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  1. HGH / CJC 1295 / HGH FRAG 176 191 help

    @Pscarb I’m read so many mixed opinions on frag today that conflict each other from dose Ed to if it actually doesn’t anything. I respect your opinion and thankful for the advice.
  2. HGH / CJC 1295 / HGH FRAG 176 191 help

    @Pscarb me neither Paul, I just cut and copied it from chemicallyanobolic.com it wasn’t intentional ?
  3. HGH / CJC 1295 / HGH FRAG 176 191 help

    @Pscarb Yes that’s what I’d read and supposedly impressive for fat loss. “One of the conclusive results was that an average weight loss in those 3 months per subject was 6.61 pounds of body fat which is 300% more that for the test subjects who did not take the peptide” does suggested was 250-500mcg per day split into two. Another protocol I read was a taper up over 4 weeks from 600mcg ED 1200mcg ED on the final 4 weeks of prep? The main problem as always is making sure the product is genuine, any suggestion to a good supplier?? (I assume this is ok with it not been aas)
  4. HGH / CJC 1295 / HGH FRAG 176 191 help

    Thanks @Pscarb I was reading that the hgh frag was better for fat burning than GH but that information is normally taken from the site selling it. I have a mate who really rates it and isn’t selling it but I’m still not sure hence asking on here. So Paul do you rate any of the peptides and any dose? Do you advise the use when prepping clients for shows? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I'm a long term bb'er (25 plus years and 20 years using aas) so I'm comfortable with them but I'm new to the peptide world. Im wanting to compete this year and im now looking into the advantages of using peptides. Ive been on Hgh 8iu's MWF for a while but had to switch as I'm getting 10iu vials now so 5ius am 5ius pm MWF instead. So my question is for competition prep would I be better sticking to what I'm doing with the HGH or switch to HGH frag 500mcg ed (250am 250pm) and a cjc 1295 1000mcg shot once a week?? thanks