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  1. I'm currently running 500mg test enth and 300mg masteron per week. I have a 5 day holiday in Ibiza next week, I'm also going abroad for 3 weeks at the start of September (Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Thailand). I'm planning on lowering my doses after ibiza to 300mg test enth and 200mg masteron a week up until my holiday in September. My plan was to then do a 'double dose' shot (so 600mg test e and 400mg mast e) the day I leave and then use my time away as clearance time, starting my pct 2 - 3 weeks after I get back from the holiday (I will be getting bloods done around the 5 week post shot mark to make sure exogenous test has cleared my system). My only worry is that after looking on www.steroidcalc.com it looks as if by around the 2 week mark into my holiday my test levels are going to be pretty low compared to what they would have been at the rest of my cycle, and I don't want this to make me feel like crap while I'm away. PCT between Ibiza and September isn't an option due to not having enough time (I'd more than likely be in the middle of taking my SERMS when I'd be leaving in September). Any advice on how I could approach this to minimise the chance of feeling crap while I'm away would be much appreciated. Should I shoot more on the day that I leave to carry me through? Also, I'm in Thailand for the last 10 days of the holiday and I hear that steroids are easy to get there, do you think it would be a good idea to get some test and just shoot 1ml while I'm out there? I've never been before though so not sure how hard it is to source. I'm in Bangkok for 2 days, then Krabi for 4 and finally Phuket for 3.
  2. Had my testosterone levels checked exactly 5 weeks after my last jab, I’d been on TM test e for 15 weeks @ 400mg per week. Was expecting my testosterone to be close to 0 nmol/L by now (and was due to start my pct this weekend), but it has come back as 17.2 nmol/L. I haven’t used any hcg or SERM’s during this 5 week period. I was planning on starting my PCT this weekend (providing that my levels were low enough) but don’t know what to do now. Is it possible that my natural levels could have returned that quickly? I am 28 and had been off gear for 3 years prior to this cycle. I used a finger pr**k test from medichecks, could it be that the test results are wrong? I’m not sure how accurate finger pr**k tests are.
  3. Good point to be fair mate. I probably won’t bother for the sake 1 jab.
  4. MHP Xpel Diuretics

    Anyone had any experience with MHP Xpel diuretics? What kind of results did you see. Thinking of running them for 10 days before I go on holidays. Did you experience any kind of water retention rebound once you stopped taking them? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Travelling to mexico in 2 weeks and as I’m going for 10 days will need to pin while I’m out there. Flying with BA, reckon it will be safe to preload a 2ml barrel and take it with me in my case that I check in at the desk? Thanks
  6. I’ve read stories of people getting a kind of rebound gyno flare up when they haven’t tapered off? May be BS but I thought better safe than sorry. You ever tried doing it your way mate?
  7. Had a gyno flare up on cycle (stupidly wasn’t running adex), started taking adex @ 0.5mg every day which stopped it from getting worse but wasn’t reversing it. Switched to letro and have been running 2.5mg letro a day for the last 20 days to get rid of the lumps/pain and it’s done the trick but it has killed my sex drive and is starting to dry me out a bit too much. I want to switch from letro back to adex and wanted advice on the best approach to ensure my gyno doesn’t flare back up. I was thinking: day 1 - 2.5mg letro day 2 - 1.8mg letro day 3 - 1.25mg letro & 0.5mg adex day 4 - 0.6mg letro & 0.5mg adex day 5 onwards - 0.5mg adex Anyone used this approach before?
  8. I am only 12 days in mate so not really able to say yet. I’m running 500mg test a week with 100mg anavar ED as a kickstart. What I will say though is that I ‘felt’ the test in my system within the first day or so after the first jab which was strange as when I was on and off years ago I never really experienced that feeling (almost as if my body got used to it). I am a bit OCD in tracking my workouts to the rep and am already noticing that I’m beating my previous sessions’ exercises by a rep or 2 each time with ease (while maintaining form) only 12 days in. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of gains I make in terms of strength and added tissue after such a long break. It will also be interesting to see how much I can keep when I come off.
  9. Update: Received the replacement products from TM yesterday and did 1ml of the replacement TM test enth in my left glute last night. Absolutely no pain today, doesn’t even feel like I’ve pinned which is crazy as it’s the first time pinning my glute in 3 years. Really happy about that. Going to continue with the cycle as planned and will report back if there’s any further issues. I am hoping that the reaction I suffered was as a result of the injection and not a contaminated vial. Will be switching to the SG test enth after this TM vial and am going to get some pharma test to mix with it as I’ve heard that it can be pippy. Hopefully the rest of the cycle will be hassle free
  10. I started at 19 and was on more or less constantly until 25 (few months off here and there but never for long). I ran @hackskii‘s power PCT when I decided to have a few years off, had bloods about 6 months after the PCT ended and my levels were 15nmol/L, my libido was below average and I thought “well this is it for me now”. I stuck with the training 4-5 days a week, working heavy compounds into my training programme and took 5,000iu vitamin D and 30mg zinc daily (without fail). A year later I was tested again and my natural levels had risen significantly (either 23 or 25 nmol/L), my libido felt back to what it was before I’d ever taken steroids. Might not be the case for everyone but personally I think the main factor in endocrine recovery is time. Too many people want immediate results and end up taking additional drugs to try and compensate things. The body takes time to restore itself, make sure you’re eating enough and keep the training going and hopefully you’ll experience the same as I did. I’m 28 now and have just started my first cycle in 3 years, but prior to starting I felt great and had done for quite a while.
  11. What labs do you recommend mate?
  12. I emailed Taylor Made over the weekend and they’ve gone over and above what I expected to be fair to them. They’ve sent me antibiotics along with 10ml of TM test e and 10ml SG test e. Really impresed with their customer service.
  13. Wish I could be sure that it was that mate (as the description does match) but as @stargazer said the fact that my fever like symptoms vanished as soon as I started the antibiotics is making me think that it was an infection. Gutted as I was really looking forward to giving Taylor Made a try, I think im going to email them and ask them to send me a new vial of TM or SG to replace this one. Cant believe how tits up the start of this cycle has gone. Started my anavar today but probably won’t be able to get another bottle of test for a few days yet.
  14. Yes mate 100% sure was a brand new insulin pin fresh out of the packet. Washed my hands with anti bacterial soap beforehand and swabbed the injection site prior to injecting, also swabbed afterwards to be on the safe side. I’ve done 100’s of injections in the past and never had any issues.
  15. Update (for anyone that is interested lol): Leg kept getting more and more swollen throughout last week, by Saturday it was extremely red and boiling hot to touch and veins had risen to the surface of the skin (that are not usually there). Thursday night and Friday night I was waking every hour or so throughout the night drenched in sweat and feverish. Felt light headed and just terrible in general throughout the days so decided to go to the out of hours GP on Saturday to get some antibiotics. She put me on 1g of Flucloxacillin 4 times a day for 7 days. I took the first 2 doses Saturday afternoon and woke up Sunday feeling like a different person. Fever like symptoms had gone and the redness in my quad had almost disappeared (it was still swollen though). I've continued taking the antibiotics and its almost back to normal today, still a bit swollen and tender but much better than it was Saturday morning. The doctor seemed to think that it was an infection and said that it's lucky I caught it early. She also told me that I should have pinned my quad more to the side (as shown in your pic @NoGutsNoGloryy) so the location could have also contributed to the reaction I had. Going forward I don't really know what to do for the best, I've got TM test enth left that I would like to continue with (in the glutes) but feel a bit worried after the reaction I had to the first shot, even though this reaction could have been due to my own mistake pinning in the wrong location and with a slin pin. As mentioned previously I've got a few mates using TM with no issues and everyone on here rates them which is making me think it's not the gear. What would you guys do? Carry on with the TM in the glute or switch labs just to be on the safe side?