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  1. Cutting Cycle Review

    Is this your first cycle? Its too much for your current level of development. As others have said, it’s really irrelevant as it’s your diet and training that should be of concern. Go look up AJ Morris. Natural. Adopt that work ethic, then add gear and you will grow
  2. Deca, Equi + Mast

    Massively over complicating a simple process. If you’re going to run 900mg of anabolics, you’d be better placed picking a single compound. In fact, many would do better simply using test, progressively working the dose up over subsequent cycles and learning to balance their hormones appropriately. Is water retention or oestrogen your concern?
  3. Blood results

    You probably already know the answer, but before you do anything else you very likely need to lose some weight. How tall are you? You will see an improvement in all blood markers as a result. If testosterone is still tanked when you are down to 15-18% body fat, then TRT may be of consideration.
  4. @ROBLDS DM me your mobile number and I will WhatsApp you some voice notes as there’s a lot to type. Theres a few immediate things that I can see from your posts that you need to look at correcting.
  5. Exogenous Insulin will raise appetite, so removing it will probably help.
  6. I wouldn’t increase Someone’s food after only 5 days. Post show, so much is going on with the body; you need to let it settle. Water subsides, fluid balance restores, glycogen replenishes, inflammation increases as you start training so you get some more water build again etc. Give yourself two weeks to balance out and assess weight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint
  7. If it’s lantus someone is interested in, Bleu Taylor is by far the best. He’s pricey but Bleu’s only business and focus is his clients. So it’s a high level of coaching. People often cite Milos, but unless you’re a good pro, he will take your money and you won’t hear much in return sadly (seen this too many times).
  8. Honestly I got wrapped up in the whole gh15 thing years ago. Don’t be fooled by it and stay away from it. Who ever was running that account from 2014 onwards was full of s**t. I still talk to some of the guys I got to know on there, couple are pro now. At one point we all shared the same coach. I feel the same when it comes to water retention. I hate the fat feeling so personally I set myself up so that water is minimal. You won’t ‘blow up’ post show. When you see examples of that, it’s often with guys that have lost a tonne of tissue during prep and were flat as f**k on stage. Poor nutritional strategy and overuse of t3 during prep usually. You have to think, if you are due to compete again in say 12 months, you have 9 months of growing. If by the start of prep you can be 30lbs over stage, you will likely have another 7-10lbs of muscle if everything else was in place. So call it 20lbs of fat gain. 3lb gain total per month on average. So in short don’t rush to add scale weight. Again, horses for courses and depends on your frame.
  9. The drained feeling could be related to both the insulin and GH. I don’t like rapid gain immediately post show, it can put the kidneys in a risky position if you blow up with 10-15lbs of water. Everyone has a different approach but I feel taking your time to slowly climb 10-15lbs over 16-20 weeks or so puts the body in a much better position. I would push the food, but beyond being fully replenished / full, I wouldn’t aim for more than 1lb a week in the first month post show. That is a nice steady rate, let’s the body accrue some needed fat again (you need to get body fat up to function optimally) but doesn’t let body fat get quickly out of control. Its horses for courses though. Did you not work with a coach pre contest?
  10. Pulldown

    There’s a few options. Personally I got my life fitness Pulldown / row used on eBay. But if that’s not an option right now, I like the following; https://www.thegymrevolution.co.uk/index.php/gym-equipment/stations/atx-weight-stack-lat-pulldown-low-pulley-row-lsw-740.html Or you could try and see if a seller is willing to stick an item on a pallet and you arrange the collection / delivery. I’ve done this before and had the driver come with the pallet. Not sure on costs to NI but UK was like £70. Then you could get something like this; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324330475098 Most stuff is either in the £200-£400 range (mirafit etc, I think they are s**t personally) or £1500+. I like primal strength a lot but it’s pricey. Id go down the used route and see if you can get a seller to ship it over.
  11. Any fat in take, irrespective of exogenous insulin will always be more favourable to fat cells when in a caloric surplus. Yes, you will burn some etc, but it’s the simplest macronutrient for the body to store. Beyond Milos, the whole ‘super low fat’ thing seems to stem from some dark corner of the Internet. I couldn’t give you an exact number for PUFA intake as I don’t know your body. But at least 30%, preferably 50%. Again, irrespective of insulin. You have two options with the carbs; - run them high every day and be prepared for a ‘re-sensitise’ phase in 6-10 weeks depending on your body (this happens to most people irrespective of insulin use but it will speed this up to a certain degree) - titrate carbs across your week and have the lower carb days. Total depends on your activity. Some guys can do 200-300g, some need to be sub 100g I should probably caveat everything I am posting with the fact I am not a fan of insulin and I don’t personally believe it builds muscle. But as I said previously, I do know of a minority of coaches using specifically lantus and building very large bodybuilders It isn’t specific to novorapid. I’m honestly not entirely sure from a biological point of view, but I believe it is due to both increase uptake of potassium into the cells and renal sodium absorption. I think this has a knock on effect on aldosterone. In terms of what a person my experience, everyone is different. 5iu post workout only is unlikely to have much of an effect. It’s also debatable whether post workout insulin is even beneficial
  12. I thought id respond to this one as your stack is fairly complex and I would assume your a fairly advanced competitor. There are very few coaches that know how to use Lantus effectively in a growth phase. I would say probably 3 that I would trust. It is a very misunderstood form of insulin when it comes to bodybuilding and most guys end up getting very fat, very quickly with it. I'm loathed to go into details at the risk of guys jumping on it hoping they get huge quickly. Fats - don't avoid them. You want them in there, especially poly-unsaturated fats. I am not saying go HAM, but you need dietary fat to grow optimally. Rest days - yes, but this is a matter of opinion. Personally I prefer overall caloric intake, as well as carb in take to be right down on these days. Fats up, especially if limiting them overall on training days (as above you want them, but less so around training window, especially if using novorapid) Lantus frequency - depends on the person and metabolism, but personally I feel it works best when used 2-3 days of the week. Certainly not every day. Carbs - not a fan of the carb drinks and the coaches I know that use lantus heavily aren't either. In some cases, things like gatorade but this is more person dependant. The shakes thing originates from Milos. IMO.... this isn't leading to real tissue gains. You are just over saturating the cells with glycogen and getting a temporary, fuller look. Some may disagree (he would). You really need to tailor you insulin intake, as well as type of insulin used to your diet. E.g. if you diet has an intra drink in it (unrelated to insulin) with 50g carbs, then 3-5iu novorapid pre-workout would make sense. IF you are adding novorapid pre-workout, then carbs to compensate, then you have this backwards. IMO the water retention from insulin, especially lantus is worse than GH (in my experience anyway). You need to be conscious of spilling over here too. But to answer your question, yes, GH will cause you to retain more fluid subq. Both substances cause increased sodium retention. This is hard to combat, especially when it comes to GH due to aldosterone. Personally, if you want to make the most of your rebound and are competing at a good national level, Id get with an experienced competitive coach. Happy to give my recommendations who I think are good, trustworthy and actually care about their clients. Lastly, you will get softer with this approach. Its inevitable. It's just something to accept when it comes to insulin use over a sustained period of time in combination with high caloric intake.
  13. Are you using an accurate hot plate / magnetic stirrer to heat the compound to just above melting point? Or are you guessing and literally doing this on your hob? Sticking something in an oven set to 200F (this is quite low) doesn’t mean it will reach that temperature. Ovens have hot spots, especially gas ovens. I personally cringe at the idea of brewing this way. I Don’t want to openly share recipes on this forum for a variety of reasons. PM me and il be happy to help.
  14. So I’m not in the habit of telling people how much to take, as we can do as we please and experiment. What I would say is; the stack you are is what I’d expect to see from a high level amateur going for a pro card. It’s at that level and is in line with contest stacks I would tend to write up (bar t3). There is a possibility your body may not make use of all that and you may have sides as a result. With that said you are a bigger than average man in terms of height. That aside, people seem to use the term bloat to describe water retention, when bloating typically refers to stomach distention. Sometimes it isn’t clear which a person refers to, hence me asking (as very different causes and remedies). The constipation you suffered; are you still having to use pysllium? If so, are movements normal now or still a touch firm? Often with higher doses of tren and orals, digestion is some what impaired if diet Isn’t structured accordingly and this leads to lower motility, then constipation. It’s something to keep an eye on as digestion is key. So if by bloat you mean distention, then you need to look to nutritional approach, tren and the anavar.
  15. That is a boat load of gear. I am going to assume You are already fairly advanced in terms of muscularity and body fat is fairly low. How lean are you trying to get? How long have you been on the above as you literally have every tool in the toolbox out? Not sure why you are concerned with oestrogen if you have no indication of an oestrogen issue? Any or all bloat is likely from the HGH. Stomach bloat - do you actually been distention? If so, how are your bowel movements? Do you have gas? Are you at al constipated?