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  1. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Can’t you put yourself on furlough ?? Do you take at wage as well as dividends??
  2. Coronavirus financial fallout?

    I will look into it more after this virus clears up. Probably next year now. Cheers
  3. Coronavirus financial fallout?

    I have been looking at ISAs recently but like you said the bank fixed rate ones are crap. My nationwide is offering 1.25% fixed for 1-3 years. Can you recommend any private ones as I know nothing about this kind of stuff. Thanks
  4. HCG

    Found some.
  5. HCG

    Sorry if this is against any rules. Is HCG hard to get hold of, is a shortage in the uk? 2 places on line I use don’t have any and when I use google it’s coming up with USA sites.
  6. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    I will start watching it as I love the Bourne films. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Iam training for a 70.3 and 140.6 mile Ironman and when I was on 300mg test a week my cardio was suffering once I dropped down to 300mg e14 days it started to improve. I know my endurance race is abit longer than yours but You don’t want to be running for a good distance when your super heavy.
  8. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    It’s on amazon mate.
  9. New modem/router

    It certainly is mate, thanks I will do.
  10. New modem/router

    Cheers mate, I will try and get into the setting to see if the Lan ports are disabled and go from there. Need a new cat 6 cable first. No Iam not technical, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to networking hence the thread. ha
  11. New modem/router

    Any one on here any good with networking, I have the super hub 3 from virgin media and from my bit of reading it’s crap when it works properly. The LAN ports are not working, so Iam thinking of up grading it but have not got a clue what to look for. Need it for home use just streaming and playing PS4. cheers
  12. What annoys you guys in the gym ?

    Knob heads not putting weights and dumbbells back when they have finished with them.
  13. I maybe considered trying it for a sec but the more I watched different pod casts, and did a bit more reading I realised how difficult it would be to get all the protein and the correct nutrients so we wouldn’t become Deficient in any thing and decided it wouldn’t work. Yes I was lazy in asking the question rather than researching myself.
  14. Think I'm going vegan

    I wish I read this thread before asking about plant based diets and getting called stupid. Ha
  15. It was a thought and I asked question on it. I didn’t have much time to have a look first obviously i should of done by you reply.