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  1. BPC-157 Log

    Thanks for the heads up. May well give this a go for recovery as for us silver lifters, it can take a little longer. Shoulder healed pretty much 100% strength wise. there are one or two positions when hyper lexed that cause some discomfort, but nothing in the day to day routine. I added TB-500 on a short sharp shock basis that kicked it in to touch finally. This was about 4 months ago - life got in the way of updates.
  2. BPC-157 Log

    I get crippling CTS after about 7 days even on a low dose. Doesn't matter if is something like Hyge or pharma.
  3. BPC-157 Log

    Exercise mainly revolves around stretching, and maintaining mobility. Muscle strength is good, so its ensuring that flexibility is maintained above all else. Exercises are self limiting in range though based on the level of pain. Over the course of the BPC pins these have become easier, and range of movement better. also when the joint does get twinged then the pain level is lower and subsides quicker. Looking to start introducing some light weights into this next week.
  4. BPC-157 Log

    Today marked the 7th dose on this run. To say the results have been good would be an understatement. After day 5 the pain had stopped waking me at night. MOvement is returning, and when I do 'twinge' it, the pain is less. So far very positive results from this. I intend to run initlly for 14 days, and then re-assess at that point. So far though, very impressed.
  5. BPC-157 Log

    Its been a very long time since I posted anywhere in here, and the first under the new management and look for the site, prevoiously known under another name and was a mod to boot. Also used to write guides on various non-AAS compounds, that occasionally l still get tagged by people, which is nice to see. Have had previous experience using peptides to heal a very nasty quad tear, and at that point looked at BPC-157 however was a new pep at the time and dosing protocols were a bit hit and miss. Following advice from @Pscarb I ran an IGF-3 and Peg-MGF protocol that halved the doc's predicted healing time. Fast forward to now, and about 8 weeks ago managed to damage my left shoulder. I figured cartilage as it's that sickening deep joint pain when it is over extended or put in a strange position, rather than being something like a rotator cuff. I thought it would heal up on its own, so left it alone. I only really train to keep in shape now, my days of building muscle and AAS are long gone. 7 weeks on and not a huge amount of change and its pissing me off. It wakes me up during the night as well. So looked again at peptides, and was thinking maybe a TB-500 run, however there seemed to be established dosing protocols for BPC-157 and looked like it could be one to try. So thought I'd give it a blast. I am 3 days in at this point and already have noticeable improvement, so thought I'd run a log here in case people might find it useful. I'll try and document as well as I can the stages of improvement, at what point I consider it 'healed', and then going forward if I need to top it up at all at intervals. I am currently dosing 500ug a day split as 250ug every 12 hours. SubQ as close to the injury 'area' as possible Day 2 prior to the mornign dose, I thought i could feel a difference, but put it down to some placebo effect Today (Day 3) prior to the mornig dose, and the improvement is noticeable, also last night only got woken up by it twice, which is a massive change. Hopefully some of you guys might find this useful.