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  1. Products containing ephedrine

    Hi guys I used to use chesteze as part of my eca stack but it's been discontinued. Are there any over the counter products that contain ephedrine? If not is there a substitute for ephedrine or something with a similar effect?
  2. Going to amsterdam in 10 days

    Coffee shop 1Ehulp is really nice to go and smoke in. Really chilled out in there and super friendly staff. Been to Amsterdam a few times now but the first time I went I bought 1 pre rolled White Widow for 4 Euros. It's since gone down to 3 Euros. It knocked me sideways anyway ? Here is a price list from their website.
  3. Sub q advice needed

    Thanks mate. I have also seen reports and studies on this which is why I want to give it a go. I've only ever jabbed IM previously but so far sub q is much easier and there is zero pain.
  4. Sup guys. It's been a while. So I've done 2 jabs of test prop sub q. 1 jab on Thursday and 1 yesterday. My next jab is to tomorrow. I am injecting 0.5ml each time (50mg). Is this too much oil to inject sub q? I had read before jabbing that anything up to 1ml is fine but today I've seen a few comments that say 0.5 is too much. After my jab yesterday I've got a red, warm, hard lump on the right side of my stomach so I wanted to double check I'm not banging in too much before my next jab. Also I will have to stear clear of this lump as it looks like it's gonna stick around for a while, so where else is recommended and easy to jab sub q? Any advice is greatly appreciated.