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  1. Not in a big bread eater purely because it backs me up. Big fan of New York bagels, mainly the chive and red onion, but also like the sesame ones. Also love farm house loaves, freshly made normally. When I do have any of the above, it’s usually with BBQd flank steak, thinly cut, just sea salt. Let the bread soak up the juices.
  2. Any lawyers on here?

    The issue you may have, is if they didn’t pay you statutory redundancy, no matter how unlawful, if they are in a poor financial position they may cease to exist whether in their current form or any future form via administration in the time it takes you to see them at a tribunal. You have full employee rights given your continuous service. I would suggest if you have any of this in writing, that you immediately report them to HMRC for non payment. You can also tell them you have gone to local news outlets as this may force their hand. I’ve seen this happen very recently with a large brand and they paid up quite quickly.
  3. Smart Body Fat Scales

    They’re all pretty useless. Evolt isn’t too bad but your looking at £7k +
  4. Not sure I understand the post?
  5. Either you aren’t eating what you think you are, or your training is incredibly ineffective. Likely a combination of the two. Can you please post up your diet and be detailed? More drugs will not speed this up. This isn’t a drug issue.
  6. Tren acid reflux

    Drop your dose to 150-200mg. Should improve within 10-14 days. If you cannot function properly, it is pointless using it. Taking Antacids etc are pointless as it will impair proper digestion and motility. If it continues at a lower dose, drop it. Whats happening is food is sitting in your stomach as digestion has been impaired. You continue To fill your stomach but it won’t release undigested food to the duodenum an small bowel, so it only has one way to go (up). You don’t have high stomach acid so all the antacids will do is further impair digestion by neutralising what little acid you have. What ever you goal, it is equally achievable on 600mg testosterone (same total mg).
  7. Tren acid reflux

    How much are you taking and what else are you using? Chances are, too much (for you).
  8. Anyone saying less is more wont have high levels of muscle mass. Yes, less is more in terms of guys using too much too soon. But ultimately you will need to push doses progressively, just as you will the food and the training. Jordan is right. How much you need to push is person dependent. Some guys only need to up their doses by 10%. But you will need to be progressive. With 90% of guys out there, chances are it isn’t the doses that need to be pushed. I see it time and time again; inability to really drive their training
  9. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    Energie is a franchisee so most clubs will be unaffected by the master franchisor going into administration
  10. HGH Experience

    I’m only on mesalazine but 4.8g per day. It seems to work but the dose becomes less effective the longer I use it. It’s useless for getting into remission. Azathioprine works but it’s not a drug I want to be on again. Took me over a year to regain normal WBC after suffering neutropenia.
  11. HGH Experience

    It works but protein only. My protocol for a very bad flare up is fast for 3-5 days until bleeding / bowel movements subside. Introduce protein only in the form of white fish and chicken breast (heavily salted). Add in 2-4iu pharma growth. when having a single bowel movement per day, introduce carbs from rice only. From there is straight forward and I remove the HGH after about 4 weeks. With that said, the above works WITHOUT HGH too. In terms maintaining remission, the growth has less of an impact than the diet does. I haven’t used growth for some one now and maintain remission via diet only. Been in remission since September.
  12. HGH Experience

  13. Am I mentally weak?

    Depends on the goal and the person. I do what your coach has done with people that have developed a poor relationship with food. I’ve found if I give them what they ask for, it often leads to binges. With that said some people are the total opposite... it prevents the binge. You come to learn people and their triggers. It might be that he wants to keep your fats down, or it could just be that he wants to keep you on the foods you are already eating. Ask him to explain his thought process. If the answer he gave you is the only answer.... then it’s questionable.
  14. You won’t sleep if you take it before bed. It’s not a fat burner, it helps liberate fatty acids and slightly elevates HR
  15. Gently melt the powder to melting point so you get a liquid then see if you have a single liquid or a split solution. Personally I Would dissolve the powder in BA / BB first, then once suspended in solution, add the oil. Not a fan of GSO.