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  1. injury to right shoulder

    @Kjetil1234 Hello again, So ive had alittle time off gym but shoulder been much better. Here is a video from tonight. It still clicks and im getting alittle tenderness on my SC joint right at the top of my chest (after doing shoulders today). https://youtu.be/H5Y3s5CGutk Please can you let me know what you think and put me a routine together. At the moment my routine is, from your youtube videos. Im doing these 3 TIMES per week. Properly executed subscapularis- 3 sets of 10 Wall slides - 3 x 10 Upper and mid trap with dumbell 3 x 10 of each. Scupular control in the lower trap 3 x 10 of each. Scapular kinematic in shoulder press (shoulders day only). Please can you let me know what you think of my latest recording of my scapular, remember its the right shoulder. Could you also write me a routine on how to fix this, which exercises, set, reps and how many times per week. Any exercises to avoid in the gym? Sorry asking alot but its really damaging to motovation and life when injured. I really really appreciate your help and it is invaluable! Thanks, Trio.
  2. Been awhile

    I thought that maybe a week to prep the muscle. Light and few exercises. Then split 5 days.
  3. Been awhile

    Hi, So it's been awhile since I lifted weights few months, lost a lot of gains and feels like I'm starting all over again. Therefore this may be the appropriate place.. How should I structure my return to the gym today, how should I split the days, upper body and lower body this week then do a 5 day split next week.. Shall I start light for a few weeks? Thanks, Trio.
  4. Hi, The lady 8 weeks I've been making amazing gains in the gym. Before I use to lift purely for sporting enhancement. Now, for bodybuilding. I've only took steroids before to perform better in sport. Now I'm considerinstarting a test cycle. Everything is prepped. Shall I start it or carry on making the natural gains. As I've seen the power of steroids before, the natural gains are abit boring/slow. It was my idea to get as big as I can for the next year then take steroids. But, I can probably get that big after one cycle. Then the cycle after that I can get even bigger? So should or start now or wait the natty gains out? I see it as building a building: I could get it to 100ft without steroids in 1 year. Then get it to 200ft after 1 cycle. OR do one cycle now and get it instantly to 100ft in 12 weeks. Then do another cycle and get it to 200ft? To cycle or not to cycle?
  5. Girlfriend

    Thanks mate. Everything that I'm saying is true. Though, some people may not have experienced anything like it so say it's a fairy tale. When a time comes where they need support, only then they will realise. Thanks everyone for the support. Just plodding along hitting the gym, trying not to let it cross my mind too much. It's saddening, but no one deserves to be treated that way. The nicer I were, the worse I got treated. But, I don't want to let that turn me into a dick. I like being selfless and helping others. Kindness always comes back around.
  6. Girlfriend

    Buy I was talking about her to a friend ? Does it justify her slapping me though...? Found my 75pound boots cut up in the bin.
  7. Girlfriend

    Then she text me: "That is how someone cheated in in their own house feels like. You wouldn't let that phone go. But you would let me go. Shows how the girls on their mean more to you" I told her that I was texting a friend about this situation. That her that her actions were enough. She replied, "I saw you deleting stuff. They aren't enough. You need stabbing". Shall I still be here when she gets home fromwork? In some respect I should have just handed her the phone, to prove I'm not cheating. In another respect, she shouldn't have slapped me. Nah seriously dude, not trolling.
  8. Girlfriend

    But I'm not being a t**t. I was texting my mate about the problem. She asked to see my phone. I didn't want her to see that I was talking about her. She tried to snatch the phone. I kept hold of it. She slapped me right around the face and made my ear drum nearly pop. Felt like cracking her so badly, but just sat there is awww. Then she starts saying I'm cheating. What to do?
  9. Girlfriend

    So, I went to see her last night... She just sat and told me in an arrogant tone how I don't add value to her life and things were fine for the day I wernt there. She manged to get up early for work and look better than ever. That every problem she has had for the last 2 years is my fault. Thoughts ?
  10. Girlfriend

    Haha lol. She probably would sell my stuff or just bin it!
  11. Girlfriend

    You guys and girls do add an element of humour to this and an underlying tone of flirtation. Well diets to s**t today, may take a day or two to get myself back on my feet. She did offer me a resolution, one condition in which she would get back with me. If I got castrated. Any other option I may have thought about the feasibility. Safe to say that I didn't with this and happily, I declined. She is now playing mind games, the ignoring, the barbaric castration solution and telling me that as I picked the gym over her I'd pay. All of my belongings, laptop, clothes, supplements etc are there. I asked for a time to pick them up, in which she said "what stuff, nothing here". I don't know the legalities surrounding getting my stuff back. But hey, stuff comes and goes. At least I learn a lesson from it, a valuable one. Back with my parents for now. Bum life.
  12. Girlfriend

    Best I've ever had....
  13. Girlfriend

    I guess, that girls have always been easy for me to come by. Never really had to work hard. This one I had to work for, and throughout the relationship I still had to work to make her happy. Maybe the challenging nature, or the drama was something that I came to lust after in the end. When she was good, she was AMAZING. But when she was bad, cutting up my clothes wasn't too funny. The thrill of the chase I think they call it.
  14. Girlfriend

    Maybe I have a romanticised version of her In my mind. From an external objective viewer the relationship was possibly unhealthy. That I was mistreated, but the saying goes, treat them mean, keep them keen. Guess distance will be the ultimate test. I won't count the days, I'll make the days count. As others have said, no point wasting more time. Breakups make bodybuilders.
  15. Girlfriend

    Yeah, guess I just have to face up to the harsh reality of the situation. My heart does grow heavier by the moment and a sadness seems to overwhelm me. Dieting and gym seem less important than every now. In the past I begged, and begged. To which I became the one with little control over the dynamics of the relationship. I have my gym goals and she has job goals. I've always supported hers. Then when I sit down and think about how selfless I've been, it hurts. I sit and ponder over what could have been, or if I had of begged and won her back. But, why lose all dignity and respect, not to mention my man hood. Definitely not worth it. In life all things must come to and end. Guess she showed me my worth. The one question which puts my mind in quagmire, a sort of limbo. Will I ever find someone I feel so strongly about? To me she was everything. The alpha and the omega of my love. Sure I'd had past relationships, but nothing to this degree.