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  1. Mike Tyson & Steroids?

    Not logic? just coz you can't achieve them stats natty doesn't mean other ppl cant plenty of freaks around
  2. Using DNP

    You guys tried enhanced athlete dnp pellets? there selling them thru a separate website and label them as fertiliser to get past the law, no where eles sells them
  3. Dimensions m-base

    Ok cheers guys sounds like I'm best using 1/2 ml then an see why difference it makes maybe 1ml in leg day as they are my weakest and worst body part and 1hr/45min b4 training
  4. Any one seen this, it's new 100mg test base/ 2500mcg M tren i know it's a pre work out, but how much would you need to take, would be expensive if I need 1ml each workout also how many mins/hours b4 gym would I pin it?
  5. Help building credit rating

    Go on clearscore.com an sign up for free, give you your credit score and updates every month,it also tells you your debts and stuff and how many points you gained and lost in the past month to build a credit score apply for crappy credit cards like vanquish an lumia if your can't get a decent one, terrible apr on them but just spend a tenner in them each month and pay them off in full when you get your bill
  6. My gym is packed!

    Why all the hate towards big jug bottles in the gym? Haha I have one
  7. My gym is packed!

    It's really good to be honest, dumbbells go up to 75kgs and loads of kit, and tons of birds ? But you need to avoid peak hours 5:30pm-7:30pm
  8. My gym is packed!

    I'm in Xercise4Less in Speke Liverpool, train at 8pm as it's always rammed at 5-7pm, well it's rammed even at 8pm now
  9. This guy looks sick

    Apart for looking about 5 foot he looks outstanding, relaxed I was like "he's good" then he tensed and holy s**t!
  10. Problem with GoNutrition lumpy whey

    The video on my phone is better quality then the YouTube link for some reason, so it's not as clear Look at this image, and bear in mind loads has already gone down the drain, it's only one scoop of whey too
  11. Problem with GoNutrition lumpy whey

    Twitter is a good shout, thanks, not got a clue how to use it though so I'll get the misses to do that tomorrow ken - yes it's like hard bits, when I rub it between fingers it's just breaks up in to powder yes they hiked there prices up massively but dish out 40% of codes every month off anything apart from meat but it's more like 10% off since the prices are higher, I think 5k whey used to be £52 now it's about £70
  12. So iv been buying whey from go nutrition since they opened 2-3 years ago and spending maybe £100+ every 4-6 weeks on supps i opened a 5kg bag of whey 80 consentrate on Friday and its faulty, it won't mix at all and I can't drink lumpy shakes at all which is why I always use there whey as they mix extremely well normally I emailed them on Friday telling them the problem and they emailed back basicly saying that they don't do returns over 2.5kgs and they don't do refunds if a person does not like the taste or texture, I'll already told them iv had this product loads of times i emailed back and attached a video which they said they couldn't view so I sent it again with no reply since Friday evening what should I do, I take it there are shut for the weekend, iv uploaded the video to YouTube and I'll send them the link tomorrow but the quality is rubbish here is link for video Im all out of protein and spending money on chicken, I don't have a power blendier either
  13. Started on 20mg for 3 weeks then upped it to 30mg, I split up my doses, I know there 24hr time release drugs but I think the sleepiness is not as bad if you spit them up, but i still feel super tired towards bedtime an find it hard getting up
  14. Thanks, iv bookmarked them