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  1. Armed police shut down gym

    As mentioned, going for a run has way more benefit than the gym. No-one needs big biceps to be healthy whichever way you look at it. People need to go to the gym because of the social aspect. Whether that be chatting with mates, showing off to others, feeling part of a like minded group, etc. The odd person will go because they are a serious trainer, but the vast majority are social butterflies. Just look around yourself.
  2. Armed police shut down gym

    Haha. It was the first Budgie album. Check it out on Discogs. £200 was a bargain for a mint copy to complete my collection.
  3. Armed police shut down gym

    But a tiny percentage when compared to pubs, pizza shops, and cafes. I bought a lp the other day for just shy of £200. I could have had 8 months in my local gym for that. It's all relative really.
  4. Armed police shut down gym

    You don't have to go out to a shop to spend ffs. And I'm not seeing many shops close. Gyms? Hardly make a difference to economy do they?
  5. Armed police shut down gym

    You're so out of touch mate. We spend our money on wine, women and song and not one penny wasted. It's the seventies and eighties every day for us oldies. The under 40's have grown up with political correctness and the internet. They don't know how to enjoy themselves, poor fuckers.
  6. Armed police shut down gym

    Alternative scenario - Isolate those who actually have the virus and let the older folk walk the earth spending their greater amounts of cash and therefore saving the economy.
  7. Deload: volume or intensity

    50-60% of my 1 rep max, 3 sets of 5 for one of Squats, Deads, and Bench. 50-60% of max for 8-10 reps, for 3 sets of two lesser exercises per session. 9 sets a session, 3 times a week.
  8. No idea either. Posting in the wrong section is the one that annoys me.
  9. Clothes rant

    Got to say that I've never had an issue getting clothes to fit, and that includes when I was 260 pounds. Methinks people make more of this than it is.
  10. Another lockdown?

    Lock down all the youngsters. Let the oldies boost the economy as they have the majority of the wealth anyway.
  11. Blood Count - Thick blood

    If you make regular donations your iron levels can drop an supplementation may be required.
  12. Thoughts on my test results

    'Dangerously high', may be a little strong, but you are almost certain to encounter issues with that level over time.
  13. Thoughts on my test results

    That's as it should be then. Everyone is different but your levels shouldn't be holding you back. Unless, of course, you've now convinced yourself that they are. I've been on prescribed trt for 9 years now and my trough level has never exceeded 15 n/mol and is usually much lower, and that hasn't stopped me in any way.
  14. Thoughts on my test results

    What time of day were your tests taken? They should be taken before 9 am.