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  1. High doses of vitamin b5 also help. Start at 5000mg the first few days, then cut back to 1000mg per day. I have used this and recommended it to others. It worked for all of us.
  2. Anavar instead of tren?

    I thank you guys for the feedback. I do know tren is much more powerful and I do not know why this guy was told what he was told. My opinion to him at the time was that I personally would use both together. I will relay that he could use a lot of var close to his contest as he leans out.
  3. Try clomid then. 25mg/day. I saw a study on it. Guys in that study did 25mg/day with no particular sides and it did get their test going again. Another study showed you could go as long as 18 months on it for therapy.
  4. OK, don't flame me over this . I was talking to a guy today who is thinking about prepping for a contest (for the first time, so he doesn't have a lot good experience or information). He told me he talked to a trainer who told him to avoid tren and instead use 100mg/day of anavar. I didn't know enough to make a comment to him, so I did want to ask what you experienced guys think. I personally don't see the sense in that. They don't seem similar at all.
  5. I've used Global a lot, as do several guys over here. Seems better than most other product lines you can find here at the butt-end of the Balkans. Dosing seems good - at any rate, I got results. I especially like that they have a really big list with some hard to find stuff.
  6. At that high dose, I'd be concerned about negative effects on my heart. Though I am sure that also depends on how long you run it. You can google clenbuterol effects on the heart.
  7. Sleep apnea on cycle?

    The way I understood it was as you increase the size of the muscles in your neck, when they relax during sleep, the airway gets more constricted.
  8. This is what I do now after years of "experimentation". It seems to be working. Everyone is different. I've seen guys continue to grow on next to nothing (yay for genetics!). I don't think there is any right answer. I think most approaches will work, but you have to try a few different combinations to see what suits you best, depending on your goal for the cycle and your tolerances. Off a cycle, my TRT test dose is180-200mg/wk. These days, on a cycle, I put test at 300-350mg/wk, then add other compounds to that. The exception is with deca. When deca is higher than test, it destroys my sex drive and erections. I limit deca to 400mg/wk and put the test higher at 500mg/wk. I also find that over 600mg of EQ messes with me as well. My sweet spot for tren seems to be around 350 to 400mg/wk. I also like an oral in my cycles. Depending on what I am aiming for, it's normally anavar or dbol.
  9. Sleep apnea on cycle?

    I have sleep apnea and normally snore horribly loud on or off a cycle. Every day I would wake up exhausted and have trouble staying awake most of the day. I finally went to a sleep clinic at a local hospital and met with an ENT doc. The first question he asked me was do I use steroids. Of course, he could see I was more muscular than normal (for here), which is why I am sure he asked. He said apnea is a common problem for steroid users and he has seen it a lot with our crowd. Anecdotally, I've asked a lot of long time steroid users if they have apnea and they have confirmed experiences similar to mine. Many people develop apnea naturally as they age. Essentially the muscles of the throat relax too much, closing off air flow. Steroids apparently accelerate the degradation. Apnea should not be ignored. It is an indicator or a problem that could be really serious. It means you stop breathing for a period of time and it can be many times an hour. One result is decreased oxygen to your heart and brain and that has long term health effects. I did the overnight apnea test at the clinic. The results were very bad. 93 interruptions per hour! I was prescribed and bought a CPAP machine. The first morning after was amazing. I remember my exact thought was that "it was life-changing". I hadn't woken up feeling so refreshed in many years. So, now, no more snoring (unless the mask slips) and I sleep very well at night now. I take the machine with me when I travel.
  10. Powerlifting meet gear

    A lot of guys in my part of the world like oral tren. Lots of strength, no change in body weight
  11. Mental sides from tren

    Normally, I just get acid reflux and sometimes, if taking too much, have insomnia. My first time, I suffered from constant lower back pumps, but that never happened on later rounds.
  12. This is your first cycle, yes? Is your goal bulking or cutting? Water retention is normal and that is not a lot of test. Unless you have the beginnings of gyno, why do you think you need an AI? If you knock out your estrogen, especially on what I consider to be a low dose of test for BB purposes, you will lose the part of the anabolic effect that estrogen provides. If you are trying to grow, and I assume that is true, I say skip an AI until needed. Carbs lead to water retention, also, but it you are trying to gain, you need them, too, for your fuel. Normally, the water goes away after the cycle.
  13. No need to. Just expect at least 3 weeks for the TE to start kicking. So, patience, please.
  14. Oil without roids in it

    Actually, buy the lightest oil you can find. Sunflower oil is a good choice. Rice oil should work, also. After you add the oil, make sure you heat the vial to kill off anything. You can put the vial in boiling water for 5 to 10 min or use a microwave. Yes, you can microwave sealed vials in the newer microwaves, as long as the metal top doesn't touch the sides of the device.
  15. Timing depends on half-life. For example, anavar and stan have a 9 hour half-life. Dbol is 4 to 5 hours.