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  1. Kids YouTube vids

    its mental considering hes a boring blonde tit
  2. How do you know my name and yes a little I am the only English person working in a Japanese office sometimes I feel I am going mad
  3. I mean Mandy is amazing Who is with me?
  4. James is my number one band all time fave, amazing. Say something getting away with it all messed up Laid All amazing
  5. alright tren head calm down calm down
  6. Punching above your weight

    We always thought he batted for the other side or maybe his looks got in the way of having a girlfriend for all of his life until now as he seems to have been able to find a lady so desperate the she has lowered her standards to sub zero levels. So lets raise a glass to the happy couple and lets hope if they are going to have children that genetics skip a generation or two.
  7. He seems to want to be a door a lot? Surely with his money he could be at least a gate or a moat
  8. Game of Thrones

    I kind of LOL as I started a thread about a show I have never watched and have no plan to. But still people get involved
  9. Arnold attacked in south Africa

  10. Game of Thrones

    I want to know did winter finally cum?
  11. Favourite movie soundtrack?

    That film is f**ked up, I think I got PTSD watching that
  12. Favourite movie soundtrack?

    Grease 2