball in order to break them up before pouring into a hopper which then glazed them & finally packaged them into bags ready for boxing up. Did that for an 8 hour shift. Sometimes the forklift driver of the day was a pr.ck & would purposely drop the pallet too far away, often a bag would split when you slammed it which was always your fault. Sometimes the Supervisor was a pr.ck and would turn the speed of the machine up which meant you had to work much faster otherwise the glaze would freeze over the conveyor belt. No daylight in the factory & you permanently stank of fish. F.ckin horrendous job which made me study harder so I never had to do it for a living.
  7. Any personal trainers here?

    There’s more money in porn
  8. My Protein!???

    If you need any advice just ask away but as you said, lots of different options which depend on whether you want mainly Isolate + digestive enzymes & probiotics (Instant Whey Pro) Concentrate (100% Whey) Blend (3D Whey) or Native, Casein, All in One etc
  9. My Protein!???

    As far as I am aware it’s just me. Not all about shiny tubs though, I am offering members a discount which for example gets you Instant Whey Pro 2.2kg 88 servings at just over £33. A quick look at bulk suppliers equivalent products i.e Isolate based low fat containing Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics, shows them to be more expensive.
  10. My Protein!???

    I’m on Helmet Smooth Mint Cream at the moment
  11. My Protein!???

    https://reflexnutrition.com/collections/all-products?page=1 Lots of choice
  12. My Protein!???

    Flavours have improved as well, good time to give them another try
  13. Found a cheap source of protein

    Could be all the Aspartame I’ve substituted it with but yes I did have an unhealthy liking for Energy Drinks
  14. My Protein!???

    Can’t guarantee how long the 40% will be on as it does fluctuate
  15. My Protein!???

    Any Reflex products except bundles on www.reflexnutrition.com just use code PTPOOLMAN934 every time you order