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  1. Day 9

    Eeuuuwwwwww....... yes, I would. I didn’t look that closely. Durrrrr...
  2. Day 9

    Fish and chips all day long Vet, with plenty of S&P.
  3. Twilight of the Thunder God

    That looks fab Ming, lucky you. I have some bits and bobs to use and doing lots of bodywork stuff at the mo. I don’t mean to be invasive, but did you get good news from your blood results. You don’t need to answer of course but I do hope you are ok.
  4. Twilight of the Thunder God

    Hey there Ming, just into wish you a happy weekend and hope you and fam are doing ok. I just got back from a 5 mile walk, started off in sunshine, and got back in hail, rain, freezing winds, ha ha...brrrrrrrr. Now. Sitting with a cuppa tea and a ginger cake I made this morning, yum. Going to read my book for an hour now, warm up a bit. Take care Ming, and BB if you are reading this, I’m wishing you and your wife everything good.
  5. Day 8

    I’m working from home as my firm has closed until further notice. I will keep paying the gym membership whilst I’m in work and being paid. Thereafter I will have to stop payments. I wouldn’t regret paying them my money as they have sunk every bit of money to keep that going, it’s not posh or pretty but it has character and community spirit in spades, hence my decision. Haven’t got money to burn at all but I can change what i do to help them. We all have our priorities in life and know what we can shed if we need to. wishing you well at this time Sasnak.
  6. Day 8

    My gym is privately owned by two great guys who put everything into making it work. I’ve kept my membership going to help keep them in business because I believe in them.
  7. Your go to Carbs?

    I use rice noodles, sweet potatoes, polenta and quinoa.
  8. Who else is missing the gym?

    I’ve got some bits of home equipment to use, and also walking, jogging, cycling and complex work. CANNOT wait to get back to my gym, missing it terribly.
  9. What’s everyone training today?

    5.30 am. 5 mile walk around the fields. 2pm. Floor Chest presses then Ummmm...the thing where you hold two weights and bring them up from the side and turn your palms up as you bring them in together to squeeze the chest, can’t remember the name, Durrrr. Bent over rows, Straight arm pulllovers, Arnold’s. Burpees with a press-up and a jump and squat, just kept going until done, or done in more like,hurrr hurrr.
  10. I just googled that, very interesting. I usually keep potato water to make veggie soup with but I will try this and see how it goes. Thank you. You might be waiting a while....flour is gold dust right now, however I have a challenge now so it will be done...... AOB. I find the prices really shocking at times when I see them at the markets. The most expensive thing for me is buying the olives and sun dried tomatoes, but if you buy big jars and only use a few its not that bad, and I grow my own herbs so never buy those. I also get quite cross when I see supermarkets selling small slices for about a fiver and it’s basically plain bread with a garlic and salt wash over the top. That is really ripping off people. Ahem....sorry for my rant there. inb4 buggeroffto mumsnet or something like that.
  11. What’s everyone training today?

    6pm. 5 mile walk round local fields. @12 - 20 kB swings and in between 5 press ups and 5 body squats. 5 sets of all that. 15 sumo squats, 15 reverse squats per leg, 15 split squat jumps. 4 sets. glutes on fire, currently sitting on cushion back at work at home. Gotta be done.
  12. Chilli and cheddar you say....hummmmm.... should I manage to find flour, stand by for incoming pic of said bread....
  13. Day 5

    I have been here a while now it’s true. Long day, tired, a weak moment, he got me there Vet. I should know better by now, true. and, I’m a bit thick.......
  14. Hey there Vet, no problem with the pic. Here are more , soz, couldn’t resist..... You can eat bread with and however you feel like it on the day, but some are more suited to some things than others. For instance the one You used is great for toast and sarnies, closed or open as its slightly nutty in taste and a firm texture. I make a brioche loaf which is soft and buttery in taste, good with a dollop of creamy cheese or toasted with lashings of butter. The soda breads I make have different flavours, plain is great in soup, the ones with seeds and made with beer are fab with a strong cheese and pickles. Baguettes and the batons you can do whatever you want with, as in Blue.s picnic stop and of course two of my faves to make, focaccia filled with olives, tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs...yum, and French fougasse which is shaped like a leaf and fab dipped in green peppery olive oil and gloopy balsamic vinegar with fig syrup. I’m no expert, it’s just one of my hobbies. Bread is bread and I’m at home eating sliced white from the supermarket or the ones I make . No need to be snobby about it at all. Your loaf I would make a bacon buttie with, loads of butter, hot crispy bacon and brown sauce with a giant mug of builders bum tea...yassssss! I know, too long, didn’t read...hurrr hurrr....
  15. Day 5

    I’m pretty sure you are taking the p.....s, but just in case, no, the bread has four slashes pre-bake which makes the middle rise up. It’s just to create the pattern.