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  1. Genxtropin

    How are you finding these btw? Any sides?
  2. My reasoning behind taking GH before bed, is that your body is in an anabolic state while a sleep. Hence why it would be the best time to utilise it.
  3. Yes I feel the same way. It takes away anxiety and makes me feel quite tired.
  4. Hi Pscarb, you don't think this approach also reduces the risk of insulin resistance?
  5. GH shutdown

    Hi JMB, It will suppress it temporarily although the general consensus is that the level of suppression is not as serious as Anabolic Steroids would be to your natural testosterone production. You could also use peptides during your off time to help stimulate your own natural production.
  6. Best Oral for building muscle

    My personal opinion is Winstrol. Its more potent than its given credit for and the impact it has on your body is quite fast and explosive.
  7. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    Yes exactly, its all part of a government conspiracy to create the NWO. And all those nurses, patients and sufferers of Cov-19 are state actors creating an illusion so we can be enslaved by the government
  8. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    First casualty of someone I know personally from Covid-19 occurred 2 weeks ago from work as it was announced via email. He had underlying health problems with his heart although certainly to young and healthy to have died so soon in his 50's. His death was recorded as pneumonia, but it was triggered by Covid-19. He called a work colleague recently before he died and she described how she could not understand a word he was saying Poor might must have been suffocating to death.
  9. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    Very good point. I think there will be a period of that initially although normality will prevail eventually.
  10. Red Welts from HGH injections

    I really hope not mate. I am taking Gen-x tropin which has great feedback and GH does increased Ghrelin. I am also taking Tren, which could be a contributing factor.
  11. Red Welts from HGH injections

    Oh and another thing I am finding with GH is that I am absurdly hungry and can not stop eating. I try to refrain from excess calories but I find it exceptionally difficult, hence why I question how people can burn body fat on this stuff.
  12. Red Welts from HGH injections

    Yes my carb intake has certainly increased, and don't shy away from eating carbs before bed as it helps me sleep. Have been on the GH for 3 and a half weeks and currently dosing it at 3.5 iu a day before bed. Might ramp this up to 4.5 IU and see how it goes. How are you getting on with it?
  13. Red Welts from HGH injections

    No , I am entirely new to GH. The red inflammation you are seeing is quite common with water based compounds, as had been my experience when I tried LR3 IGF many years ago. From my experience, they appear and then fade away. If it was some bacterial response by your body, you would know about it. When I touch the area, I feel no pain, so its just a bit of inflammation that will subside. Are you getting any water retention? My waist has increased by 1 inch already
  14. Red Welts from HGH injections

    Hey buddy, I am using Gen-x also and getting the same thing. They are red painless lumps that go away so I am not particularly concerned. I would personally crack on with it if I was you.
  15. Mate, I wish I could although the gym equipment market are robbing the bodybuilding/fitness community shamelessly during these difficult times. The big names like fitness-superstore are massively delayed and will take a month at least to get you anything, although they seem to have the most stock and variety. All the other businesses are mainly out of stock and selling at an extremely extortionate rate. 150% increase in many cases since the announcement by Boris.