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  1. March Danabol DS: Fake or Real?

    This is fake sh*t I have emailed March directly and here is their reply: Dear customer From checking with the production department, the product that you customer bought is not the product of the company, Laemthong Medical Factory Tradition, the company has no product Lot.TD10T39 and the production date in the product that you sent the customer is wrong, if please bring the product This fake piece can be sent to the company, will it be possible? By the company will deliver the real product for free or if it is inconvenient, send the shop information that you bought by e-mail, the company will proceed. [email protected]
  2. March Danabol DS: Fake or Real?

    Day 2 on this dbol now. just 40 mg per day. Definitely feel my nipples tingling now. Hope that is a real deal
  3. Got this March Pharmaceutical dbol. Manufactured in 2020, expiry 2024. is that a real product? Can’t find this product on March Pharmaceutical website
  4. Is this Anapolon real?

    Does my Anapolon look real to you?
  5. Is this Anapolon real?

    Was it exactly the same packaging as mine? I checked the medicine on ITS mobile app. And it came back as legit
  6. Is this Anapolon real?

    ITS mobile check passed
  7. Has anyone used this Anapolon before? Looks different to the old packs by Abdi Ibrahim. do you think it is legit/real?
  8. Can low e2 cause face bloat/flushing

    Are you sure your Test is legit? And 1.5grams is a very high dose
  9. Can low e2 cause face bloat/flushing

    I know I will get flamed, but AI absolutely do cause facial bloating and hormonal issues. I have always believed that high estrogen (due to aromatisation) is the cause for water retention and facial bloat. But it is a bro myth that needs to die. for someone who is injecting 500mg test (as an example), having high estrogen levels is not a problem as you still have a high ratio of T/E. people on AAS, should not take an AI. It is a myth. Any time I took an AI on cycle, my face turned puffy fish like, with eyelids and cheeks swelling up. Did bloods, and despite very low E levels, face bloat was horrible. now, on high test doses 500mg+ with no AI, I have no face bloat and crazy libido. on AI, not just face bloat but dead dick too
  10. So you think my primo is test prop?
  11. This is the one you say is fake. same thick oil as the 2023 expiry, same ampoule. Just slightly bolder font and it is me who has torn the label slightly
  12. Thanks ? but what is interesting, is that the Parti number on the ampoule on the right matches yours, and your amp looked the same as the one on the right. Could it be that they have the new font for the newer batches?
  13. Do you think the right one is fake? it is exactly the same one as in the other thread
  14. So my expiry date ampoules 2023 are real according to Bayer. But I am now wondering why the 2024 ampoules have much more bold font on them in comparison to 2023 The one on the left is 2023 expiry (confirmed as genuine) The one on the right is 2024 expiry (the font is more bold)
  15. Great news!! here is a reply I received from Bayer: Dear Consumer, We would like to inform you that according to the investigation performed from the pictures of the ampoule, the product is genuine. However, we would like to emphasize that for the 100% exclusion of the counterfeit can only be confirmed with the presence of the sample. For your kind information, we wish you a nice week ahead. Best regards, Çilem Diri Yenisu Issue and Complaint Management Expert //////////////////// Bayer Türk Kimya Sanayii Limited Sirketi Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Balkan Cd. No:53 34770 Ümraniye / Istanbul