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  1. Will covid 19 go away

    There is a new swine flu that China has created. Coming soon to a doorstep near you.
  2. How much would you pay for this motorbike?

    £1189.99 not a penny more
  3. How far would you drive to the gym?

    200 yards - 300 yards
  4. How much will you get? A £10 Argos voucher at best.
  5. I wasn't even aware of this technology. I don't like to use apps for banking purposes.
  6. Ok will do it online (medichecks). I wanted to do it pre, during & post. However i can't afford 3 tests, so it will be 2 instead, pre & post.
  7. It's inevitable. They always resign in the end.
  8. Blood Results

    cheers! It seems everybody always says medichecks. So two of those? 1 pre cycle and one post cycle ?
  9. Thanks to all 4 of you (Bensif, Terbo,Stuey99 & Gods gift to earth). All great valuable responses. That helped answer all the questions i'd wanted to know for along time. Cheers lads!
  10. There are always some newbies like that. (seen such responses for 20 years. Thats whyi said come with something new, kiddo :)) ). Generally yungens , and they've read similar comments on other boards/threads, and just copy them. Most of them are probably not practicing what they are preaching either, them and their families are using many resources of the NHS.
  11. Satan Pharma

    i think there's at least 40 different UG labs knocking around. (unless some labs are producing products with multiple brand names) It's all getting ridiculous. What are considered the top 3 most reputable brands in 2020?
  12. Hi! I had my T tested 20 years and it was 14.2 nmol/l (range was 10.0 - 30.0 , which is 409 ng/dL Is that generally considered low to you guys? I will soon do another one soon as soon as covid eases down. I guess now it will probably be lower. (i'm out of shape too). What's regarded has hypogonadism in 2020? Is it below 9 nmol? Secondly, is pct or on-cycle ancillary drugs necessary at all? I'm talking about T dosages of between 200mg -300mg p/w, and shortish cycle of around 12 weeks. I know that everybody reacts differently, but generally, would you be fine without any ancillary drugs? Would you naturally bounce back (im in my late 30s), within few weeks. I've read on forums/threads before users claiming that they don't do PCT. I have stuff like arimidex in case signs of gyno. cheers!
  13. yeah he says low, but doesn't give a number. Maybe he thinks it's low, but it may not be low.
  14. Superdrol UGL Recommendation

    these questions are more confusing. You will get 10 different opinions on which UGL to take. I think they're pretty much all the same.
  15. you're lame. These responses are 20 years old. Come with something fresh, you must be new around here, kid. LOL!