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  1. Been using there test e 300 and it's been bang on.
  2. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    How's everyone coping? Hope you lot are ok. Feel like I'm slowly building my own gym haha. The things we do hey. Managed to pick up a chsst suported row yesterday, which should help alot. And got a few other bits coming. I guess with the uncertainty of when gyms will open. We kind of have no choice. Hope you all are keeping well.
  3. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Hope everyone is doing well. I've been quiet on here but still grafting away. Off season going well and managing to get my workouts in at home. Got a decent amount of weight. Right now the plan is to have a long off season now, with the uncertainty of the shows etc right now. Trying to upload recent pictures but it won't work for some reason. So hopefully this shows up
  4. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Firstly hope everyone is OK, safe and well. This covid-19 seems to have f**ked plans up for my show. All shows postponed for the next 3 months. So now the plan is to increase the calories into a surplus again to take advantage of the extra few months to improve and then prep for a show around September time. Going to blast for another 6 weeks then I'll cruise before prep starts.
  5. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Thanks mate. And currently using inone and nexus.
  6. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    So one week into prep. Strength has been great. Noticed an improvement in mass/density over this off season so should be interesting. Total cals have dropped slightly but very minor at the minute. Cardio is currently at 9k steps a day and 25mins cardio upon wake on rest days. Looking forward to seeing the changes over these next few weeks. Current cycle is 750mg test e and 600mg npp. Will be adding in masteron soon and save tren slightly longer before adding it in and bringing the npp down. Orals usually saved for closer to the end of prep.
  7. Cheapest primo lab?

    I ran Nexus primo throughout my last off season and prep and rated it. Nice clean gains with very minimal if any sides. I find it adds up the dosage for the total anabolics without adding to the sides.
  8. Wow...all I read from that rant was someone who is bald and trying very very hard to justify it by putting someone else down to the point it took a whole essay to get at him. No different to these plus size women who absolutely slate smaller/skinnier girls and talk about body confidence blah blah but then are the first to pull the fat card when anyone breathes a word to them. Some girls like to be small ,some like to be big. Same as some men like to be bald and some men like to have f*cking dreadlocks. Makes no difference mate. As in reality. It doesn't come down solely to one thing when having 'girls falling at your feet' Some girls fall at the feet of the likes of Jason momoa and he isn't bald from what I recall. Get off his back and chill the f*ck out. I never get involved in drama on here. But that was totally uncalled for. He asked a question. OP my answer is Mast and winny.
  9. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Tonight's session...Legs/Back - • Lying hamstring curls - 1 loading/1 backoff (full stack + 25kg/full stack) • Hack squat - 1 backoff/followed by 2 loading (130kg/180kg) • Paused leg press - 1 loading/1 20 rep backoff (410kg/290kg) • Abductors - 1 20 rep set - almost full stack • Adductors - 1 rest pause set - full stack with 2 rest pauses • Glute bridges - 2 loading sets (120kg) • Toe press - (Calves) - 3 loading sets - 200kg Will post some more detailed updates in the week. Prep starts thursday...
  10. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Update from tonight sessions. Overall a good one. Harder as I'm currently on nightshifts so literally had like 2 hours sleep a day. Overall great workout tho. Felt strong and hit some good numbers. Its was shoulders and triceps. I'll post workout below. • Side lateral machine - 2 loading sets (50kg) • HS shoulder press - 1 loading/1 backoff (3.5pps/3pps) • Shoulder press machine - 1 loading/1 backoff (stack plus 15kg, followed by stack) • Dips - 1 loading/1 backoff- bodyweight plus 40kg followed by bodyweight set • Straight bar tricep pushdown - 1 loading/1 backoff (stack plus 20kg followed by stack) • Single arm preacher curl - 2 loading (35kg) each arm • Dual preacher curl - 1 rest pause set (55kg) Also got a quick picture of my lat spread im trying HARD to improve and make a strong point. Hope everyone is good.
  11. Anyone used ROHM NPP 200? Are ROHM still decent? Haven't used them in years
  12. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    So little update...sorry been quieter. Will keep this updated alot more going forward. Start prep soon so I guess that's always a kick up the arsse too to get more posts up. Current split is this • Legs/back • Chest/push • off • Pull/hams • Off • Delts/tris • off then repeat Macros I'll have to work out but I'm just short of 5000 cals (been higher before but currently no need) Strength has been very good and very consistent. Moving up numbers pretty consistently and feeling alot better going into this prep. I'll post an update. Currently just fat, hairy and strong but this will change...TRUST ME I'm going to nail that nasty conditioning. Hope everyone is well. 20200128_114537_1_1.mp4
  13. I'm working on it mate Haha. There is a few lads on here i can think of. I'd have to say Chelsea is up there. Amazing physique too.
  14. Nexus problems?

    Also just to confirm, at this moment I'm not slating them. I've used alot of their stuff in the past and it's been good. However this time it's got me thinking. So just wanted to ask. Also their cialis is sh*t I know that. Doubled up to 40mg and nothing. I normally only ever use half a tab (10mg) and its perfect but not this time.
  15. Nexus problems?

    I didn't say I wasn't happy to do a blood test. I get my bloods done inbetween every blast and cruise. I was just asking a question first. Everything I've had previously has been spot on, even their cialis (previously) although I agree this new batch of cialis is dog sh*t