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  1. T3 - Recovering after use

    Think you might have quoted the wrong person here....
  2. T3 - Recovering after use

    T3 is a very misunderstood hormone. In low doses it increases metabolism and thus protein synthesis so is actually anabolic. It is only catabolic at high dose. In addition some AAS (Tren) slow the natural conversion of T4->T3 (which is in part why tren is so anticatabolic) so low dose supplementation on a bulk with tren is beneficial.
  3. Wheely bin issue

    Just move the bins. I would be pissed of with them being in the way.
  4. What happened to Ledalifter anyway? Not seen him on any forums for ages.
  5. The NHS no longer recommend aspiration for steroid injections. Even if you did hit a vein it would not be a problem. Aspiration is only recommended for drugs that are harmful if injected IV.
  6. Can you post up your blood results? This could be something simple like high oestrogen.
  7. No, but my 1 year old would suggest all is good
  8. The only way to be sure would be a blood test. However, on that dose I would run 0.5mg adex 3X a week.
  9. Wow, it even took the hair off your back. Impressive results.
  10. Erectile dysfunction

    Because his oestrogen is currently above range and he can bring it down quickly by running a short blast of a higher dose? Once it is back at a 'normal' level he then returns to his previous dose.
  11. Erectile dysfunction

    I think you need to sack your coach! Run Adex 0.5mg 3X a week for the first 2 weeks to bring you down to a reasonable level. Then drop to Adex 0.5mg 2X a week, dropping to 0.5mg 1X a week of you start to get sore joints.
  12. Save your money and just eat food bud!
  13. 8 DNP tabs in 12 hours

    This is from 3 years ago bud
  14. Is this an infection

    Looks more like a bruise than an abscess. Did any blood come out after injecting?
  15. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Do you ever wear the same outfit to the gym twice?!