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  1. How to deal with insomnia

    Valerian root, and 5-HTP both help if you dont want to go down the medication route.
  2. Buying antibiotics

    NHS walk in centres are another option but be prepared to sit in a waiting area full of smack heads till you get seen.
  3. I take 20mg EOD to prevent acne. When I was prone I started on 80mg until it cleared then lowered the dose.
  4. Fav Reccy's - 2

    If I am honest I am glad it became scarce. I liked it too much when it was easily available and could easily polish off half oz a week. I do know one contact who still has it but it seems different somehow - not as good as it was and much more expensive.
  5. Getting a dog...

    I would love to have a dog but sadly am out 8+ hours a day so it wouldnt be fair on the poor mut.
  6. Fav Reccy's - 2

    Nice. Not seen any decent MCAT for a while.
  7. Minimum amount for test base?

    You can run Trestolone without a test base - it maintains normal sexual physiology unlike other 19-nor compounds. However, you should also expect 19-nor side effects; hair loss, heart burn and increased blood pressure are common. One other thing to keep in mind is that it is highly suppressive - about 12X more suppressive than Test on a mg/mg basis so ~PCT will be a bitch.
  8. Fav Reccy's - 2

    I never really got te point of the 2C's. For me all they did was give me visuals, no euphoria, no stimulation and not much fun.
  9. Rohm

    Rohm have been around for years because their products have always been good. However they have had problems with fakes in the past. There are a number of threads on here discussing how to spot fake Rohm.
  10. Just another thought - you said gyno started within the first week of your cycle. This is a too quick for a flare up especially when using Test E and Tren E. Are you sure that you are not just aggravating existing lumps by fiddling with them all the time?
  11. Can you upload a picture of the inside of the lid from the bottle? To my knowledge fake pfiser has a polystyrine 'bung' inside the lid and comes un-boxed. The real thing has a moulded plastic insert inside the lid and the bottle comes with a box.
  12. What brand is it? Do you have pictures of the bottle?
  13. Is your caber genuine? There is some fake caber doing the rounds at the min. What brand is With the doses you list above your gyno is likely to be due to prolactin rather than oestrogen.
  14. DHB?

    3 days post injection and the pip is not too bad now. Can sit down without it causing a problem. Lol
  15. DHB?

    Yeah, stood the vial in freshly boiled water for 5 min before use. Hoped that and mixing with sust would help. Shot Friday am, pip started Saturday morning, seems to be fading a bit now.
  16. DHB?

    Am using the Southern Ghost stuff now, 600mg (300 per leg) with 500mg sust (250mg per leg) and can hardly walk 2 days post injection. The pip with this is insane - be warned. Not looking forward to squats on Monday! Thos was the first jab of my cycle so hoping the pip gets easier later...
  17. DHT conversion

    Masteron is a DHT derivative while proviron is 1 methyl DHT. Suppliments to prevent DHT conversion wont help.
  18. ug = mcg Sorry I meant 1000ug (1mg) not 100ug per day. Use 20 min before exposure for best results.
  19. Use 100ug 20 min before sun/sunbed exposure for best results.
  20. I am going away for 10 days next week. Currently cruising on 250 mg sust per week (1ml), shooting on a Saturday. Would you recommend shooting the usual 1ml before going and hoping levels dont drop too low while away or doubling up and shooting 2ml to make up for the missed shot while away?
  21. Going on holiday

    Thanks mate. Will go with the usual 1ml.
  22. Orals with food always - and food with at least 10g of fat. Most AAS are more soluble in fat/oil so taking with food aids adsorption.
  23. The next Dr who

    If my Dr looked like that I would have goner for the prostate examination I have been avoiding for the last 3 years!
  24. Would you not also recommend Proviron (100mg/d) to increase sperm quality/mobility?