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    mark22 got a reaction from swole troll in Be honest; how common is gyno?   
    Never had it but thought I was starting to and being paranoid crashed my e2 completely which was really not fun. Start on a something low like 300mg test and inject regularly to keep levels stable I doubt you'll get any side effects. For hair I use Nizoral during, some use finasteride but that comes with it's own problems. And always have the right drugs at hand in case you need to react fast to something. A strip of this that and the other can tide you over until you work out the problem and buy more. 
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    mark22 got a reaction from Mangle_Schmangle in Anyone who's switched from Sustanon to Cypionate?   
    Sust in stomach, some are smooth as, others leave a bit of a bump for a day, the idea is to even out the responses, try it,
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    mark22 got a reaction from Arris in About TRT & HCG   
    As much as thinking low test is the issue talking to your doc is always good. If your anything like me the thought of it is horrible enough but I was convinced go, do could see the pressure I'd put on myself and prescribed some anxiety things that really helped but walking out the surgery that day I felt relieved. Sort those issues before adding more mood altering stuff, I'm on Cy Le again but doin subq Ed to avoids much up and down as possible. Works a treat if you don't mind needles. 
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    mark22 got a reaction from sean m in Using TRT with mid range levels   
    Trt must seem like a miracle, I agree people shouldn't just dismiss Trt as nothing it can have huge effects on people. More docorsshoukd recognise this but they mostly won't 8 guess. 
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    mark22 got a reaction from DeskSitter in Mortgage or cash buy   

    All over these boards and it shines through in your attitude, lol
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    mark22 got a reaction from benki11 in RCD Tripped   
    Sockets bed sitting ring. Looks like there's two mains rings in the house, one is the kitchen and one the bedrooms and sitting room so something plugged in a socket not in the kitchen tripped it.
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    mark22 got a reaction from Ackee&Saltfish in Extending wireless signal   
    It's actually an old router which had that mode built in but you can buy standalone ones I'm sure. Might want to look at some reviews. Some can just pick up the wireless signal and boost it but wires seems a bit more of a solid connection between wifi zones. The switch was tplink, a little square box that cost 5 or 6 pounds, allows you to plug 4 or 5 things into one network plug thing, pretty useful.
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    mark22 got a reaction from a.notherguy in online movie streaming sites   
    Kat. Ph for torrents.
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    mark22 got a reaction from XL BODIES LTD in Property developer questions   
    You'll find it hard to get a btl mortgage unless you already have a residential mortgage, or have 3 years of SA302's to show you are a professional landlord. Lending criteria are getting easier slowly but I doubt will be like it used to be. If I were you I'd buy a cheap flat and rent it out and use the remainder to try and use as a deposit on a house for yourself. Or better yet stay where you are currently if it's not costing a lot. After a couple of years of renting the flat out and declaring the rent on the self assessment site you can ask for the SA302 statements and then try to get a btl mortgage on the flat through a decent whole of market broker. If this is successful you can release 75% equity and buy a couple more with a btl mortgage and with any luck it will have gone up in value (possibly not for a few years).

    As far as property development goes, I don't think you have much cash to do it yet. If you find a old flat at auction that needs some work before renting out this could be a good way of adding value for when you can remortgage in the future. I've done this before as well as a lot of refurb and development jobs, at the moment I'm focusing on btl.
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    mark22 got a reaction from mradamwilliams in gym equipment for sale   
    Think you've put this in the wrong place but could be interested. Where are you based?
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    mark22 got a reaction from Bish83 in Ghrp2 frequency   
    I read some bad reviews of ergopep, us peptide supply was who I was looking at. Good prices and supposed quality products.
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    mark22 got a reaction from Rossy Balboa in One year old mt2....help!   
    It seems to last a long time, jab a little bit, 0.25mg I do and see if it makes you nauseous. Does for me months after reconstitution and works well.
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    mark22 got a reaction from slunkeh in Help Mixing GHRP 2 & CJC-1293   

    What you said is correct so with a 5mg vial put in 2.5ml bac water. Now you want to use 1/50th each time = 0.05 ml which is 1/10th of a 0.5ml slin pin or 1/20th of a 1ml or 5iu on the side of the slin pin.

    2mg mixed with 1ml of bac water yields the same concentration as it is the same ratio so you still use 5iu for 100mcg. So you draw up 5 ticks (5iu) of each giving 10 ticks total of 0.1ml.