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  1. Deca+Susta

    Once a week injection is fine with sust, test e/c
  2. Some people need to summarise their posts instead of writing novels
  3. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    To be honest I thought it was just a flu and blown out of proportion but I wasn't long changing my belief that this is a very dangerous virus
  4. What are we watching?

    Trailer park Boys if your into comedies
  5. If your into comedies you'd wonder how it's not more widely known. Its comedy genius
  6. Mr lahey used that, sh1t storm, sh1t fest, sh1t winds, everything had sh1t in front of it lol
  7. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    He's Jimmy Saville's son
  8. Maybe your a fan off Jimmy Saville. Explains your username and weird attitude
  9. Day 6

    The man's as sharp as his tools that carve his ingenious inventions
  10. Well your dumb, just add as many bells as you wish. Try figure that out son. Probably keep you going until nursery opens again
  11. Can we still send parcels?

    She assumed the couple behind you were your parents looking to return you
  12. Hold it tightly in your hand and breath under water for 3 minutes. It'll be nice and soft by then
  13. Not a surprise really. Another dopey thread from a poor child missing his youth club friends. Just try and keep the chin up my little one