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  1. anybody else having issues with these type of water bottles that seem to be flooding the market (literally) im on my 3rd now which might make me seem like a fat handed oaf (which i am) but the slightest knock seems to split them open, yesterday i dropped one around 7 inches onto a leather coaster on my little table next to my chair and it split open. this is the type i mean http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/half-gallon-water-bottle-pro-series.html i believe myprotein sell the same one with their brand on it. i like the design and its usefull having the handle but f**k me they are shite, considering they are meant for the gym so will be handled by hulks etc. what other decent bottles are people using? im trying to up my water intake so a big 2.2l bottle was ideal..............supping the water off the floor however is not.