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  1. Where can I find a decent bench

    You sober yet? Which bench did you order?
  2. With all this clutter your making this gen con section as messy looking as you
  3. Seriously? Another bloody thread of yours on the same subject ffs
  4. Official gym opening announced

    Hmm, I have this funny feeling someone is going to come in here threatening trumps brother borris
  5. Camping

    That ain't wild that's luxury I love camping but unfortunately the wife isn't made for it ffs
  6. Pubs are back open

    You can't lift your leg that high without breaking a hip so I'm sure plenty of wing mirrors are fine
  7. Not a bad price for powertec set up...

    Well if that's what your in to. We won't judge
  8. Not a bad price for powertec set up...

    Handy looking bit of kit
  9. Error message

    Probably been deleted
  10. Is 5 foot Olympic bar okay

    Also depends if you plan to use it on a rack of some sort as only certain bars fit
  11. Barclays the worst bank in history?

    Not many businesses including banks won't be running at 100% efficiency with lower staff levels and measures they've been made to take to make the workplace safe for their employees. People who have been made to work from home won't be as efficient either. All this adds up to slower operations
  12. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Not an option at the moment
  13. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Gyms are closed, stop crying ffs. Shows how little of a life some people have. Just a thought, GO OUTSIDE
  14. Your boyfriend is elevated? Keep that for the adults lounge ffs
  15. Barclays the worst bank in history?

    Not many have heard but there's a virus going about which lead to 1000's having to leave their job. Just a long shot but it could be something to do with that