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  1. Not sure if this should be in supplements or adult lounge, but it's in general as I'm looking for a broad spectrum of replies. Im in desperate need of an aphrodisiac that I can supplement for a day or two or simply take and get horny, I've currently got some testosterone issues and awaiting some TRT hopefully but that could be months away, I've not been "horny" for years and would die to get back to that feeling of being horny as hell and feeling like you have been possesd by the devils advocate when a teen because you have aeen an attractive woman clothed never mind naked,".... Im sort of seeing someone at the moment and would love to get the above back for obvious reasons and get the horny aroused feel back, note I don't need something to gain an erection it's something for he libido & horn. Please dont mention steiods or recreational stims. so has anyone tried anything? I bought a tub of lipo6 maybe 3.5 years ago and that made me crazily horny, like nothing on this earth but contains lots of stuff