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  1. Facebook Hacked

    Anyone had this? The culprit seems to have submitted details after accessing my account & Facebook have deleted me or frozen it stating I am too young. Doesn’t seem to be an easy way to contact them if you can’t access your account.
  2. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Well my mother in law hasn’t caught it in her nursing home, 3 Covid Tests now & all Negative, she’s 87 & giving it the big fu.k off despite 11 cases of Covid we know of amongst the staff.
  3. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Look her in the eyes & stop saying it doesn’t f..king exist
  4. McGregor

    i.e. sprinters, they are not all big
  5. Mcgregor fight tonight

    He has got too many business interests now as well. I think he will want to finally retire on a win so I can see him having a rematch but I honestly can’t see him winning it. The one thing McGregor still has is his punching power but more so the accuracy. Didn’t work against that chin in this fight & he seemed very underprepared for calf kicks.
  6. Mcgregor fight tonight

    Time to hang up the gloves, he won’t though as they are already billing it as 1 all so a 3rd fight should take place. Well beaten, didn’t block one kick which ultimately caused him to rock when under a barrage of punches at the end.
  7. Redcon1 Offers

    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE http://uk.redcon1.com/?aff=4747 Stocked up on Total War myself, really like it, not too heavy on stims with the 2 Caffeine sources & good dosage Citrulline Malate, Beta etc
  8. Thanks, she is 25 so has age on her side we hope
  9. I posted a while back about my niece who is a nurse. She had the vaccine on 16th December & has now contracted Covid with her symptoms quite bad but not requiring hospitalisation.
  10. Was it really that busy though? I’m sure there will be a graph produced on here soon showing that it’s not really that busy all over the country & that it is in fact quieter than other years.
  11. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    We get that with bags left on the wall of the local Primary School
  12. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    Is it the same where you live, dog sh.t all over the pavements? Some really lazy dog owners out there.
  13. Redcon1 Offers

    Mix n Match added to this OFFER Buy 1 Get 1 FREE http://uk.redcon1.com/?aff=4747
  14. Is Lockdown Working?

    Boris on at 5pm to announce Lockdown is working as R rate reduces
  15. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Shops in my town are now closing voluntarily even though permitted to trade, hardware store, cobblers, pizza takeaway etc as they say it’s morally the thing to do to protect public & staff, lockdown is here for sometime yet.