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  1. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    I do kettlebell work, Bag work, tyre flipping and sled pull/push (my fave), and sometimes do the cosgrove complex sets. Lastly I do 3 sets of this-15 ohp with a kettlebell, 15 body squats, 15 press ups, then again but 14, then 13, 12, 10 and work down to 1. Depends how I’m feeling as to which of the above I do. Oh! Also do regular walking every day, normal pace. occasionally swimming but not so keen on that. I'm not a bodybuilder by the way, I just like training.
  2. Lock down again

    Indeed, t’was unpleasant. I’m hoping to do some temping until I can find something permanent. As long as I’m busy and earning money to pay the bills I will be ok. On the Christmas elf front,I think I would look very fetching in a pair of green tights and a noddy hat, yup...
  3. Lock down again

    Lost mine end of July. Currently enjoying the summer whilst poring over job alerts. As I also lost two people in the last 3 months the job loss seemed a little irrelevant at the time. Considering applying to the post office to become a Christmas elf?
  4. Strange forum this....

    @kazza61 maybe I’m having a slow day but I came back to read this post again and it’s just giving me a proper belly laugh. Cheers!
  5. Mushrooms?

    I had 3 Portobello mushrooms for tea tonight. I wiped them with a damp tissue and sautéed them in a bit of butter, garlic and plenty of parsley. Berrrluddie lovely. inb4 bugger off to mumsnet
  6. MRI Scan.. Today

    I hope you will be ok. I had one once and it was very loud but ok.
  7. Strange forum this....

    T.W.A.T ..... oooeerrrr.... Made myself laugh there but feeling slightly rude... hurrr hurrr
  8. Whisky/Whiskey

    I like a good single Malt. I usually have a bottle of Jura and either a Laophraig or an Isle of Islay in the cupboard. Not as much as your collection but I do like to chill on the sofa on a Friday with a large whisky in a crystal glass and a tinkly ice cube....aahhhh.......
  9. Just letting you all know!

    I don’t dislike him.
  10. Are you talented?

    That is a great film. The three ghosts crack me up. Good spot by the way.
  11. You sound like a catch. Good luck going forward.
  12. Are you talented?

    Yes, yes I do. sorrynotsorry