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  1. Female PCO diet help

    I see everyone talking about food choices... but I assume the problem here is that she is actually struggling to lose weight, right? To confirm, how was the PCOS diagnosed? Did she have a non-invasive or invasive endoscopy? Have you had her thyroid panel checked along side calcium, vitamin d and folate? Height and weight?
  2. Macro and calorie tracking

    I presume you mean the ratio? Not really, no. Fats may go up naturally as you introduce more carbs and/or change protein sources. Obviously they would change in terms of values as you will need to increase food to add weight. I personally feel high carb yields the best results. I don’t like to bring fats up to medium / high as they can impair digestion too much. What I do, however, is raise fats on rest days and reduce carbs. Not so much from direct fat sources but from fattier protein sources, eg salmon, fattier cuts of beef, eggs, chicken thigh etc
  3. Macro and calorie tracking

    I don’t personally work on a split. I set protein at 1.5g per lb of desired body weight, eg 300g for a 200lb man. Il set fats at 40-50g and then fill calories with carbs, mostly around training. At your weight of 202lbs, assuming your training moderately hard, is expect you to get good fat loss on 2700-3000kcal. So I’d start you at 300p, 335c 50f. Run that for 7-10 days, measure results and adjust. On 2000kcal I’d expect rapid fat loss but also a fast onset of fatigue.
  4. Lol I remember once I decided it was a great idea to pin both biceps before I did an arms session with Neale Cranwell back when he had Krunch gym. I remember going out to dinner that night and my arms were stuck at 90 degrees. Looked like a fu**ing robot trying to eat lol. Never pinned them since
  5. You prefer quads? I agree, def easier to do but Christ PIP in quads is debilitating. Although it pales in comparison to calves and biceps lol
  6. Likely gone between the fascia as well it being a Virgin muscle. As others have said, massage the area, warm it a little to disperse the oil where possible and a little anti-inflammatory cream will Do the trick.
  7. There are downsides, yes. Especially when you do this systematically. Many also don’t realise DHT promotes hair growth too... It’s the conversion at the scalp that is an issue. Reducing / preventing this, ensuring blood flow and maintaining hair health all contribute to retaining your hair. The main downside of preventing directly at the scalp is the potential for prostate enlargement. The main risk of preventing systematically is ED.
  8. Tried saw palmetto years ago before changing to spironolactone. It seemed to work but was weak. Haven’t used it since and it’s quite hard to find I think.
  9. No. A keto diet itself will not yield great fat loss results. What it may do, is offer a diet that you are better able to adhere to and feel better on. This can lead to better results. But then maybe it won’t. You need to try it and see how well it fits you as an individual. Calorie deficit, whether by decreased food and/or increased output is king.
  10. Looks good! The bloating will likely be one of or a combination of the following; Too much oats (try 50g oats 50g cream Of rice or wheat) Banana All the peas, which are high in arginine and a type of fibre known to bloat Soya milk! Swap it for almond or lactofree skimmed and see if it improves If your whey isn’t isolate, swap for an isolate Protien bars can but if you eat this at the end of the day, it’s unlikely Id say it’s the peas and milk. Try swapping one by one until The bloating subsides
  11. Night Sweats

    Have you considered the temperature has gone up noticeably recently and this might be why? Ive been sweating more at night because it’s been hot.
  12. So is a calorie a calorie?

    Re-read my post lol. I posed an entirely different question.
  13. So is a calorie a calorie?

    I think people misinterpret the ‘is a calorie a calorie’ debate. What you want to ask is, would two entirety different foods with equal calorie content be digested, absorbed and assimilated equally? No, is the answer. Does it matter for most people? No. Does that mean fill your calories with ice cream? No.
  14. Red meat

    Mmm I can’t say I agree with everything you’re saying. Especially the fibre in relation to the digestive tract. Fibre with red meat will largely lead to indigestion / gas. I note you didn’t specify when to eat the fibre of course. Fibre isn’t needed to form or pass stool. It’s a bit misunderstood. As you start consuming it, you need it (in balance). But the digestive tract is perfectly capable of passing red meat (or any food for that matter) without it. That is why I am big a proponent of steak and rice. It’s highly digestible, and actually will leave the stomach fairly quickly. It’s also low residue. I should be clear though, I am not saying don’t eat any fibre. I am personally just fussy about the sources, much like with meat. This is mainly down to how well certain foods are tolerated. I think genetics, and culture are an entirely different subject. Interesting and somewhat relevant, but a different topic. Digestion and nutrition is a particular interest of mine. Predominantly due to having Crohn’s but also because I am a firm believer in many ailments can be treated via proper nutritional strategies. I suppose what I should say, in fairness, is I nor any one can say that consuming half a kilo of red meat a day couldn’t lead to any deleterious health issues down the line. But that’s largely because the research doesn’t exist and probably never will. But I’d be confident enough in what information is available to eat this way (and I personally do). Totally agree on the Origin of all meat and foods though. The farming industry has a lot to answer for now. We can all form our own opinions.
  15. Red meat

    Look at where the cattle is raised and what it’s been fed. Ideally you want a grass fed animal that is finished for no more 30 days on a feed not containing soy or corn. Please share said research (preferably not stuff from the 70s). There is a huge lack of understanding around this body of research, and it is rather old... You are now seeing it be refuted in various communities for a variety of reasons. All that aside, quality is everything. I wouldn’t personally eat 600g of supermarket red meat a day. Then again I wouldn’t eat 600g of any meat from a supermarket each day.