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  1. Dark Ghost ?

    300mg of Tren per ml is 300mg of Tren per ml regardless of what lab it is. What you can expect from DG is a quality product with minimal PIP.
  2. Number of sets to failure for each exercise?

    Duly noted buddy. Going to leave a little in the tank until the final set for each exercise. Many thanks for your input.
  3. Self Administering.....Telling GP

    I personally would not tell my GP about the use of AAS and here are a few reasons why. It's hard to predict the state of the NHS and if we will have one in the next decade. If for any reason we have to pay for health care it will negate your ability to get a good deal. Also there are an increasing number of jobs that require high level clearance hence require medical records. Your AAS use will possibly disqualify you from certain jobs.
  4. Its fitting that you titled this thread as "Bite the bullet" as you will need to bite something when you jab that compound lol. Although honestly it is a very versatile product that can be included as part of any bulking or cutting cycle. For me the sides where minimal other than the PIP and the results where above satisfying but not dramatic like Adrol. You have more than enough to run 450-600 mg a week. You say that your regaining strength on just test? Is this because you are returning after the closure of gyms? If so I would not use all my weapons in one go and wait until you get 90% strength then hit the DHB. 500mg of Test and 450mg of DHB will be optimal although I am not sure of your cycle experience. Your not going to get more benefits from doing more than 525mg a week of DHB. So 3ml and a half. Expect dry, quality gains that will be similar to Deca without the sides.
  5. Number of sets to failure for each exercise?

    Indeed I am although always appreciate hearing the approach taken by other members. When I train, I always get that sense I am cheating my self if I do not go to failure.
  6. I been experimenting with a diet consisting of egg whites, cheese, yoghurts and protein powder as an alternative to meat for sourcing protein. Its to early to tell if gains are as/less effective for muscle mass than meat but wondered what other people experiences are?
  7. Number of sets to failure for each exercise?

    Going to faliure Dorian Yates style is the approach I took during my early years of training and admittedly got real results. However I must admit how do you increase the intensity when you already went all out the week before?
  8. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    But on a side note I would use pharmacy grade gear when possible. When I am abroad I get Testiviron's direct from a pharmacy and use those for TRT.
  9. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    Hey buddy, why is that? I have used there Anavar and seemed quite effective. Its difficult for UG labs to have any form of quality control as they are at the mercy of raw suppliers. There was one UGL for example who had random drug testing by random members and it was found that there Primo was overdosed yet there Test which is cheaper was underdosed by a third. I doubt that UGL's like Nexus would intentionally put out underdosed products as the market is lucrative and so competitive that one bad batch would tarnish there brand for good. And with many agent provocateurs out there it serves them no purpose.
  10. Vascular

    Put superdrol on that list and Ment. Other factors to consider for veins to be more visible is feeling warmer, carb loading after being on a diet and generally bigger muscles. The bigger your biceps the more blood needed to travel through those veins.
  11. Androchem

    Ok could you provide an update after 4 weeks of using it? I remember using Ment and the fullness/vascularity is second to nothing. Great strength gains also. Recommended injecting ED if you can and just in case you where not aware it had been discontinued due to infertility on some who it was tested on.
  12. Dimensions m-base

    M-tren is extremely toxic although dimensions as a UG is reputable. That particular compound however is the one AAS that can give you irreparable damage in a short space of time. No logical reason to justify its use IMO when there are better alternatives. Even high dose Anadrol is safer than that.
  13. Androchem

    Lol mate I am not saying anything negative. The product was good having tried once and the delivery was extremely fast, pretty much the main 2 things you want from a source. He comes across as quite short tempered but that is tolerable providing the product and service is good.
  14. 180 days continuous steroid cycle

    Solid advice mate. The fundamentals of muscle growth is stimulus, nutrition and sleep. Everything else is like toppings on a pizza and can easily be forgotten. I must admit physically I feel really refreshed and my elbow pain appears to have gone so there has been positives.
  15. Androchem

    There pretty good mate, although the guy who runs it from the UK has a bit of a temperament issue. Providing you don't get offended easily they are pretty good and fast.