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  1. Can low test cause...

    Try adding squats to your routine, real men do them, they do effect your legs
  2. Brexit was launched

    In America a lot of people go to Mexico for their source, it's legal and in the chemist's. As I say drive over here, have a little jolly order up a load and head back
  3. Hair loss protocol...

    And a penis extension and synthol biceps
  4. Hair loss protocol...

    Nizoral works directly where you want it to for hair loss, I'd take finasteride for some of a cycle but it can f**k you up so bad I just wouldn't want use it long term. If hair loss is such a worry stick to the simple cycles, or stump up on the best
  5. Hair loss protocol...

    Use Nizoral daily it blocks dht. Finasteride is a fairly cheap option but some people get some nasty sides, suggest reading a lot about it. Saw palmetto believe is another dht blocker.. Otherwise you're waiting on that just out of reach cure that's always being invented. In the meantime if you're still cycling inject less more often, keep levels as steady as possible.
  6. Can low test cause...

    I believe it can, some men just look like they have low test, others more built more fscial hair etc, if it's you get a blood test
  7. Never had it but thought I was starting to and being paranoid crashed my e2 completely which was really not fun. Start on a something low like 300mg test and inject regularly to keep levels stable I doubt you'll get any side effects. For hair I use Nizoral during, some use finasteride but that comes with it's own problems. And always have the right drugs at hand in case you need to react fast to something. A strip of this that and the other can tide you over until you work out the problem and buy more.
  8. Brexit was launched

    Time for a nice week's holiday over here, get you goods and drive home, can't imagine any issues. Néw business opportunities if anyone looking haha
  9. I ruined my last cycle taking adex after advice from somewhere. Finally dropped down to 0.25mg every two weeks and was OK but ended cycle early, lockdown didn't help. Next time a nice easy test, primo cycle is calling me.
  10. PCT or no PCT advice

    After three months 500 test 200 npp and 1000 hcg most weeks I'd really appreciate the best out. I can stay onj cruise till you let me know. Main thing confusing me is hsving been in hcg say 4 on 1 off during cycle Don carry on after until pct, and then just clomid.
  11. As I said. In stomach, around belly button in thicker areas than you would peps.try it,, Satan, linimemt and ghost all been fine., gost and npp like a dream slide in, oh and I never get pip like I ised to in the thigh, I think peeps just go lot better oils now.
  12. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    The mindset should be less is more, try200mg with some npp or primo see what happens. No sides I think our problems are when young see how far push it to see what sides do.
  13. 20 hour fasting

    Oh I add mct oil and double cream to my coffee, it's nice. And I'm serious do that earlier morning and fast a few days yuhkm see results. Kicks in the keto, some of the old school use to use mct keep that vacuum stomach, cnt best it
  14. 20 hour fasting

    Easy one, even without aas, take the body longer tha. Three days to enter starvation mode, can't believe all this bs is still on here. Eatsomerawchicken, that lost me weight once, so did well sore cycle. Don't feel kike eatingifyiut not lifting, ollsosite other way round but kestyhou stay anabolic,, idtrsi. Hardactero followup swith agoodbukk.
  15. Stansard Jo b

    It's been a while since I been doing 5 6 a dayjabs on this. I see there some bigger vialanow, 10mg of each or more of each woukd save ewrki gout how many or cjci need. Coming offcycle shortly, got my mt2 from last year, bloody chi eses. Anyway a hint, pointer, used hyper peptides a long. Whke back and a other pla e here I won't ever mention, it's my peptides, like German covid vaccine?oh that American one was good, sure that helps, anyway so I need some big bananas ta