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  1. T3 and ECA

    cheers guys Clen is a no go anyway cant handle the shakes.
  2. T3 and ECA

    Cheers did you keep the timing of the T3 and ECA seperate or just take together. I was planning taking them 1st thing together or is that a no no.
  3. T3 and ECA

    Hi, I have done a quick search on using the above together but most results came back with T3 and Clen. I do not like Clen and was wondering if anyone runs the T3/ECA together. Im on test as well Cheers
  4. Help required 51 yr old

    Yes you are correct about the difference in physique. i have been doing lots of vacums lately but will add in the leg raises.
  5. Help required 51 yr old

    Thanks, you are probably right. As i said the buzz i still get after a hard session will keep me motivated to keep going. It was my goal for 10% for my 50th but think it was a bit unrealistic. Hopefully this year i can get close.
  6. Help required 51 yr old

    Thanks for the comments they inspire me to try even harder to get to where i want to be which i feel is still quite away off. I was thinking it could be water i was holding onto as i drink at least 4 ltrs per day. I was even going to try and find a trainer up in the Glasgow area to try and help me to my goal. Sometimes the waist/lower back dosnt look too bad, this was this morning Sorry about the daft funny face but i am generally quite shy and no one else sees my body except her in doors as i have the luxury to train in the gym before its open to the public.
  7. Help required 51 yr old

    Thanks for replies Cardio seems to be the missing link here. I tried to avoid it by reducing calories slightly. I will add some in starting this week. Will have a read up on IF
  8. Help required 51 yr old

    Each body part twice per week on rotation for example mon then fri again and so on. Its the stubborn waist lower back that gets to me. Overall im happy with my size just the excess round the waist lower back.
  9. Help required 51 yr old

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We always want a bit better and i feel if i cant get to where i want to now then i never will as age, joints and injuries will take its toll. Its more habbit now (but dont get me wrong once the session is over i feel amazing) and feel there is something missing if i dont get my work out done for the day. Suppose i could try and cut back the weight sessions or increase time between sets and add in some cardio but it will be difficult to change.
  10. Help required 51 yr old

    Hi As you can see from the pics i need help trying to get down to single digits but whatever i try i cannot seem to shift the front and sides. I have tried maintenance low cal and upping cals for 2 weeks then reducing again. 51yrs old 192lbs 5 foot 8" weight train 5 days week. very little cardio but my lifting routine is 15 reps 30 second interval during sets and knackared after the workout.
  11. A Basic Guide to HGH.

    Shadow, Do you take the full 10iu at once.
  12. Bit of advice from advanced users please. 50 years old weight train 4/5 days per week Currently running 100mcg Mod GRF 1-29/100mcg Ipam 3 x daily for usual benefits wellbeing, sleep and so on. 1st post work out 07.15am 2nd 11am 3rd Just before bed. I have 500ius HGH and was wondering what would be the best protocol to introduce it to be cost effective. I was thinking (and here is where your advice would be welcome) 2ius upon wakening 5.30am then just one pin of the 100mcg Mod GRF 1-29/100mcg Ipam just before bed. Currently 184lbs with about 14% BF. Goals would be to continue the wellbeing, sleep and dropping a few % BF. Thanks in advance.
  13. Pep vs HGH

    Thanks for replies and advice I train 6.30 am mon - fri and although im looking for a better lifestyle i like the idea of reduced BF and some muscle mass. The peptide world amazes me with all the different compounds. I was trying to narrow down the ones that would best fit. I will look further into ghrp-2 + mod grf 1-29 . I have managed to get enough cash together for 5 x 100iu Ansomone( cannot find any 40iu) but was weighing up what would be better for the price peptides or HGH cheers
  14. Pep vs HGH

    Hi I have been looking into trying either of the above and although there are loads of information out there it is quite confusing. Any help from hands on approach would help me decide which route to go. Im 50 years old with a few cycles under the belt. Been training for years and built up what i think for my age a decent body with roughly 13% BF. I have the usual aches and pains with the years of lifting (elbows, knees). My sleep is terrible and has been for some time only getting 4hrs straight through (doc has tried me on various pills but dosnt seem to help). I take the odd melatonin which helps knock me out but 4hrs later wide awake which effects me during the day. I have stubborn fat at the bottom of my back, not alot but its there (seems watery as springs back when pinched). Basically looking for a better life improvement. So Q is what in your opinion would be the best Pep or HGH to improve things without pinning more than twice a day. By the way im on a cruse dose test E every 10 days. Many thanks and hope you can make an ageing guy feel better.