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  1. She's prob not that happy either... break up
  2. Apologies if stupid question

    Thankyou all fantastic responses that's put my mind at ease
  3. Hi got bac water unopened in fridge about 3 months now... how long does it stay ok to use? .. and is there a difference between using it or sterile water for mt2? Thankyou I'm clueless
  4. Great to hear you on the road back
  5. Unnecessary stuff you've bought just cos you wanted one

    Every single hair tool gadget or product that's ever been invented lol keep thinking this will be the one that gives great hair
  6. Chasing the sun ..

    And a visa to U.K. ?
  7. Chasing the sun ..

    God that is class do you speak Turkish? I taught myself the basics before I went last month they loved it
  8. Chasing the sun ..

    Love turkey too. Wat Business you opening
  9. Who are you voting

    Ah the whole burner thing was exaggerated when you compare it to the atrocities committed and supported by Sinn Fein/IRA... Sinn Fein exploited it for their own agenda and they are very good at media spin and manipulation. I can excuse a few mill lost I can't excuse the murdering and terrorising of Sinn Fein/IRA supported by Corbynn. It is not forgotten. The IRA are still active and supported by Sinn Fein. The hypocrisy of them speaking out against the bomb in Manchester was galling. What about Enniskillen and Omagh and the many many more murdered in their name??? We have not forgotten. Arlene is a good country woman she's worked hard I admire her balls Naomi may be a good woman I don't know her & she's not someone I'd vote for. Don't think on the overall picture she's a player. With regards to the nationalist community I'm not concerned with their needs in the same way as they'd have no interest in mine.
  10. Who are you voting

    It's brilliant to see DUP with this influence... great for Northern Ireland
  11. Salary vs quality of life?

    It doesn't seem like much money especially for all that hassle
  12. Friend of mine dead at age 31

    That's awful so young god love his wee mum heartbreaking
  13. Liverpool - Ireland ferry

    Ah no way think might be you just got unlucky lol
  14. Liverpool - Ireland ferry

    Make sure drive up along the west coast it's beautiful really wow right up to Donegal.. Donegal the most wow county amazing scenery people really friendly
  15. People that blank people....

    Sounds a bit lonely