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  1. Muscle Bellies

    Right arm is longer, left arm is peaked.
  2. Twilight of the Thunder God

    Cheers guys. I had a brief Squatting session tonight and that will be my last weight work before our holiday. I've managed to diet down to the 95kg mark which is pretty decent going considering the unstructured nature of my cut and, although I'm not 100% happy with the way things went, it will have to do. When I get back I will have to decide exactly where I want to go next, but I expect it will revolve around the big three lifts coupled with a bit of cardio. If I haven't got to the place where I can look to entering a comp by the turn of the year I'll probably drop the strength stuff for good.
  3. Twilight of the Thunder God

    I weighed myself in the gym yesterday and I had put on 0.1kg following my feast of the previous day. Just goes to show that you can have a splurge now and then if you adjust your other macros and add cardio accordingly A quick weights session comprising some work for Back and Legs, with a bit of additional Chest thrown in. Nothing exciting, just ticking over now. No training tonight and if I manage to squeeze any in before our holiday it will be either cardio or some Squatting in the home gym. I need to pack, and sort out a million things as we're having two lots of workers in whilst we are away. One lot creating a bathroom from a basic shell, and the other installing the wood burner. Should be interesting to see the place when we return.
  4. True. I've always been a fan of intra cycle therapy rather than post.
  5. I know that. I find it amusing that back then there were no options for clomid and tamoxifen but everyone ran HCG during their cycles. Now everyone has access to clomid and tamox and hardly anyone bothers with HCG intra cycle.
  6. These weren't available back then.
  7. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    I've tried them all. Awful stuff.
  8. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    I agree. KFC - Mega Bucket for One but I don't bother with the chips. McDonalds - a couple of Double Cheese Bugers in one bun makes a decent post workout snack.
  9. I guess they just managed. I genuinely don't recall anyone suffering from gyno nor other sides. Or at least if they did it either didn't bother them or they kept it to themselves. People back then generally weren't so keen to share as much personal information with the world as they do today. When I came off gear after many years I simply stopped. Yes, I felt like shit, and yes, it took a good old while to recover, but I just put my head down and got through it and I guess most other people did the same.
  10. He doesn't say you have to do a PCT though. He just tells you how to do it if you want to.
  11. What are your favourite pulldowns?

    No, I agree with that. I'll just give the rope a try to see what it's like, but I think it will put unwanted emphasis on the wrist when all you really want to do is isolate the lats. They are a great exercise for the core too as you really feel them in your abs.
  12. What are your favourite pulldowns?

    I tend to do these with a short straight bar using a similar body position to that shown in the video. I may well give them a try with the rope during tomorrow's session.
  13. Lots of people don't run a PCT. Back in the day no-one had ever heard of one tbh. PCT's are quite a modern phenomenon. I've never taken a PCT med in my life.
  14. Twilight of the Thunder God

    I've eaten very little so far today so, combined with 45 minutes and 30 km on the bike, I can allow myself 2 Gregg's Corned Beef pasties, a Chicken Bake, two Jumbo Sausage Rolls, and a large bag of CO-OP Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar crisps - the greatest crisps ever made