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  1. Hi, My left foot has for years had peeling skin, maybe athletes food, fungal toe etc. Only on my left foot. Other foot is perfectly fine and normal. Anyone know any creams I can get to treat it?Thanks, Trio
  2. Hey, What do you think of these blood tests? They come back last time as 13.9 n/ml for test and I was consider TRT etc. Not done a cycle since, started one, 3 weeks in (Test E), got an infection and not touched steroids since (maybe a year ago). Age: 26kg Weight: 82kg Height. 5ft 10. Body fat: 10 - 12%. Training 5-6 times a week. Fitness and weights. I just got them back today, can someone with more knowledge have a look please and tell me what you think. @Sustanation I've read lots of feedback you have given people and its really good. I just don't how to apply some of the knowledge to my own scenario as I don't really know what I'm looking at/for? I thought I had low Test levels. If so, can I improve them naturally? Thanks Trio
  3. Bac Water

    You're the research. Take it. Haha. I've done as above mentioned Hospira water. But I've had some peptide before for an injured shoulder and used the Bac water you have above and all was fine and well.
  4. whats that pen like? Legit? Never seen a real one in my life.
  5. Pharmax

    I loled
  6. Hahaha love it! How's Rugby, life etc?
  7. Hell no. Swole is the goal. Size is the prize!
  8. True that. Most I've seen is one year, but he recovered. Then went back on.
  9. If anyone hates on @Sasnak, ill meet you at your local MMA gym and have a 'sparring' session. Thanks. As for OP question, I'm using 25g short needles in delts, no problem. Anything under 1cc is fine with a 27g.
  10. @El Chapo 1. Best time to jab Test prop? 2. Start HCG the same day as jab or day after? 3. Is HMG better than HCG? If so, at what dose?
  11. Hcg bottle

    I best order some online, i got 3 box's of the above i took a picture of. Damn! Ill bin them! Whats your thoughts on this one, before i buy it? I want a bottle so i can keep it in fridge, and i want it to be real lol. Also, whats this mens health clinic you talk of? @sean m @Sasnak
  12. Hcg bottle

    Thanks. I have attached two pics. Thoughts? How do you un-freeze it to use?.
  13. Hi, I've got a few boxes of Pregnyl HCG. Ive posted pics before and some have said its fake. Plus, its not in a vial, its in a snap off. I want some HCG that comes in a bottle, can anyone reccomend a HCG brand which is A) in a bottle and real. Dont want to risk shutting the boys down with fake HCG. Thanks, Trio
  14. Best quality UGL?

    Nice man! Thanks for the feedback, im going to give Pharmacom a try for 2 bottles and then Neuro.. ill report back the difference.
  15. Best quality UGL?

    Comes from EU, isn't it illegal to order from outside of the UK?