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    barsnack got a reaction from Danny1970 in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   

    you've put on weight fatty
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    barsnack got a reaction from Frost_uk in Do you fear death?   
    OP, I would think anyone from Birmingham would welcome Death
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    barsnack got a reaction from Frost_uk in Do you fear death?   
    OP, I would think anyone from Birmingham would welcome Death
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    barsnack got a reaction from Frost_uk in Do you fear death?   
    OP, I would think anyone from Birmingham would welcome Death
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    barsnack got a reaction from Frost_uk in Do you fear death?   
    OP, I would think anyone from Birmingham would welcome Death
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    barsnack got a reaction from Frost_uk in Do you fear death?   
    OP, I would think anyone from Birmingham would welcome Death
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    barsnack got a reaction from dmsknk in pay as you go gym - WIDNES   
    will give Runcorn a miss...got flat tyre there last week, so don't think me and Runcorn go well together
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    barsnack reacted to SS93 in pay as you go gym - WIDNES   
    There’s a couple of average gyms in Widnes mate, optimum fitness, muscle and figure, stones gym. However if your driving, check out Dedicated Fitness in Huyton. 10 minute drive, 5 pound day pass. Genuinely one of the best gyms I’ve ever been to/seen
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    barsnack reacted to dmsknk in pay as you go gym - WIDNES   
    Body FX in Runcorn?
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    barsnack reacted to Uryens in Best anti-depressant   
    Took them all for years and I stay ill.
    All those things are useless as well as psychiatrist. 
    Touch the bottom then you will be able to slowly get back on your feet.
    The things that help the most : constant prayer (if you believe in God), Discpline (every minute of your day should have a purpose : clean everything in your appartement, not a single tiny dust shall be there, your diet shall be always the same, pick the same clothes for the same day, put everything in order), cold shower, running/lifting and so on any activities that will make you miserable on a  physical level, readings, no TV, no social media.
    If you truly want to try on of those, I would say Lexapro and Zoloft are best for short period and treat "emergency" as they act fast, Prozac was "best" for me for long term, I did not support well Celexa.
    Lexomil might help too as a support when you have a crisis situation, don't go above 1 pill cause you will be lethargic as f**k and 2 pills will put you to sleep for a half a day especially if you are not use to those fu... pills.
    I wish you well.
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    barsnack reacted to Sams in Fav Reccy's - 2   
    It is the way forward
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    barsnack got a reaction from ukjack in How to cut quickly   
    could you not just get sick
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    barsnack reacted to MR RIGSBY in Crossfit   
    Looks quite interesting to me, the older I'm getting I'm sticking more and more to just weights, which when I compare to when I used to box I feel fu**ing awful. Traditional cardio doesn't interest me anymore, my knees would tell me to get f**ked if I trued running 5 miles on the roads 3 times a week. 
    The fashion side of it is a bit daft but there's knackers in every gym. The number of men I see wearing those Lycra leggings is a joke, no man who was alive in the 90's should be wearing that s**t 
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    barsnack reacted to FFF in Crossfit   
    Prefer to do circuits. Compounds, Complexes, full body workouts etc

    Wouldn't class it as crossfit as I dont like mimicking people who have parkinsons or people having a fit, when I train and I like to keep good form.

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    barsnack reacted to 66983 in Crossfit   
    The Rich Froning 'fittest man on earth' documentary is a decent watch.
    I probably would have a go at the Olympic lifting side of things, but not paying for it when I train now for free. 
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    barsnack reacted to Donny dog in Crossfit   
    I did about 6 weeks of it last year and I think it's actually quite worrying what they get up to in those places.
    Some of the form they teach when squatting and over head pressing is a total stonewall guarantee of causing injuries.
    Theres a dangerous trend of putting your name up on a wall with your most recent lifts/times etc and to me that's going to encourage people to start pushing themselves harder and further than what they're currently capable of safely achieving. 
    And there's an almost cult like atmosphere between the regular  members. 
    And not much quality poontang attends either.
    Big let down for the £60 a month cost considering you can only train at certain times of the day.
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    barsnack reacted to noel in Crossfit   
    lets be honest most "pros" are former elite level athletes in their own right or a notch below...former university track stars etc who aren't Olympic level but just below... its not like they are all untrained - just look at some of the females... you don't get like that from a year or two of crossfit....  so its not the crossfit per say that made them look like that.... far cry from average blokey doing s**t deadlift reps in a local box head to toe in rogue equipment
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    barsnack reacted to JAtkinson in Crossfit   
    My girlfriend does it and i've looked at some of the WODs they do and to be honest they do and it is crazy! The amount of volune involved in some beggars belief!
    My  concern as said before is the amount of volume especially with things like deadlifts and more complex oly lifts, yeah the weights are light but doing 100+ reps with little education on how to perform it and little to no monitoring when doing it just seems a recipe for injury. Worst the girlfriend has had is a 3 inch scare on her leg off falling on a wooden box after doing a stupid amount of box jumps! 
    That been said I think it gets a bit of a bad rep to be honest, look at professionals and the condition that these guys are in is remarkable and in my opinion look 100x better than pro bodybuilders.
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    barsnack reacted to Goranchero in Crossfit   
    That's about it.
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    barsnack reacted to Ultrasonic in Crossfit   
    Never tried it.
    I have concerns over injury risk where speed is prioritised over form and I don't think it's optimal for gaining size.
    Where it gets more people into lifting weights and is done safely it's a good thing though. It's undoubtedly good for fitness.
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    barsnack reacted to Mayzini in Crossfit   
    my wife who has lifted for years, tried it after her friend got into it. My wife had reservations form the start she is pretty strong and fit and said after the first couple of cicurits it was dangerous due to how tired people were but still expected to do compound lifts whilst breathing out of their backsides.  3 months in the friend, did serious damage to her shoulder and neck and ankle, following one of these  "WOd" challenges.   lifting to heavy and for to many reps in a circuit whereby by the end your barely walking straight, is just asking for trouble. The girl has been signed off from work and now has been told hse needs at least one operation and will be unable to train at all for a 6 months to a year ! my wife stopped it and moved back to more standard training she did take some elements to build some circuits and WOD which remove some of the more dangerou movements as calorie burners. 
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    barsnack reacted to Eddias in Crossfit   
    I think what annoys people  is the need to say you do Crossfit or you are a Vegan. ( it gets dropped in every conversation)
    As far as an exercise I agree with @Ultrasonic, potential of injury 
    But saying that I do elements of what called be crossfit style, it was called Circuit training/Bodypump/Tabita/plexes back in day before crossfit became big - great for getting the heart rate up and tons better than spending 30 mins on a treadmill.
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    barsnack reacted to Mayzini in Crossfit   
    plus I would add, that at my gym whereby the main PT is big into Crossfit and therefore the gym now has a whole section, that when the circuits are on, the guys who attend with the exception of one of them, are all total bellends!
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    barsnack reacted to Mayzini in Crossfit   
    agree with you on this, some of the ideas are great cardio vascular workouts that are much more interesting that traditional cardio.    The issues I have it full of people who generally think they are cool or trendy, I dont understand why every item of clothing has to have the words Crossfit on it somewhere as some sort of badge, as if you didnt know that from their prances around. 
    saying that some of them are massively fit, but at my gym with the exception of the trainer who has a background in Bodybuilding, none of the guys physiques are anything I am looking for or strive for but different goals for different people I guess. 
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    barsnack reacted to Smitch in Crossfit   
    There was a Crossfit "box" at my old gym, half was traditional gym and half was crossfit.
    It looked like fun with the oly lifting but the thing that put me off was all the high fiving and over exaggerated enthusiasm, as stupid as it sounds i hate all that stuff and would not mix well with those kind of people.
    A lot of people go for that side of things it seems though.