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  1. Tinfoil Hat Thread

    You're yet to explain to me why Lucifer is a bad guy.
  2. Will covid 19 go away

    Ah, you've sold out now. No coming back from that.
  3. Will covid 19 go away

    Stop quoting those mainstream alien, child abusing, satanic, Coronation Street watching, establishment newspapers. Are you an MP? !!!
  4. 2020 worst year ever ?

    I'm going to have to make this now
  5. 2020 worst year ever ?

    The late 70's weren't much better. I remember walking to my local during the winter of discontent. There was no street lights as the leccy was switched off at 5pm or so. We sat in the pub by candlelight drinking cans as the pumps wouldn't work.
  6. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Miners strike, power cuts, commercial electricity on 3 day week, tv shutting down early, pubs and suchlike closed... Edit: and the oil crisis.
  7. 2020 worst year ever ?

    The early 70's wasn't a barrel of laughs.
  8. TRT - NHS, Private, UGL

    I find it fine. It's no effort to book an appointment. I do it when I get my jab. Turning up at my GP's surgery 5 times a year isn't a hassle.. The general concensus is that it takes 4-5 jabs before your levels get to where they're supposed to be. The NHS aim for a trough reading of 15 n/mol. I've only ever achieved this trough reading twice in 8 and a half years but I feel fine anyway so numbers mean little to me. Everything works just fine so I have little to complain about really.
  9. TRT - NHS, Private, UGL

    I've been on NHS prescribed nebido for over 8 years now. Initially I was on Testogel but asked to change to nebido after 5 months. Following a MRI scan I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. I go to my GP's surgery every 10 weeks at present and have my injection administered by a nurse. It takes about 5 minutes. I've never asked about self administration as I would never be able to inject myself as well, or as easily, as a medical professional. I'm not prescribed any additional meds but wouldn't want to take them anyway.
  10. So these are the plans for Scotland outlined today. Gyms are in phase 3. Phase 1: Virus not yet contained but cases are falling. From 28 May you should be able to meet another household outside in small numbers. Sunbathing is allowed, along with some outdoor activities like golf and fishing. Garden centres and drive-through takeaways can reopen, some outdoor work can resume, and childminding services can begin. Phase 2: Virus controlled. You can meet larger groups outdoors, and meet another household indoors. Construction, factories, warehouses, laboratories and small shops can resume work. Playgrounds and sports courts can reopen, and professional sport can begin again. Phase 3: Virus suppressed. You can meet people from more than one household indoors. Non-essential offices would reopen, along with gyms, museums, libraries, cinemas, larger shops, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and dentists. Live events could take place with restricted numbers and physical distancing restrictions. Schools should reopen from 11 August. Phase 4: Virus no longer a significant threat. University and college campuses can reopen in full, mass gatherings are allowed. All workplaces open and public transport is back at full capacity.
  11. My trough reading was low for the first year or so with only gradual improvements. Most people I know, and also people posting on UK-M, have suggested that it takes at least 4 to 5 jabs for levels to dial in. Obviously I felt much better almost immediately, but it generally takes a while for the numbers to catch up.
  12. Petition to open gyms again

    You're probably right. These are the Ireland governments guidelines. Nothing to do with the UK. Friends in Ireland tell me that folks there have been much stricter with the social distancing than here in the UK. It's worth mentioning that these guidelines are for phase 5 of Ireland's return to normal, and not to be introduced until mid August at the earliest.
  13. Petition to open gyms again

    These are the proposed measures for opening pubs in Ireland... Dispense-only bars, with no sitting, standing, ordering, payment or drinking at the bar itself. Customers will be seated at tables at all times, with table service provided. No more than four people per every 10 square metres; a maximum of six people allowed at one table; Hand sanitiser used before entry, with staff washing hands every half hour; Outdoor spaces must "enhance" social distancing; No live music or DJ and the safe use of toilets, which may include limits on the number of customers using them at one time.
  14. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    Not really. Police, hospitals, prison service, paramedics, always recruiting around our way. I work in healthcare and I assure you we'd have more staff if we could get them.
  15. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I'm not really interested in other people's pay but, if this is the case, why is it that public sector employers are always massively understaffed?