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  1. Personally think 300mg is not needed at your bodyweight. 150mg-200mg would be more than enough. Do you have a goal date? Is that why you want to break it up with 2 cruises??
  2. Basically you cycle as normal (your blast) then cruise for a period (length depends on health markers and wantever you want really) I usually do around 6-8 weeks cruise while I get bloods done and check markers etc. Once all is ok that's when my blast begins again. As for wanting children. It's not a guarantee that it stops you having children. Both of my boys were conceived during this point. But on the flip side there is no guarantee it wouldn't stop you either. You can always come off and do a fertility type protocol. Alot have success with it. Personally I would weigh up the choices. What you want from it. I do it because I compete and have 2 children. So just decide what is best for you. Just get bloods done and don't be reckless with doses and supplement with things that will help your health markers.
  3. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Legs are in pieces after my leg session. Typical leg sessions currently due to home training are.. • Banded single leg hamstring curl • dumbbell hamstring curl • Barbell squats • split squat • sissy squats • calve raises Volume has increased slightly from the norm due to the weight I have access to. But it's working so far. Still got a decent amount of weight and equipment but no access to 500kg of weights Legs have managed to hold so far. Will post update below. Currently still on cruise will start my blast this week ready to nail this prep
  4. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Wheels look good mate ?
  5. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Hey so been a while since I been on here. I've still be grafting and getting sh*t done. Just didn't think many people were interested. I've now started prep for my upcoming shows. I had a good off season run. Manage to get to a high of 253lb then had a small tidy up to around 240lb and now we're into prep for this now. Hope everyone is keeping ok. So just waiting for bloods then I'll be back blasting ready for this prep. Cycle will be 700mg test e, 500mg npp and 500mg EQ. currently on a push/pull/legs routine with home training currently until gyms reopen. Will post a little update below.
  6. Apparently sphinx has shut up shop? How are people getting on with SG?
  7. Are people using ROHM and getting on ok with it?
  8. Haven't been on here for a while. I was mainly using nexus for the past year. Have access to other brands. What is the general thoughts on these labs currently? I ask I know things can change and labs go sh*t. I'm competing in a few months and about to start my prep. So don't want to waste my time with a bad lab. So be good to know what people currently think are the labs worth using. I know this gets asked a thousand times
  9. Lockdown plan

    I don't think it will be 4 weeks either :/
  10. Lockdown plan

    I know that gyms staying opening etc is being heard in Parliament Wednesday. So will see what the outcome is. (Although it's only 4 weeks) if equipment is limited. Maybe cruise for 4 weeks then go back into your blast?? I wouldn't cut now. Probably worst thing you can do. Reducing calories and increasing output all while lifting less weight is asking for muscle loss in my opinion. I carried on pushing up last lockdown and got to my heaviest weight (reasonably tidy too)
  11. Inone pharma - in1 source

    Can't comment on the dosage as I haven't had it tested but it's working like I'd expect and weight was moving up nicely (now into a tidy up phase)
  12. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Another solid pull session in the bag. Won't post it up as it's basically the same as the last pull session I posted before this post. Overall very good tho. Down another 2lb on this tidy up. Hoping we can nail this tidy up and then push back up again. Prep starts in around 14 weeks. Quick update below. Not the best quality pictures tho.
  13. For me NPP very good at what it does and little to no side effects
  14. Inone ?

    Used it for a while now. Done as I want it to. And no complaints here
  15. Test e (sphinx)

    Sphinx is bang on. I never really 'feel' my test 'kick in' it just works in the background and you tick the rest of the boxes.