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  1. Use 100ug 20 min before sun/sunbed exposure for best results.
  2. Going on holiday

    Thanks mate. Will go with the usual 1ml.
  3. I am going away for 10 days next week. Currently cruising on 250 mg sust per week (1ml), shooting on a Saturday. Would you recommend shooting the usual 1ml before going and hoping levels dont drop too low while away or doubling up and shooting 2ml to make up for the missed shot while away?
  4. Orals with food always - and food with at least 10g of fat. Most AAS are more soluble in fat/oil so taking with food aids adsorption.
  5. The next Dr who

    If my Dr looked like that I would have goner for the prostate examination I have been avoiding for the last 3 years!
  6. Would you not also recommend Proviron (100mg/d) to increase sperm quality/mobility?
  7. Rare or blue. I like my meat to bleed.
  8. Superdrol is a DHT derivative!
  9. Octagon labs

    Really? lol... You made a post about them almost a year ago.
  10. Octagon labs

    2a,17a di-methyl-etiocholan-3-one,-17b-ol. Basically a Superdrol clone.
  11. I always try to book a hotel with a gym! Some may think this is sad but since lifting is something I enjoy why not do it while away?
  12. Tren and other progestins make may temporarily lactose intolerant. I used to have the same problem but it was quickly solved by switching to whey isolate and by dropping dairy from my diet.
  13. Just over 5 years here.