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  1. Do you understand homosexuality?

    What I don't get is why there's so many "straight" guys on gay dating apps.
  2. Do you understand homosexuality?

    Now imagine you had .your brain transferred into a female body and you still "knew" you were a man except you had the wrong parts.
  3. 9 week pre-migration cut

    I'm ill but I'm back
  4. 9 week pre-migration cut

    Yesterday's diet Breakfast: Soya shake with banana. 2 apples, 2 orange and 100g grapes Lunch: watermelon chunk Dinner: Vegetable katsu curry This coming week's diet Staying away this week. I think I've come up with a way to be healthyish without spending too much time in the kitchen of the aibnb. I don't have much of a choice about eating out at the end of September but I still have ingredients now so I think I should do my best to control what goes in my body. Most days I plan to have: Breakfast: Soya shake with banana. 2 apples, 2 orange and 100g grapes Lunch: Chickpea omlette Dinner: Rice and beans which I'll cook whilst thee Snacks: Probably some fruit/nut combination but will just try to get by with water ... I moved yesterday. So I got a bit of a second workout carrying boxes of crap from my flat down the stairs and to the van. I saved money by just hiring a van driver, not movers. One thing that I noticed is that my electronic piano box felt unusually light. When I carried it to this place, I remember thinking it weighed a ton. Although I struggle with really light weights at the gym according to benchmark sites, it is nice to see the increase in functional strength. I also had to get all of my possessions to the 7th floor and I didn't die afterwards. Which is an improvement.
  5. I have two trips elsewhere in the UK in the next 5 weeks. It may not be appropriate to keep 10+ Tupperware boxes in the fridge where I'm staying. What sorts of things would you eat if you had to eat out?
  6. 9 week pre-migration cut

    Terrible gym day. Tired/hungry and saw black a few times. Pushed past it but I failed even on exercises which I tend to find easier. I tried my best but the reps weren't there. Clearly, going to the gym after less than 4 hrs sleep is is a horrendous idea. I should have just gone later in the week and aimed for two sessions. ** Barbell Squat **- 20.0 kgs x 11 reps- 40.0 kgs x 11 reps- 80.0 kgs x 11 reps- 80.0 kgs x 11 reps** Flat Barbell Bench Press **- 10.0 kgs x 11 reps- 20.0 kgs x 11 reps- 40.0 kgs x 11 reps- 40.0 kgs x 6 reps** Barbell Row **- 10.0 kgs x 11 reps- 20.0 kgs x 11 reps- 40.0 kgs x 9 reps- 40.0 kgs x 5 reps** Overhead Press **- 10.0 kgs x 11 reps- 20.0 kgs x 11 reps- 35.0 kgs x 9 reps- 35.0 kgs x 5 reps** Romanian Deadlift **- 20.0 kgs x 11 reps- 35.0 kgs x 11 reps- 60.0 kgs x 11 reps- 60.0 kgs x 10 reps** Lat Pulldown **- 52.0 kgs x 11 reps- 23.0 kgs x 11 reps** Seated Calf Raise Machine **- 134.0 kgs x 11 reps- 134.0 kgs x 11 reps Yesteday's diet London for most of day so ate out so I'm eating less today as a consequence. Breakfast: Soya shake with banana. 2 apples, 1 orange and 100g grapes Lunch: Sourdough sandwich with mozzarella, tomato and pesto Dinner: Bean burger with sweet potato fries and milkshake
  7. Not quite my flavour. Tend to find thinner stone baked like the kind sold by Pizza Express preferable which you might be able to get on Just Eat or Deliveroo from a local place. But figure if I'm not going to eat out, I may as well get Supermarket Pizza as most take-away options are barely better.
  8. smallboy's vegan lean bodybuilding journey

    Hope wedding went well. And good luck with continuing!
  9. Cashier forgot to charge me

    Really depends how far I got from the store before I realised.
  10. 9 week pre-migration cut

    Breakfast: Banana soya isolate shake + 100g grapes, 2 apples and 2 oranges Lunch/Dinner: Soya wrap and roasted potatoes Snack: Malt drink This week is a bit chaotic. I'm in London on business tomorrow, move to a new place for a month on Wednesday and travel to Manchester on Thursday where I'll be for a week. I imagine I'll be eating out much there but will see if I think of simple things I can cook while at the airbnb and fruit's always an option. Will be a test of whether I make sensible decisions when things can't be planned for. I have a multisite pure gym membership so at least gym won't halt while I'm away.
  11. Crossfit???

    I think it's because the focus on high rep lifting encourages people to do things like the kipping pullups which look silly and don't have much scale for progression. Plus, it's like being a vegan. There's the meme that a crossfitter will not help but tell you they do the sport.
  12. Iphone or samsung

    I prefer Android for a variety of reasons but Apple phones are probably better security-wise. They patch out new updates more quickly, it's targeted less by malware developers and as the API is closed source it has fewer vulnerabilities. But I believe Google is taking steps to make Android a more secure platform so that may change.
  13. 9 week pre-migration cut

    Protein shake Blended it with banana and vanilla extract. COuldn't taste the vanilla, perhaps I need more or it helped more subtly but the banana seems sufficient to mask the taste of the unflavoured soy isolate. Adding frozen fruit made it slightly sweet but did nothing to improve the taste. Pretty filling too so could work as a replacement if you were looking to do that sort of thing.
  14. Noisey breathing

    Was when 115kg+ not so much now. Snore really heavily tho. Been relegated to couch more than once. OOPS.
  15. 9 week pre-migration cut

    Food Breakfast: 3 bananas Lunch: - Dinner: Sunday dinner and dessert Exercise Easy workout day. Hit all sets by 10. Will do the planning tomorrow. I am going away to Manchester for a week from thursday so I need to decide what I'll do for food. I can cook the AirBnb but am not going to turn up with my 9kg rice bag. My mindset has shifted which I'm glad about as I was tempted to order takeout multiple times in the weekend but didn't. I'm going to aim to be lower calorie in September so that I can shift more weight per week but I'll wait till I'm back to Leics before doing any lower calorie planning. Edit: Got bored and went to the gym where I did a 12:07 2.5k. It's nothing to brag about but I'm personally proud of my pacing.