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  1. Home gym for me. No distractions. No wasted travel time. No waiting for equipment. Fridge within easy reach.
  2. I'm not posting things in bulk. Just individual parcels. I'm still on track with the original post which was talking about people buying odd things from EU shops. The thread seems to have got a bit sidetracked into the wider realm of business transactions and politics so I'm out lol.
  3. I ship things both ways. I'm paying an extra 5 euro's coming in per parcel, and £4.30 going out, so fairly similar both ways.
  4. OK. I misunderstood your post. You're saying people in the EU are being charged more for buying UK goods. The thread is about the opposite.
  5. Maybe. I wouldn't know. The OP is about buying items from EU online shops. In my experience so far there is very little change in buying and selling on a personal level.
  6. I'm still buying online from the EU with no issues. Some have increased their postage a little but that's it.
  7. Been waiting over a year on 3 operations

    This post violates posting rule 11.
  8. Nobody knows the amount of modding that goes on because they see nothing of what goes on behind the scenes. More people get banned before a post appears on here than anything else. I'm locking this thread now as it goes against the posting rules in itself.
  9. Been waiting over a year on 3 operations

    More like anger management, a willpower transplant, and a swear filter fitting.
  10. 2.58 nmol/L

    You don't need to be on benefits to get free prescriptions. There's medical exemption too.
  11. Name change

  12. I'm struggling to find any caffeine in my whisky. If I'm just not getting what you're saying I apologise.
  13. I'm not sure what you're saying here tbh. If it doesn't negatively impact another, I'm for people doing what makes them happy. Nothing more. Nothing less. I'm not sure how a drink before bed matters whatever the time of day?
  14. Now you're just making things up to suit your opinions. I didn't mention a time, or a quantity in my post. What I am saying is life is for enjoying. If someone enjoys a drink at 7 am who are we to tell them that's wrong. Chill and have some fun.