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  1. Resting heart rate

    I’m not sure what data this ‘normal’ is based on. I’ve seen it a few times now but 91 is high. There’s a study somewhere on risk of associated cardiac events with high RHR and from what I recall 90+ was 3 times more likely. If you are physically fit and healthy, 60-70’ is ‘normal’ in my opinion. Lower, ignoring underlying conditions, would suggest a very high level of fitness. Your heart only has so many beats in it. I’d say more cardio and perhaps drop some weight.
  2. Resting heart rate

    How have you measured your heart rate?
  3. Options going forward

    Out of curiosity, what were your full results? Eg oestrogen, shbg, free testosterone etc? Can you perhaps share the last set of bloods from September?
  4. Not sure I see the point. What do you hope to achieve with the 2 cruise periods at TRT?
  5. I’m not sure I understand what you want to achieve. To confirm, you are currently off? You intend to go on but at a cruise, then blast, then cruise then come off? Or have I misunderstood?
  6. Athlean X

    One of the most knowledgable people you will find on social media in terms of body mechanics and injury prevention / rehabilitation.
  7. I believe it’s because oestrogen has some effect on the hypothalamus (unsure if direct or indirect). It’s thought to be why women get hot flashes as menopause sets in and their oestrogen declines. A high carb meal is going to ever so slightly raise body temperature and I would suspect someone experiencing this would be more sensitive to the subtle change in temperature. Also wish people would take more note of the part in bold.
  8. Device recommendations for monitoring NEAT

    I highly rate polar kit. The watches are more accurate than Garmin and better priced. Their heart rate monitors are also second to none. Ive had 3 polar watches and 2 heart rate straps. Currently have the Unite and a H10. Previously an A370 and an A360 before that. The cheat based monitors are Bluetooth based too so you don’t have to have the watch. You can use them With your phone or an Apple Watch for example. The polar calorie expenditure estimate is pretty accurate based on my experience with them over the years.
  9. HRT and bodybuilding

    I don’t have a great deal to experience with women on HRT, more so restoring hormonal balance post PED use or from poor diet management in a prep (poor coaching basically). What HRT have you been prescribed specifically? Have you had any other issues such as tenderness in your breasts or any spotting?
  10. It’s not just about calories in terms of deficit, you have to consider energy turnover. The more you eat, the more you are turning over. So someone eating 4000kcal and a theoretical deficit of 500kcal (theoretical because maintenance / deficit is not a set number, the body doesn’t work this way) and someone eating 2000kcal at a 500kcal deficit will not lose body fat at the same rate. You will see more change in the person eating more.
  11. Cardio is not the only way to increase output bud. Output just means any form of energy expenditure over and above the energy required to survive. So you have your weight training sessions; Adding a set to all your movements, reducing rest periods, adding additional movements, supersets / giant sets of additional training days will all increase your output. But your biggest tool is what you do away from the gym. Increase your NEAT. This can make a huge difference. The easiest portion of this to track is steps. Keep the foods in that keep you fuelled and performing well. Unless you’re running super low fats, dropping your fats ever so slightly will have no noticeable difference on your performance and add to your deficit. With all this said, if you do your offseason right, your food should be so high that pulling 200g carbs should be barely noticeable, keep you well over 300g and get you dropping (crude example as I am not suggesting you pull 200g of carbs). The problem I see most with guys that just want to reduce food, is they seem to end up in the same place every time. They end up at 1600-1800kcal, flat and looking the same as last time.
  12. Yeah I know the owner. They are good clubs and generally well run. It’s basically a clean bodybuilding gym with 24 hour access. Ive put a lot of blood and sweat into mine. We’ve had some good news today with the Supreme Court ruling against insurers final appeal so I hope we should see some money soon. Once I cover my losses the rest will go back into the club and to those members that supported me whilst I’ve had to close. Anytimes tend to be quieter because the membership base is so spread with the 24 hour access. We run a lower membership model than pure at a higher price. The average pure has 6000 members
  13. This is why you lose so much strength. Food is a finite source of energy deficit, there’s only so far you can go before performance drops and so then does output. Next cut try raising your output first. There’s rarely a need to drop below 300g carbs a day (long term). You will likely find you keep getting stronger
  14. We are hoping the golden quarter will Shift to Q2 of the calendar year and condense the holiday season into it. Time will tell.
  15. Did you pull all your carbs by any chance and reduce food to create your deficit rather than increasing your output (eg 75% food 25% output)?