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  1. i did barbados for 5 nights before xmas, doing antigue for 7 nights end of june. krakow in 2 weeks too
  2. Bumping a Credit Card

    go to your bank and speak to an accounts manager and get them to help you, they are there to assist with financial difficulty.
  3. Sled or prowler?

    Play a bit of rugga, looking at getting a sled or a prowler to add in to my training. Prowler will be a bollock to ship and arI'll have to use it away from home as I don't have space to really use it, but you can push and pull Sled, far smaller, easier to manoeuvre about, only disadvantage is you can only drag it. Suppose it can have as many benefits as a prowler though. Thoughts on what's best? What would you go for
  4. UK cities with the ugliest people

    swansea... heroin capital of wales easily! and alcoholism! and half the birds 40+ that hammer the sun beds have skin like leather bags hahaha
  5. Mortgage advice?

    if your a first time buyer, be prepared to put down a little more than 10%. best thibg to do is get a mortgage in principle with a bank or building society, OR, Speak to chris collins, umbrella financial easily found on facebook
  6. Dogs of Ukmuscle

    Bailey the beagle, more like snoopy, a proper sleeper! But can walk for hours and hours!
  7. Pain whilst running.

    Hi guys, short end of what I'm going to ask is this! Went for a run yesterday, did 3.5km in 15 mins, considering I never do road running, not a bad start. The reason I only managed 3.5km is that I had this awful lower back tightness/cramp/ pump. I had to stop numerous times to sit and do a twist to crack my back to relieve the pressure of the muscle that had tightened, only for it to happen time and time again. Not only that, I've had another awful pain which I've found is coming from my Achilles, any ideas please? Many thanks all
  8. Kid has bunked off school. What to do

    i went to a neglected poor council run school, there .... haha
  9. Who's going to win the world cup?

    they'll BeHeading home early mate.
  10. Kid has bunked off school. What to do

    is she fvck in private school you loser proof or its bullsh!t
  11. What's the Worst Gym etiquette you've ever seen?

    leave my pecker alone you bigfoot
  12. What's the Worst Gym etiquette you've ever seen?

    It wouldve been more so if id looked at the hole and saw someones pecker hanging down the cubicle wall
  13. What's the Worst Gym etiquette you've ever seen?

    another gym i was in had shower cubicles and mustve had something like a hand rail inside one that had recently been removed which left two fair sized holes, (not glory ones, one was dwarf size and one was too high) and had some sort of plugs in them to cover the holes up. so one day im in the shower, minding my own, when i look down and see one of the plugs at my feet so i pick it up, go to put it back in the hole... THE DIRTY CNUT IN THE CUBICLE NEXT TO ME POKED IT OUT TO WATCH ME SHOWER I fvcking banged the cubicle wall so hard it sent a shudder through to changing room, and a stern shout of ''FVCK OFF YOU PHAG''. a cubicle door slamming and the slapping of size 10 feet was heard for all of 5 seconds as i enjoyed the rest of my shower.