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  1. Decent laptop for 400 nicker?

    Also what do need it for? Some resident experts will be able to better advise
  2. Decent laptop for 400 nicker?

    Probably best going for a 2nd hand laptop to get more for your money
  3. Cannabis

    Make cakes or cookies. I don't touch it personally but if I did use it for its benefits that's what I would do
  4. Funny movies to watch

    Me, myself and Irene The hangover (s) Meet the fockers Cheech and chong up in smoke Barbershop Harold and kumar go to white castle Step brothers The odd couple Life of brian Dumb and dumber American pie Grown ups
  5. How would you know? Bet you can't remember making this thread
  6. Nah that's too hygienic for our vet. It needs a bit of filth
  7. Expect a delivery of dog turd through your letterbox. It should still be warm though
  8. Anyone watching chelsea?

    When football matches meant something
  9. Olympic dumbbell bars

    Now I think about it, any excess bar that isn't needed could be trimmed off with a grinder. But you'll know more when you get them if they're awkward or not for you
  10. Olympic dumbbell bars

    As you stated above, not that much weight would be required Suppose its down to personal preference. I'd rather do a few extra reps with a comfortable dumbell if it's maxed out than add weight to an uncomfortable dumbell Up to the op to decide. Having used both, I'd personally never go back to using olympic dumbells
  11. Olympic dumbbell bars

    1" are shorter, 12" and 14" if memory serves me right. Think the Olympic are 18"
  12. Olympic dumbbell bars

    I don't like the Olympic dumbells. Too long. I'd get the 1" standard instead personally
  13. Rinsing Basmati Rice

    Love the smell of jasmine rice cooking. Pity I can't cook it right, always ends up like sticky rice
  14. Sir Tom Moore

    If you'd prefer strangers don't reply to your posts then you'd be better refraining from posting on a public forum