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  1. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    Try to do full body so you can compare every week to 2 weeks. It will help you massively in tracking progress. It will also help you adjust your diet accordingly.
  2. Estrogen control

    I’d also ask what makes you think this is entirely oestrogen related? Are you already talking an AI? This may be a result of increased fluid retention leading to a sharp increase in weight.
  3. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    I’m sure you’ve made progress mate but it’s literally impossible to tell with pictures like this. For your own benefit, try taking pictures every 1-2 weeks, from the front, sides and rear, full body so you can track visual feedback. Your performance in the gym will also tell you whether you have progressed.
  4. 12.5 mg aromasin subsertute ?

    Did you get that from one of the breast cancer trials? I read similar but couldn’t find anything wholly conclusive as it didn’t specifically note any figures for the decrease.
  5. 12.5 mg aromasin subsertute ?

    I don’t know exactly what they were saying but people often say one reduces the effectiveness of the other, tamox to anastrozole I believe. If you look at most clinical trials and studies done, the two in combo don’t offer any lease effect but also no greater... but these are all in women with breast cancer. The pharmacodynamics are impacted but I am unsure as to what extent.
  6. 12.5 mg aromasin subsertute ?

    Im sure it was something to do with the effect of Estrogens on increasing unbound estrogen and thus impacting the efficacy of anastrozole... but I may be wrong
  7. My first proper diet plan

    If I have understood this correctly... this is 160p 380c 120f for 3240kcal? It is hard to say whether this may be adequate without knowing more; age height weight training regime how active are you outside of the gym? Eg daily steps etc general routine day to day
  8. This is really good advice ^^ I take a similar approach although I also use and advise a small amount of masteron on cycle; 50-150mg per week depending on testosterone dosage and the person. I use 90mg. Oestrogen is necessary for a number of functions and shouldn’t necessarily be lowered... balance is key.
  9. EPO & Test

    Use EQ, it’s considerably safer. Do you understand the dangers of using EPO?
  10. I only ever use orals or injectable orals on training days... so I don’t see any issue doing this. With that said, injectable winny is so painful I wouldn’t bother lol
  11. 12.5 mg aromasin subsertute ?

    You have that right but I cannot personally recall what, in terms of pharmacodynamics is altered.
  12. It’s still fairly liver toxic there is a strong possibility that it may lead to the same lethargy. Sides def aren’t as bad with it, but it’s just another compound that seems great in theory but in an offseason leads to you feeling rubbish. Superdrol is certainly one of the worst though lol, and I really love superdrol
  13. Bench Press Feeling in Shoulders

    I like to recommend potentiation before compounds, such as 3-4 sets of cable flies with a weight you could do 30-40 reps with for 15-20 reps. Before you unrack the bar, retract your scapula and try to ‘bend the bar’. This should create stability in the upper back and keep the shoulders back. When you come to press the weight up, whilst squeezing the bar try to squeeze your palms towards each other (like a fly). This will force the pecs to contract whilst you press. Apply this technique during warm ups before you come to your working sets.
  14. Omnitrope?

    Mmm there is some conjecture as to whether HGH ‘improves’ the effects of testosterone with some form of synergy. In my honest experience, I notice no difference whether using it not. With this said, HGH May exasperate gyno. Personally, I would suggest you are better placed learning to balance your hormones so that gyno is less of an issue. Try adding 50-150mg of masteron to your cycle, as this will aid in balancing your oestrogen to androgen ratio. You could also use a low dose AI but I prefer the above before doing this.
  15. EPO & Test

    Dangerous drug that has no place in bodybuilding IMO. What made you want to use this?!