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  1. Worse steroids for Hairloss

    Nothing these days. The steroid itself is not the problem.
  2. Extremely Thirsty?

    You need to bring it up gradually to avoid edema, but dependant on the person I recommend 4-7000mg of sodium and potassium at 1.5-2x (2:1 potassium to sodium) being anywhere from 6000-14000mg. Before you train, lick your finger and stick it in some salt. You’d be surprised at the difference in how you feel in terms of performance. Potassium wise, fish, potatoes, spinach, fruits, dates and most meat are good sources. 250g of white potato has 1000mg for example.
  3. Extremely Thirsty?

    This is probably why. You need more, 1000mg of sodium is not enough for anyone doing some degree of physical exercise. Water alone will not hydrate. You need sodium (as well as Potassium etc) to hydrate the body.
  4. Extremely Thirsty?

    How much sodium are you consuming?
  5. Deca digestive issues

    No other drugs? No AI? No SERM? Are you holding water? Eg sock marks or bed sheet marks?
  6. Deca digestive issues

    Is digestive transit time (the time from mouth to toilet) faster or slower than usual? Have you altered your diet at all since starting nandrolone? What are the doses of all drugs you are taking? Are you taking any medication at present? Have you been unwell recently?
  7. The only I have personally used is Sphinx. I’ve just said I’m another thread I’m not a huge fan but there’s nothing wrong with their prop. Prop at 100mg or more per ml does tend to hurt a bit. There’s little you can do to avoid that. Anything with MCT oil will be smooth but I am not sure if those labs use it.
  8. Best quality UGL?

    Haven’t used Pharmacom but if you have been happy with it I would stick with it. Personally I like Genotec, Omega and Rohm. Sphinx has a fairly good rep I’m just not personally a huge fan. Labs that have been around for a long time tend to be a safe bet.
  9. Impossible to answer without understanding what you expect to or want to achieve. What is the goal body composition wise during your cycle?
  10. Have you had any bowel issues such as constipation or trouble passing stool in general? How long as the ED gone on for and did it gradually occur or happen almost over night?
  11. Who put you on t4? Nothing seems off in your results. Again, who advised you your TSH was low and prolactin high? Estradiol is in range but could be a touch higher than your body likes for your test levels. I wouldn’t personally advise a drug based route here. I would look at diet and mental outlook. Sex drive is hugely affected by mental well-being. Do you actually have ED or just low desire? Id be interested in seeing your vitamin D and B6 levels as well.
  12. Hygetropin hgh does it give heartburn?

    You generally need to look towards diet and general activity levels duding the day when it comes to heart burn. Right now you are masking a long term issue with PPI drugs. Bowel movements are a very good indication of where in the diet your issue is. Eg if you are bit slower, infrequent and stool is quite hard or dark. The timing of bowel movements can help identify which meal or meals are causing the issue. The same goes for gas; look 5-8 hours back. Ive not heard of GH causing this specific issue unless you have some sort of systemic inflammation.
  13. Rather that looking at male hormones, have you considered looking at your female hormones? Eg oestrogen, progesterone etc. You can adjust these without suppressing your testosterone and possibly achieve a level of balance that restores sex drive (assuming this is where the issue is). Even with lower Testosterone, you can maintain good libido by bringing oestrogen down to maintain a workable ratio for you.
  14. Probably the most informed and insightful post in this thread. Western media, or propaganda has painted Iran in a false light for decades. Their people are no different to any of us. They lead normal lives and most cities there are no different to European cities. I should know, I’ve been there several times. My other half is Iranian. When I see morons saying s**t like America will do this blah blah blah it pisses me off. I shouldn’t be annoyed at the moronic response of the average person. Let’s be honest, the average person isn’t particularly bright. America cocked up and they know it. The loss of Iranian lives since, regardless of how, is unjust. How would any one here feel if your loved ones died as a result of the action of another country? Iran is not a stupid nation. In fact, they on average are far more educated than the UK.
  15. Go to hospital. Yea you could deal with this at home if you know what you’re doing and have help... But you don’t. Chaulk it up to a life lesson. Happens to all of us. Be honest with them and they will help you.