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  1. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Fcuk the government. I'll be visiting my mum no matter what. She wants it to happen so I won't be letting the governments guide lines stop me (whichever guidelines are in place at the time) Also shall be having a swally, and make up a batch of imitation bailey's Irish cream
  2. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Oh ffs, yous 2 cvnts don't live far from me then
  3. Think I remember reading they are pharma grade in Thailand
  4. PS5

    I don't think so. Plus these have been pre orders so much of the consoles won't be with the customer for Christmas
  5. 100% it's not until you lose someone that you truly realise this
  6. Do a good deed.

    Im guessing you are in your 30's or above? Its the younger generations I've noticed are selfish twats when it comes to helping others. Not all younger people but the good manners seem to be degrading with each generation
  7. British Mums

    One is classed as British by the English media when doing well in their subject, if they are sh1t they are Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish
  8. British Mums

    Tried to message him about his latest thread that got deleted. Though he makes new threads faster than rice crispies snap crackle and pop god knows what his latest was
  9. British Mums

    @KETONES you banned again?
  10. My condolences, fair play for letting others know that information
  11. Bodybuilding Forum Rankings??

    KETONES is the produce of vetran's nut juice
  12. Bodybuilding Forum Rankings??

    Vetran is his father