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  1. shoulder tendinopathy

    hi all I have shoulder tendinopathy in my right shoulder. I was hoping to reach out to others that have had the same thing. i'd like to know the following: how long does recovery take any rehab tips can I still work out with weights? ie work around it the tendonitis flared up 16th December 2019. I haven't been able to train. I usually train powerlifting style with breaks during the year. I haven't trained with weights at all this year. I still go to the gym and do some mobility work that a physio gave me and I found on youtube, but recovery is slow. although I am not in pain. if I put the shoulder under tension, I feel it. so my gym routine is pretty much shoulder mobility, abs and cardio! any info will be appreciated thanks
  2. hi all I've completed my 9 weeks of GVT. although brutal, it does live up to its expectation. I now need to move on to something else, any ideas? any natural progressions from GVT? thanks
  3. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    a quick update for you all, on chest day, I switched to DB presses instead of BP. the result was that my tricep did not fatigue. it did pump, but only on the last set. I also did this for OHP.
  4. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    im not, im only on GVT. GVT instructs you to do 10 sets of 10 reps with compound movements.
  5. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    I was thinking of switching to DB's. GVT is not about moving heavy weights. I may give that a try on wednesday
  6. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    I'm not new to training and lifting. I've been powerlifting for the past 5 years consistently. my form and technique is the best its ever been!
  7. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    I used to bench wide, but then when I was doing the 5x5 I learnt how to bench with proper form as that was not progressing. made a massive difference. manage to break my PB's it depends what you call narrow. when I used to bench wide my front delts used to be in so much pain. on Wednesday, I did experiment with a slightly wider grip, but the my triceps still started to fatigue.
  8. tricep fatigue on pressing movements

    consistently since 2012 5x5 type routines. mainly power lifting low rep ranges. previous to that I was doing fitness HIT for around a year. I wanted a change from all the heavy lifting, and always wanted to try GVT ever since I read about it decades ago.
  9. Tips on deadlift form please

    sohail, a few observations: its not a bad attempt your feet don't have to be that far apart. you need to experiment using a narrow stance it looks like your hamstrings and glutes are tight you need to lift as one unit and generate torque from the hips I would advise you ask someone to film you from the side next time, we can comment better. in the meantime go to youtube and watch mark rippertoe teach deadlift
  10. DHEA

    hi all, anyone use DHEA? is it still around? does it have any side effects? would like to hear your feedback thanks
  11. hi there, I'm in week 4 of German Volume Training. I've noticed that after set 5 or 6 my triceps start to weaken on bench press and OHP movements. in fact I fail my reps because of this. my triceps are so pumped its rock hard! don't get me wrong I don't mind it, but in the case of running this program, I feel my chest is not being worked due to the fatigue. the last work out I had to rest 5 seconds in-between reps just to get my 10x10. but that's not the point. I've always had weak arms in the sense that they don't grow big. when I was on 5x5 my triceps did pump, but did not fatigue. any ideas how I can get round this? and what does this mean in terms of development and growth. will this hamper the program? bench press and OHP are on different days.
  12. Low T please I need Help!!!!

    ryan, there is obviously some issues you have that have not been addressed. Instead of going down the medical drugs route I would look into getting some counselling or mentoring (im assuming you have not explored this) start eating clean, and get yourself into a routine. weight training will help. training with weights is proven to stimulate Growth hormone glands and put your body into an anabolic state. regular weight training will stimulate appetite, deep sleep and raise test levels. you are too young to be taking extreme measures like this (unless your GP has indeed found a need for it) however, GP's are trained to practice medicine and not natural alternatives. just my 2 pennies worth
  13. hi all, I've recently started volume training as a break from all the powerlifting I've been doing for years. so far I like the challenge of it and the idea, in fact I've always wanted to do it. 2 things I want to ask: 1) how do you fit in deadlifts? can you fit in deadlifts? 2) for those that have done this training, what was your results in the end? thanks in advance finest
  14. Preferred Training style.

    5x5 training is the best training I've ever done! I wished I knew this when I started training in the 90's! you can train 5x5 for more than the advertised 12weeks. I've carried it on for years. I've lifted weights I never thought i'd dream of! even though now I take breaks from 5x5 as there is no way you can keep going at that volume and weight, I always come back to it.
  15. reactivated

    hi all I used to be a member of this forum years ago! after I moved and my old PC crashed I never reactivated this forum. it has always been on my to do list. so I've done it. im back and looking forward to getting stuck in with you all! I have been training since, just not actively participating in any forums finest