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  1. Who’s active?

    I've decided to cut my ties with this site, I'm sure you will all shed many tears missing me, but please don't cry for me, I'm happy, I bid you all the very best. Over and out.
  2. Kegels

    That is sadly beyond economical repair But give these a go, Al, do wonders for your old chap.
  3. Kegels

    They work for women too! I'm just trying to help out and share my findings after all my years on this rock I thought it was time I started to give something back. Have a great week Flubs! x
  4. Kegels

    Seriously give them a blast for a week, three times a day and report back.... with pics
  5. Kegels

    Anyone do Kegel exercises? I’ve been doing them for the past week, f**k me, I’d definitely give these a go, my cock is like a big iron rolling pin. Nearly split this missus in two last night, and as I’m not getting any younger I don’t mind admitting that there’s definitely been a very slight downward trend since my early 30’s. It’s like I’ve taken Cialis, almost painfully hard. Give them a try lads, thank me later (with pics ) https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/penis-workout-kegels-for-men/
  6. LeeDaLifter would make a better president than Trump FFS, c**t is costing me a fortune at the petrol pump
  7. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Daddy is HUNGRY
  8. Who’s active?

    Active? Like practicing? As in homosexually speaking? Me, DM me x
  9. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    The owner of the snake, he’d filmed them visiting earlier in the day and then stitched the video together to make it look like there was someone else there at the time.
  10. Whose training today ?

    Not for BB but I lift three times a week and do tons of cardio (cycling and running) more like a rugby player build than BB
  11. Whose training today ?

    Tomorrow for me, back day....with a hangover
  12. Seasons Greetings to UKM

    Love you @Flubs hope you’ve had an amazing day x
  13. Need relationship advice

    Kill yourself
  14. A decent deposit will help you get a better interest rate as your LTV will be better than the average punter (Loan to Value ratio) On 65k you’re looking at around £4 per day interest at about 2% for the first few years, so every £120 of your monthly repayment will be interest alone!